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Ghoul Girls Rock Compilation | Vampirina | Disney Junior

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Rock out to the Ghoul Girls' latest hits on Transylvanian Monster Television! Check out their soundtrack here: http://disneymusic.co/vampirinaghoulgirls After moving from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, Vee learns how to make new friends in a new school and experience everything the human world has to offer. Watch Vampirina on DisneyNOW: www.DisneyNow.com Click here to watch more Vampirina: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2m1vjiMH_hO7C8Jna1KtKRs6vCD6ZLXj #vampirina #disneyjunior
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Text Comments (55)
A'NYA BALDWIN (2 days ago)
I love living the sream
A'NYA BALDWIN (2 days ago)
I love you vampirina
Talmadge Mcgooligher (6 days ago)
Vee looks really cool in that KISS outfit.
Talmadge Mcgooligher (6 days ago)
I really don't understand why this show is in CGI and not in 2D animation.
kimisstree24 (7 days ago)
v q
kimisstree24 (2 days ago)
Adriana Lina (11 days ago)
Jodi Ivan Lumbantoruan (17 days ago)
Jodi Ivan Lumbantoruan (17 days ago)
Is being a rock star is the true plot story of Vampirina in disney junior? Shouldn't she be a ballerina?
chrissy thilmany (20 days ago)
Is there going to be more music videos because its really good.
Allan Alamag (23 days ago)
I like this song
Alex Gomes (29 days ago)
Animation by 2tall Animation Studios
Fernando Galan (1 month ago)
Hi Vee it's Isabella
Angela Goncalves (1 month ago)
Desculpas por chamar de feia ESCRITOR POR ANTHONIS
Maria Laura (1 month ago)
S oh my God this is me laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
S Rainbow potion hey I’ll think about that😂
Richard Norman (1 month ago)
I like the scream girl's
Melizza Quimpo (1 month ago)
The mummy rap is so cool
嘀咕英語 (1 month ago)
Cute girls!
Talmadge Mcgooligher (6 days ago)
Vampirina, Bridget, and Poppy look way more cooler in hand-drawn animation than they do in CGI.
Talmadge Mcgooligher (6 days ago)
I agree.
歐陽逸瓅 (1 month ago)
Good songs!
Donald Livingston (1 month ago)
Love This Show
c otasowie (1 month ago)
your inner goul
BLACK PINK (1 month ago)
Vampirina perfect girl
BLACK PINK (1 month ago)
London Kenny (1 month ago)
Hi Vampirina London
Cisco Miniano (1 month ago)
spotify!8:07 Poppy looks like shes already 16,lol
Esteban Zeballos (1 month ago)
Hola buenas como oññp e de lo
The Mummy's Rap has been is a studio killed this!
Ernestine Mbus (1 month ago)
UuudGij yjior X Zq12.,,,m,zzz
Niño Poco Original (1 month ago)
What kind of trash is this?
Taisha Jackson (1 month ago)
You guys have been entertaining my boys for a long time, thank you for everything!
Miguel Montez (1 month ago)
Chichi Taurina (1 month ago)
woww wondervel song 😍
the reading unicorn (1 month ago)
Great songs!
Jenny Guevara (1 month ago)
Jaboca (1 month ago)
Mummy Rap and Livin the Scream are still my favorites <3
Justin Blystone (1 month ago)
I just LOVE The Mummy Rap.
Talmadge Mcgooligher (6 days ago)
So do I.
I have all the song it Soooooo Great i can sing this all day long I can every single tune my favorite is LIVING THE SCREAM, Mummy Rap, Everybody Scream Everybody Howl & Boogieman Boogie. This is so fun
Denise Ramirez (27 days ago)
Denise Ramirez (27 days ago)
Ying Cartoonman s
Julia Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Ying Cartoonman hp
Coloring Pages Kids Tv (1 month ago)
Nice🌺 🌸 🌼
Cool Video💌
Kids Games The Channel (1 month ago)
Adrianna debiase (12 days ago)
+Ade scare
Maria Isabela (1 month ago)
H h
BREANNA Bagby (1 month ago)

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