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Cobra Starship Feat. Leighton Meester - Good Girls Go Bad

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Text Comments (161)
Shook kk (3 months ago)
i used to listen to this when i was like 7 whatta banger
NextFridayRox (10 months ago)
Cobra Starship Feat. Leighton Meester Good Girls Go Bad 0:00 Marie Chaboyea-Kingbird & Marie Chaboyea
Amber Perez (10 months ago)
This would be a good song for Puck and Quinn from Glee
The American Plague (1 year ago)
I wish this guy starts posting again! It's been 8 YEARS.
GreenFlame27 (1 year ago)
This song was part of my childhood. I remember hearing it on 96.5 kiss fm years ago. I feel so old.
anna fehder (1 year ago)
Never knew this was Leighton Meester
Selena Schneider (1 year ago)
Lexi Sutton (1 year ago)
I decided to rewatch gossip girl because I never finished and I just seen the party scene with this song and decided to come listen to it and was so shook when I found out leighton was in it
First Name Last Name (1 year ago)
I too have a tendency to make girls make sheep sounds.
Eyeless Jack (1 year ago)
whose listening in 2017?
Paige Scarlett (1 year ago)
Holy shit I forgot this song existed, I was 11 when this came out i feel old af
k Shaffer (1 year ago)
wait she sings ok so she is in my favorite show gossip girl and she sings and this was on gossip girl omg
Kay Fray (1 year ago)
OdahHollyFire Ladd (1 year ago)
I love this song. I heard it on a Vendetta and Mahogany tribute and I instantly went to this song XD
Hailey Quinn (1 year ago)
I DONT WANNA BE FREEEENCH!💓😂 I can't get that out of my mind
Do Re Mi So Cute! (1 year ago)
Well I don't know about you but I make the bad boys go good😏
Jasper Wilt (1 year ago)
this played at my homecoming dance and like, half the people there were belting out the lyrics it was fabulous
snσwвσσ * (1 year ago)
The date is 2017 but i'm still listening :d
I remember listening to this when I was like 5 OMG memorys
GalactiSea (1 year ago)
The fricken memories
pastel loca (1 year ago)
I came here from a vine
shae roundy (1 year ago)
I remember listening to this my freshmen year of hs, this was my jam
Amber Perez (1 year ago)
I have a dance to this
Isabelle Rudnitski (2 years ago)
they played this at my school dance and we all were sing & danceing
Angelina Bernier (2 years ago)
who else came from law and order svu
Evelyn Darian (1 year ago)
what seasoooon?
Cyberflight (1 year ago)
Angelina Bernier yes
Vicks Vapor Rub (1 year ago)
Angelina Bernier me
Dirty Poptart (1 year ago)
haha me
Starmapp (2 years ago)
im getting hit with nostalgia omlll
pastel loca (1 year ago)
WolvesMoon me too!
Oliver Floofle (2 years ago)
I came from an osomasu san edit
Mr. KätMâtßu (9 days ago)
Maybe I am too..
Oliver Floofle (1 year ago)
Maribel Escobar why, does it matter?
Maribel Escobar (1 year ago)
MarryTheGoat Labs how old are u
Hot Tamales (1 year ago)
MarryTheGoat Labs me too
Aubrie Jaimes (1 year ago)
Robert Smith (2 years ago)
give meee a thambs uppp
Robert Smith (2 years ago)
this was made on sep. 1, 2009 and its 2016
Shawntal Renay (2 years ago)
i came here from law and order
BonitoFlakesBenito (2 years ago)
i remember i was listening to this when i was 9 years old........ ahhhhhh memories
Kay Fray (1 year ago)
Thks fr th mmrs anybody FOB
Addie Games (1 year ago)
SAMEEEEE But I Was Like 6
pastel loca (1 year ago)
Bucky Kentucky me too but I was 8
suppjessie (2 years ago)
joker and harley quinn
Brandon Spain (2 years ago)
I basically make my Good girl goes bad Except Jason Voorhees
Sara Coleman (2 years ago)
THIS IS BY COBRA STARSHIP ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm literally screaming
Shay //e (2 years ago)
so Flo rida sampled this, what a surprise...😒
CharlieKpop (2 years ago)
kuru v (2 years ago)
I love kpop (2 years ago)
I came from running man
Maribel Escobar (1 year ago)
I love kpop is that a pic of u
I love kpop (2 years ago)
+Alexis Irizarry heheheheheh
Alexis Irizarry (2 years ago)
+I love kpop aw no fair
I love kpop (2 years ago)
+Nini Chan that's just a picture hehehehhe
kuru v (2 years ago)
is tht u sehun
taylore whitehair (2 years ago)
love this song
Sincerely yours (2 years ago)
I finally found this song after like 7 years lmfao
uranuim hot dogg (2 years ago)
DJ Wubs (2 years ago)
Anyone else having an OC x Cannon thought? No? Ok...
BLOOD RAYNE (2 years ago)
DJ Wubs (2 years ago)
Peaceful Warrior (2 years ago)
when I was 12 and listend to this kind of music I used this song as a pick-up line on my crush and it worked. Now I'm 16 listen to death metal and can never come up with a good pick-up line.
Alexis Irizarry (2 years ago)
that's just sad
Alexis Irizarry (2 years ago)
that's just sad
kait (2 years ago)
same thooo I used to but I just wanted memories then I hot the bad ones eh not so bad
GoldenYuusha (2 years ago)
your username is kylo ren you cant talk shit about edge
Shou (2 years ago)
Cameron Johns (2 years ago)
just realized that Leighton meester was blair waldorf.........
