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TOP TRENDING DESIGNER HANDBAGS FOR 2018! This video covers all the latest handbag trends…with lots of pictures and inspiration!! Love these videos…hope you do too :) SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL (It’s free, haha!): http://bit.ly/2jly5Nd ------------------------------------ My FAVORITE Jewelry: https://mirandafrye.com **Use code SHEA to save 10% on your order & get free US Shipping!** New Spring Collection: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/new-arrivals Melissa Necklace: https://mirandafrye.com/products/melissa-necklace Matching Bracelet: https://mirandafrye.com/products/melissa-bracelet Heart Pendant Charm: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/charity-charm Pendant Earring Charms: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/joy-earring-charms Hoops: https://mirandafrye.com/search?type=product&q=hoops Shirt I’m Wearing: http://bit.ly/2FBGx6t Lipstick I’m Wearing (Honeycomb): http://bit.ly/2Fcu7BC ------------------------------------ ⭐️BAGS SHOWN/MENTIONED⭐️ GUCCI GG Marmont Belt Bag: http://bit.ly/2FGmO1j Leather Belt Bag: http://bit.ly/2FLdjhG Canvas Belt Bag: http://bit.ly/2HBAEmp Marmont Handbag: http://bit.ly/2HzFKPQ Top Handle Marmont Bag: http://bit.ly/2FA8LhL Drawstring Backpacks: http://bit.ly/2pbzMxP My Purple Velvet Marmont Bag: http://bit.ly/2Hwkyu0 LOEWE Puzzle Bag: http://bit.ly/2HC4sPR FENDI Leather Kan I Bag: http://bit.ly/2FIBjlo Logo Kan I Bag: http://bit.ly/2FJ5QiO Logo Kan I Fringe Bag: http://bit.ly/2FJcWUP My Peekaboo Bag (Regular size): http://bit.ly/2FHA6L5 Small Peekaboo Bag: http://bit.ly/2p8ZK5m Micro Peekaboo Bag: http://bit.ly/2FBi6G9 PRADA Cahier Bag: http://bit.ly/2FJaFsL LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Bum Bag (Belt Bag): https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/bumbag-monogram-nvprod810108v Petite Malle (Trunk) Bag: https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/petite-malle-monogram-008697 DIOR Lady Dior Bags: https://www.dior.com/couture/en_us/womens-fashion/bags/lady-dior Preloved Lady Dior: http://bit.ly/2FKQ0UT CHANEL Vintage Chanel Bags #1: http://bit.ly/2pcnmpt Vintage Chanel Bags #2: http://bit.ly/2HzYuyL Gabrielle Bag: http://www.chanel.com/en_US/fashion/products/handbags/g.chanel-s-gabrielle.sto.gab.html CHLOE Nile Bracelet Bag: http://bit.ly/2FHrlk1 Nile Bracelet Bag(My Color): http://bit.ly/2HBClQN Round Pixie Bag: http://bit.ly/2HyvgjM ROUND/CIRCLE BAGS TopShop Bag: http://bit.ly/2HzDPLg Rebecca Minkoff Bag (love this!): http://bit.ly/2HA2wqT Loeffler Randall Bag: http://bit.ly/2FDlDDW Round Hobo Union Leather Bag: http://bit.ly/2FG68XT FRINGE BAGS Prada Fringe Bag: http://bit.ly/2HANKQN Balenciaga Fringe Tote: http://bit.ly/2FEEq1y Alexander Wang Fringe Bag: http://bit.ly/2HysvyW Loewe Fringe Puzzle Bag: http://bit.ly/2pbX8DK Longchamp Crossbody Bag: http://bit.ly/2FJgshZ CLEAR/TRANSPARENT BAGS Valentino Rockstud Clear Bag: http://bit.ly/2pbMnRQ Chanel “Clear” Spring/Summer Collection: http://www.chanel.com/en_US/fashion/products/handbags/g.spring-summer-2018.c.18S.html ------------------------------------ FOLLOW ME! Instagram @Shea.Whitney - https://www.instagram.com/shea.whitney/ BUSINESS INQUIRIES! [email protected] WRITE ME! PO BOX 136 West Sunbury, PA 16061 ------------------------------------ FILMING EQUIPMENT USED: Canon 80D: http://bit.ly/2wD9vKP Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Lens: http://bit.ly/2z4ndbf Microphone: http://bit.ly/2zX2MRw Vlogging Camera: http://bit.ly/2iz4Veq Studio Box Lights: http://bit.ly/2wD2Q2W Editing: Final Cut Pro *Disclaimer: This video was NOT sponsored. I use affiliate links.  As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support of my channel!
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Text Comments (339)
Hi there! It's Loh-wev-eh (Loewe) 😊
Aymen khan collection (14 days ago)
Nice bags ... ND nice video #Aymenkhancollection #growchannel
808BornandRaised (1 month ago)
Omg It's Guh-Bree-ELL Not GAY-bree-ull
Kelly Kim (1 month ago)
Never been into Gucci but the velvet ones are stunning for parties and dressy events
Madd Scientist (1 month ago)
personally I like Skagen handbags...........simple Swedish design.............logos are so passe & downright tacky
Mello S (1 month ago)
She’s butchering these names 😂😂😂
North Yippie (1 month ago)
Well done! I enjoyed this very informative, "day dream" bags video! Thank you!
Lisa (2 months ago)
That is so funny! Fanny packs are in style! Designer fanny packs! Lol! I guess some people will buy anything!
