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http://dkwstyling.com/blog Professional Stylist creator of NBR hair extensions
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assertyourself (2 years ago)
Danielle, I would like to know what foiling placements you did to achieve your lightest pieces around your face? It looks like a true to VS Models Hair
Cora LovesGlam (4 years ago)
Such good tips!!! 
weneedlisa (4 years ago)
Great video :) new subscriber
Jenny Richins (4 years ago)
I would like to see a tutorial on how to do a bleach cocktail. As a professional Hair stylist, I feel that continued training is so important. For me I am a natural level 6 as well and I love your hair Danielle. I would like to learn about when to use a bleach cocktail and when to not use it. thanks
benemanoo (4 years ago)
I love that matrix volumizer. I use it on wet hair so the product distribution is even. It is an amazing root booster and it also helps to keep curls in on fine straight hair.
Holly Hung (4 years ago)
You girls make curling your hair look so easy!  I need to practice more.  Thanks for talking about products you like. 
MarinoEyebrowExpert (4 years ago)
How about listing products in comments?

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