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A look behind-the-scenes of Volvo Construction Equipment's latest concept machine, GaiaX, a masterpiece of simplicity and sustainability. The GaiaX is the company's fully electric compact excavator of the future. Operators will still be able to sit on the machine, but most tasks will be carried out remotely using augmented reality technology on a computer tablet allowing the operator to maintain a safe distance during potentially hazardous operations.
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mindSET (3 years ago)
Where's the safety cage? The last thing anyone would want is some high speed moving material from behind the invisible TV coldcocking them. 
OMEGONALPHA (4 years ago)
Remote controll, yes. Battery depends on how much and hig voltage plug in optional. Light weight weight yes. the rest bullshit.
Chrome Stacks (4 years ago)
i would like all these new concept designs if u could style them properly its happening everywhere Trucks,Buildings,Plant,Trains,Planes in fact everywhere and they look disgusting and i hope the styling is really changed before this kind of crap gets out in to the real world
Tobias Bergkvist (4 years ago)
think again

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