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Beach House Design Ideas | Nautical Themed Interior Decorating Ideas

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Wonderful home interiors in a charming nautical style. These amazing and beautiful rooms prove that coastal, seaside, beach style is very chic and trendy with a classic white, blue and green color palette with coral and red accents, weathered wood, and bold stripe patterns. Superb decorative nautical accessories complement these unique home interiors. Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe to Grig Stamate: http://bit.ly/GrigStamate "music by audionautix.com" Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Text Comments (14)
s f (3 months ago)
Mariah Greene (1 year ago)
Xyrius D (1 year ago)
0:55 what a pretty house
C Collins (3 years ago)
Nothing says beach like 80's faux metal guitar played by a 9yo.
lorraine mackenzie (1 year ago)
C Collins o
craig evans (3 years ago)
Absolutely love these space reminds me of my holidays as a child to florida st petersburg my living room is half way there I hope it evolves into something as beautiful as the living rooms in particular, need ideas and inspiration on choosing rug, blind and curtain colours in reply to keywestpuma etsy have really similar stuff, I hope that helps x
Felix S (3 years ago)
Love nautical stuff, it brings so much memories and nostalgia about all good times
Keywest Puma (4 years ago)
Awesome and amaising!!! There is a pirate ship wall art @ 4min and 16 seconds thru your video. Do you know where I can get that print?
maria mahr (11 months ago)
Keywest Puma I got few nautucal ptints from amazin
waniki driftkid (4 years ago)
my kind of beach house
shahid khan (5 years ago)
best houses
great ideas
Leslie Marie Fry (5 years ago)
All so stunning.
khoo chee peng (5 years ago)
nice pictures  and music 

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