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Top 14 Gloryholes

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Top 14 Gloryholes: Enjoy. #Top #Glory #Holes ★Follow me★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/natalie.nightwolf Instagram: @natalienightwolf Twitter: @Nattynightwolf ★Songs Used★ Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Act One by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100643 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (43)
Hey no fair , where were the rest of the glory holes 😔🕳🚽
I wasted the first half of the video looking for gloryholes. I wasted the second half trying to figure out if she had cold sores or warts on her lips.
Thumbs down, for misleading people into thinking this was a review of the top 14 gloryholes.
David Salinas (2 months ago)
Hi Ms NIGHTWOLF!! May I recommend you try PLAYING a card GAME called "UNO " IS A LOT OF FUN! 😘👍
Natalie Nightwolf (2 months ago)
Love that game! It's been a while though
Nevaeh McBride (3 months ago)
Dave R (6 months ago)
Click bait scammer
Mar-Key WholeBrook (7 months ago)
You can get tons of views with the right click bait until you inevitably get flagged
Sean Cole (8 months ago)
wanna get married???
Carlos Antoine Reyes (9 months ago)
F*uck u
Kris Raven (10 months ago)
Natalie Nightwolf you are Awesome and Amazing. I would be honored if I could take you out on a date
JVC ZTE (11 months ago)
John Doe (11 months ago)
I watched maybe 30 seconds and your voice made me have to take a huge fat shit. It was the size of your hips, I swear. I think I’ll go watch some porn now or make a sandwich.... Maybe both.
Steve Frye (11 months ago)
Cute girl...
emanonic82 (1 year ago)
You have herpes on your lip...
Natalie Nightwolf (1 year ago)
+emanonic82 It's burst capillaries
Travis Parker (1 year ago)
Clickbait BS
CJ Phillips (1 year ago)
I would love to be your handyman but we live to fare apart. Arizona, where I live, I can fix a lot of stuff, if you some one to walk you through it let me Know. I will see you on Face book!!
Major Profit (1 year ago)
I thought i saw a H.P Lovecraft book. That is one of my absolute favorite authors!
rarmin qorset (1 year ago)
Title baited
Adybhoy Tha Legend (1 year ago)
Been to a gloryhole twice hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂
Hot DaveEightySix (1 year ago)
Love Letter, could You help Me write one to Stefani Joan Angelina Germanotta ''Lady Gaga '' ?...
Tiger. (1 year ago)
Where the glory holes?
David Allen (1 year ago)
Hello Gorgeous Natalie sorry I haven't talked in a while , love ya !
Dickie's Beer Reviews (1 year ago)
Happy Halloween
Amazing Videos (1 year ago)
where the f is the GH? wasted my time watching this
Eric (1 year ago)
Hi Natalie. Are you excited for Halloween? I am. Your 14K subscribers special Drawbridge in Green Bay video is uploaded
Joel Williams (1 year ago)
I disagree with Leaping Lizard..... I love your little songs and you sing very well. 🎶🙅 Now as far as the Rap ... lol.... Forget it.
Thuy Hoang (1 year ago)
No way, first BeetleJuice and now Little Shop of Horrors, two of my all-time favorite movies!
Martin Whitney (1 year ago)
Love watching your videos! Are you sure the bag is big enough? ;-)
Vespa F (1 year ago)
More Latex Vidieos Pleas!
Jeny D (1 year ago)
Ah! That drain stopper looked like an eye ball on a stick. Lol I LOVE rummikub! Me and my grandma play all the time. She can really get the plays going!
siskokidd (1 year ago)
I'm so glad you didn't actually show the top 14 glory holes! What defines a good hole anyway? who decides? I don't really want to know.
OG MR. Molina (1 year ago)
Aidan Bennett (7 months ago)
When your caps lock is broken
Michael Walton (1 year ago)
Oooo! Bubble wrap😛! Lay it on the floor and roll around on it!😋
Steve Harris (1 year ago)
Great Trees Natalie!!!!!)))🌲🌲👻Boo!!!!!)))😊😊😊
Saurabh Bist (1 year ago)
hello my gorgeous friend
Stratus Strong (1 year ago)
It's great seeing you back making videos :)
Knighthokie23 (1 year ago)
Good morning, Natalie. Nice leather bag you have gotten there. And bubble wrap would be great to lay on it and sleep. Take care. Hope you are doing well. Going back to sleep soon.
harley fyfe (1 year ago)
dav lin (1 year ago)
'Haven't felt like talking to any human being' is me everyday. Not anti-social just anti-narcissistic (and cynical). Top 14 gloryholes was clickbait, (you know of at least 14 gh's?)
T K (1 year ago)
U R The Best!!

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