Lisa Belias (2 years ago)
me to love this
Camila Escobar (2 years ago)
Raven Black (2 years ago)
my boy made me go bad
Alyssa Jimenez (2 years ago)
Blair from gossip girl sings this
Connie Teixeira (2 years ago)
The "Bad" remember me a goat... Hahhaa
Kassidy Shubert (2 years ago)
Omg it took me forever to find this song because all I could remember was the goat sound!!! 😂
Laurence (2 years ago)
+Connie Teixeira Yep xDDDDDD
Lps Cookie™ (2 years ago)
same.. 😂😂
Gustavo Da Costa (2 years ago)
Me 2 man
Alivia Boone (2 years ago)
i was just watching law and order SVU and this sing came on
EVERYDAYGAMING (2 years ago)
same just now
Garrett Campos (2 years ago)
Caitlin S (2 years ago)
Elys Powner (2 years ago)
Gabrielle Fernandez (2 years ago)
best song
Will M (3 years ago)
I make the good girls go (Cue the sheep) baaa baaa baaa
Ciara (2 years ago)
Too funny.
Shawn Da Viking (3 years ago)
Ed gein goes baad
Ghost Vampire Gal (3 years ago)
Mariah Cameron (3 years ago)
what if the girls where already bad, hmmm, lol.
TheJadealyssa (3 years ago)
my only problem with this video is that they spelled cuz wrong. -mercedes
Tiffany Richards (3 years ago)
Anyone watching in 2015 or 2016
Neji's Thighs (1 year ago)
Tiffany Richards 2017 bruh
Selena Schneider (1 year ago)
Tiffany Richards 2017
2017 boi.
Rachael MSP (1 year ago)
Tiffany Richards 2017 actually
Mimis Ortega (1 year ago)
Tiffany Richards 2017
Marwa Gabr (3 years ago)
Can you be even more cooler
The female's voice sounds so good nightcored O.o
Sarah J (3 years ago)
Nostalgia at its finest over here
Amanda Bellini (3 years ago)
this song totally reminds me the time When I lived in New York City and had sex with a guy in a nightclub's restroom!! ♥ ♥
Amanda Bellini (2 years ago)
+blah andblah pink elephant! I didn't love GreenHouse that much! I don't know 
Amanda Bellini (2 years ago)
+Kelsey834 yeah, I know! thanks God I didn't get pregnant that night.
KelBell812 (2 years ago)
Hahaha omg I just lol'd, that's awesome.
florida girl (2 years ago)
Greenhouse or pink elephant?
Emad Khan (3 years ago)
+Rachel C on the contrary Rachel, it wasn't belittling at all: you truly lacked alliteration at the top. it was a fact, and the sequence of f's was to exemplify what proper alliteration looks like. Don't think it's entitled at all, Rachel. Everyone is in fact entitled to their opinion. the general consensus is that if you would put forth something like "reminds me of when I had sex" on a youtube video, expect some recoil or comments about it. neither are wrong at all. I personally don't kiss or tell, and I just don't think that it would be considered tasteful for someone to say something along these lines in a public discourse without reprimand. Just as it might not be of the correct usage to judge someone, it is a two way street: you are judged accordingly by what you say, and blanket statements without a backdrop or context leads to a very awkward encounter.  I suppose it definitely could have been written a tad bit more generously, but I do believe the criticism can be substantiated. it would be disheartening to be on the receiving end of this (guy's perspective) In any event, I have to applaud you thoroughly. it's obvious you are quite the verbose woman (and I do mean that genuinely.) I found to have enjoyed the eloquence of your prose, in conjunction with the sharp wit you displayed in presenting your point so succinctly. Was quite the enjoyable dialogue, and I do wish you all the best :)
Sydni Adams (3 years ago)
wait blair sings
Cal Pal (3 years ago)
Melody Palmer (3 years ago)
This song makes me think of Sirius Black for some reason.
Tessa Isaacs (11 months ago)
mY NAME IS sumz POWER (1 year ago)
nah, ugly better
Jean Emma (2 years ago)
James and Sirius or James and Lily singing
Macey Kingery (3 years ago)
Me toooo...
kristen skillen (3 years ago)
Good girls go baaaahhh
Keniya Nicole (3 years ago)
i love this song
Anything But Mad (3 years ago)
Is anyone else here because this was on a recent episode of Law & Order SVU?
lauren anne (3 years ago)
this is a huge throwback omg
sirel philhower (3 years ago)
I should have Blizzard and Blaze sing this! 😁
sirel philhower (3 years ago)
I love this song.
Rosaura Garcia (3 years ago)
I like this song
Bamboozled (3 years ago)
Christy Walker (1 year ago)
Still listening to this song in 2016!
Hailey Morey (1 year ago)
Christy Walker (1 year ago)
I posted that comment over a year close to 2 years ago....
Shante Boullineau (1 year ago)
Christy Walker I'm in 2017 lolz
Alivia Boone (2 years ago)
duh who isnt unless............. YOUR STUPID
Charlize Chadrou (3 years ago)
+Christy Walker Yess!!
Michael Worrell (3 years ago)
Love this song
Donushy Lp (3 years ago)
I make the bad girls go good. <3
Mimis Ortega (1 year ago)
Donushy Lp How?
MsVamPireChic (3 years ago)
Good for you.
Gabriela Rosario (3 years ago)
Eric Jones (5 years ago)

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