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Johanna Hart Swimming Underwater

1322 ratings | 979633 views
We've had a technical problem with the monetization of the original version of this video. While YouTube is working to fix it, we're uploading this copy of it. Original footage of Johanna Hart swimming underwater for "Back in the Pool." You can see other videos of Johanna Hart on her Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jazsammax
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Text Comments (65)
Shawn Hammack (1 month ago)
Very strange & senseless.
RazerLazer Skymetal (1 month ago)
Шо это было
indian Girl (1 month ago)
Fantastic 💋
Vegeta from universe 7 (1 month ago)
So beautifull to watch
Michael Wojciechowski (2 months ago)
Well, there’s 2:00 of my life I won’t get back anytime soon....
tcb268 (2 months ago)
Please clean your pool.
MarLin NOMADERS (3 months ago)
Um ok???😬😬
Very best
Rudolf Prause (4 months ago)
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Robert Mcelhannon (4 months ago)
Are u sexy
Charles Taylor (4 months ago)
Claudio Rivera (5 months ago)
¿que mierda de video fué eso? ¿alguien podría explicarlo?...
Ferdi Zulian (6 months ago)
Yes father beatiful and seksi😊.
Beautiful.swimming, I love It! 😍 I love to swim 😍😍😍🌊 I want to swim with her! 😍👙🌊 Moving the feet while swimming is my favorite part.
Santo Porpiglia (7 months ago)
ronald lavender (7 months ago)
AN INCREDIBLE WORK OF [email protected]#$$%&?
Dan Kelly (8 months ago)
Upper middle class?
SUPER MUSiC CHANNEL No1 (8 months ago)
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Serega Zantariya (8 months ago)
Demetrio Walter Diaz (8 months ago)
Ian Morrow (8 months ago)
Great & very interesting, Now I'm gonna watch some Paint dry which is even more interesting.
Himbo 1963 (8 months ago)
Why do we care?
Mohd Aziz Jaafar (8 months ago)
devilred1971 (8 months ago)
I’m drowning! Please save me!
vince065us (10 months ago)
She's got skills.
Bobby Elder (10 months ago)
Johanna Hart is very nice looking swimmer. Any relation to Kevin Hart???
AQUAMEDIA (10 months ago)
Not that we know of, Bobby.
Robert M. Trolinder (10 months ago)
Loven those lungs,along with the rest of her,natural beauty,the only way to be. No "store bought"!!!!!
ChefGiovanni (10 months ago)
Thumbs up if you found this video very strange.
Cho Pipitę (10 months ago)
Barbara Field (10 months ago)
Johanna is one healthy and fit woman!
Paul Gee (10 months ago)
Giddy giddy guy. I bet 10 years ago she was something and a half.
로머 (11 months ago)
엉덩이 존나 빵빵해보이네.
71Vegaman (11 months ago)
Put some chorine in that pool... looks green.
ownerofyourblackass (11 months ago)
wtf is wrong with people???? get a life!!!!!!! Christ.
usa maxmax (1 year ago)
Chris Meyers (1 year ago)
Rowan Par (1 year ago)
Camera man could do better
Bob Gil (1 year ago)
Beautiful young lady. Please no more tats.
william russ (1 year ago)
wow she is beautiful hot xyand se
joeyconservative (1 year ago)
She will never drown
Jeff Stewart (1 year ago)
I think I love you.
Mark Fox (1 month ago)
Jeff Stewart - thank you.
Moris- walfish (1 year ago)
v xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Dr Donald Blake (1 year ago)
Now, THAT'S a healthy woman....!
Robert Faull (1 month ago)
Mark Michaud (1 year ago)
Nice tits
Martin Jones (1 year ago)
what beautiful. underwater. place
stephen smith (1 year ago)
great underwater video of you Johanna :) you look amazing in your green swimsuit :*
J C (1 year ago)
Nice rear!
ItsHavenYay Royals High! (8 months ago)
Benjamin Soto (1 year ago)
Camara man sucks
Robert M. Trolinder (10 months ago)
James Barnard fuck off!!!
James Barnard (1 year ago)
Benjamin Soto he can only view old saggy broad in pee water
Dan C (1 year ago)
Well it seems like it might've been recorded with a phone and by the sound of the voice, it may be ruined. Any other explanation for the voice being like that? Unless it was distorded on purpose which there wouldn't be a need for.
AQUAMEDIA (1 year ago)
The camera was designed to be used underwater, but that's why it didn't have a good microphone.
sapek a (1 year ago)
seu nado e sua formosura transmite muita paz!! parabéns!
Rommel Smith (1 year ago)
She is a very sexy woman ... and I really want you to make more similar videos...for Johanna Hart
Martine Ziankou (9 months ago)
Rommel Smith XD what do you mean I know right do she have a husband I don't know what I'm saying lol😄😄😄
J . B. (1 year ago)
Question: Why is the voice so stupid are you afraid you could recognize the man or what is being spoken? Inestiviziren if that should be the case why is that what no one is allowed to get or wiso? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How do you see the woman from the underwater swimming tuhen ?? !!
uwbreathholder (1 year ago)
Beautiful swim
Gence Nointeli (1 year ago)
Subject of the video 10/10 Condition of the pool water 5/10 Camera operator 1/10
J . B. (1 year ago)
Haben sie Primma gemacht !

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