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Old Falstaff Beer Commercial

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Old ad for Falstaff Beer "For Man Size Pleasure". For more old beer ads see what else we currently have up.
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Joe Cholik (11 months ago)
Used to sponsor the "Game of the Week" w/ Dizzy Dean and Pewee Reis
Andrew Hunt (1 year ago)
I'm guessing mid-1960s on this commercial, because it's still in B&W, but it looks and sounds more recent than the Falstaff ad campaign of the early '60s ("There's light-hearted living/In light-hearted Falstaff beer...").
MrKErocks (1 year ago)
My dad's favorite brew.
Indian Andy (2 years ago)
My folks drank gallons of this. When I was in my 20s, I used to sit on wooden drink cases an drink beer with a lot of old men who drank Flastaff. I think they quit making it when these old men died. They could tell some stories - WWI Vets, farmers, fishermen, etc.
jpowell180 (1 year ago)
So, have you tried Falstaff yourself? And if so, how did it really taste?
The Milkman (2 years ago)
Paranormal witness brought me here
joseph williams (2 years ago)
I remember when Falstaff was brewed jn St Louis
death2pc (2 years ago)
The Falstaff Chilling Tower............... One of THE 8 wonders of the world!
inkey2 (3 years ago)
when I was a kid in the 60s all my aunts and uncles in Indiana drank Falstaff
Bob Matthews (4 years ago)
Used to be able to tour the brewery for 50 cents. All the beer you could drink & a buffet.
joseph williams (1 year ago)
was that in St Louis, Mo or where was it, they use to brew it there!
Bob Matthews (1 year ago)
it was okay, it was the choice of people who lived in south omaha
jpowell180 (1 year ago)
Was the beer any good?
lydell poola (4 years ago)
i have an old can/bottle opener with the name  on it, does anyone know if this is worth keeping?
Pam P. (1 year ago)
lydell poola I know it's been quite a while since you wrote this. But I hope you checked into it and kept it. You never know who might be interested in it. 😊 . I just googled it and depending on which kind you have it could be $5 and up. Check out flea markets and antique stores. They might want to buy it or know someone that would. Good luck.
Bret m (4 years ago)
i guess they didn't upgrade their tv ads, that i guess is why bud,and miller survived
joseph williams (1 year ago)
My familys favorite beer
sturmgewehr70 (4 years ago)
My grandpa's favorite beer when I was a kid.
joseph williams (1 year ago)
It was my Family's favorite, its just too bad they don't make it anymore so now I drink Budweiser and /or Bud light
Charlie Irvin (5 years ago)
That beer Would be nice on a Hot summer day But I Drink Budweiser.
gary m (5 years ago)
I want a Beer Now!
OlegKostoglatov (5 years ago)
The narrator sounds like Hugh Downs.
Armory Brunot,Jr. (1 month ago)
Grandragun (6 years ago)
Falstaff, Jax, Rheingold, Gunther, Schmitz, Schlitz, Hamms, Strohs, Pabst,..... WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ALL THOSE BEERS???
Renno Vattio (1 year ago)
The Spelling
Bebe7077 (7 years ago)
The commercial must be late '60s.
werksdesign (7 years ago)
Falstaff ... now there's a beer I haven't thought of in years.
johnmoore4 (7 years ago)
The nastier the beer, the more manly. Bottoms up!
Johnny Matheis (7 years ago)
Man sized beer for man sized thirst, grunt. If you think this discriminates against women, you never drank this cheap beer. the women were the lucky ones.
ChartreuseKitty (7 years ago)
Makes me thirsty. Lots of phallic symbols in the beginning--a man's beer. ya.
AllofUs Earthlings (7 years ago)
This was the brand of beer that went in the "generic beer" brand back in the 80's. They would sell it at the grocery store ... White can & black letters that said "BEER"
babyccgrace (7 years ago)
my grandpa harold hawk was a falstaff salesman in guthrie,ok in the 1950's
wleoradio (8 years ago)
We used to call this "Foul Stuff"
Matti Suutarinen (8 years ago)
xcellken1 (8 years ago)
@inkey2 Falstaff is no longer made, Gave up the ghost several years ago!!!
inkey2 (9 years ago)
MrOldSlacker: as to your question "I wonder if this beer was any good?". The last time I had Falstaff beer was about 1975.....I actually remember buying a case of it. As to the taste....I think it was on par with Shaeffer & Pabst. As I remember there wasn't anything objectionable about it. My relitives in Indiana used to drink it by the case load
Jake Capouch (9 years ago)
looks light B\
ACcountryFan (9 years ago)
nice commercial! refreshing as well...although I don't drink I see plenty of beer commercials during football season when watching the games on Sunday's. the way the commercial is refreshing is that there isn't any of those stupid "please drink responsibly" disclaimers that appear on all of the alcohol commercials today. The reason I say those things are stupid is because people who drink should know the consequences of over-doing it...they don't need to be told.

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