Anne Tongo (2 months ago)
This is a "on your face" publicity... There are great new brands out there not mentioned here. Fashion is also about explore
ROSLYN JONES (2 months ago)
Okay, this is the 3rd video of yours that I’ve watched and I FINALLY SUBSCRIBED!!!! I always watch 3 before I decide to subscribe. Can’t wait to see more
Wijaya NKS (2 months ago)
I'm a man and I like Fendi peek a boo 😂😂😂
Cathryn Currier (2 months ago)
The Gucci totally right! I am really loving them right now.
Cathryn Currier (2 months ago)
I love my LOEWE puzzle bag, understated which is my style 🤗
Milen Gala (2 months ago)
This video is so AWESOME and super fun to watch :)
Ajiah Ci (3 months ago)
I buy bags based on celebrities and how they put it together. I need to see the bag on someone to get an idea if it will work for me or how to match outfit!!! Like this picture of Jasmine with a Louis Vuitton, Pellas Bag made me go buy the same color because I like how she pairs it with dark clothing. https://www.purseblog.com/images/2016/02/Jasmine-Tookes-Louis-Vuitton-Pallas-Chain-Bag.jpg
cindi wilson (3 months ago)
I think botiqueson is very good address for bags,i can advise you this
Katherine Sica (3 months ago)
Gorgeous bags. I will NEVER purchase Fende. They are using the Kardashians to show off their line. Since I think the Kardashians are nothing but trash, I am disappointed in FENDE for going this route. Boohoo.............Enjoy your videos!
Siok Oey (3 months ago)
Like rebecca minkoff . Now on salewith code summer25. Love madewell too
BohoBombshell (3 months ago)
How about some eco-friendly bags?
BohoBombshell (3 months ago)
Gabrielle= female Gabriel= male GAB- rhymes with stab, like Gabbie not Gabe, rhymes with abe
Teri Stanton (3 months ago)
I'm loving the Blue FENDI Bag..Its cuuute!
Jerry Rhinestonne (3 months ago)
For a small access fee you can buy Top Name brand Handbags resell for yourself or to resell on eBay and Amazon at http://www.fromunclerob.com Michael Kors
Josefa Arguelles (3 months ago)
More photos pls not . . .
Fashion Algorithm (3 months ago)
SOS Please help. Is this bag good for girl friends's aniversary? She is blond, green eyes, rather tall. https://amzn.to/2LMfe8H
Andrada P (3 months ago)
I just love love your content 😍 I have been following you for a while now and I watch every single video you post. I have been trying to post similar content on fashion trends but have really been struggling to find like minded people who love this kind of content. Any tips that you could give me would be highly appreciated 💕
SirParcifal (4 months ago)
the clear bag is good for an airport!!! P.S. if the bag is large enough you can put a smaller case in it to put everything in it :}
Cris Yorke (4 months ago)
FYI: Moynat started the Trunk in 1850s, not LV.
Jennifer Miranda (4 months ago)
The Lady Dior is the one I would really love to have, but it seems really tiny, almost kiddish. Still pretty.
Rima Nat (4 months ago)
Show more bags and less talk
Kelsey Roe (4 months ago)
The Chanel bag is named/pronounced "Gabrielle," not "Gabriel."
Nia Presle (4 months ago)
I hate whoever is responsible for that plastic transparent chanel bag. It's pollution as plastic is non degradable. Yes not everyone will be able to afford it but imagine all the copy-ones from all other affordable imitation brands such as H&M. Worst trend ever. When will Lagerfield retire :(
Ana Isa (4 months ago)
Poor of you all
sunset modalove (4 months ago)
I 💜 the Gucci marmont flap, the design is so beautiful, I think it's that popular it's actually becoming a classic now! 😍💯👌 x
JA G (5 months ago)
I keep looking for people to do shout outs for Christian Louboutin mini bags or bags - but maybe they are a little unique to see around still?
Jo Nyu (5 months ago)
Velvet trend will fade quickly, like it did in the 80s, transparent plastic will go away as fast as it did in the 90s. Leather will not.
Adelle Veronica (5 months ago)
I looovee my Loewe puzzle bag ❤ mine in the small size but it holds a lot ...
Ruth Anzalone (5 months ago)
I also meant to comment what a great video this is, Shea. thanks again for such quality!
pbisbad (5 months ago)
dat nose line doe
Alyas Mat Baki (5 months ago)
Hand bag cheap
Teresita Chism (5 months ago)
Love your tips!,,,,,
Marion Tia (5 months ago)
Finally, able to watch someone who knows bags, instead of videos of an amateur with an expensive bag, thank you!
Cass Ang (5 months ago)
Talk too much
Alycia Fine (6 months ago)
Great video Shea!!!!! Keep it going
Caroline Lala (6 months ago)
And in your last video you said you were pretentious yet you were putting down women; so this isn't pretentious?
Jennifer Rogerson (6 months ago)
Why the hell did you only talk about high end bags. You could have shown high end and then give options for lower end bags too.
rtm12252 (6 months ago)
Fun to watch 😁 Outrageous prices $$$$$$ 💟DMc
Kendall C Rae (6 months ago)
The bucket bag became a IT bag in 2015.
Flakes Hatem (6 months ago)
shut up and show those bags instead of talking too much rabbish
Lynwen10 (6 months ago)
Fiorelli had a round bag nearly two years ago but of course Fiorelli is not a designer brand. Fiorelli also had a transparent handbag last year as well.j
Christina (6 months ago)
I have a vintage (2004) Dooney & Bourke Circular bag. I guess it's time to take it out. :D
Google User (6 months ago)
Alexander “wing” lol
Paula Martin (6 months ago)
I used your code on the jewelry. Thanks!
Jerilyn Boos (7 months ago)
Would like to have seen more of the bags and less of Shea.
EriL DiPi (7 months ago)
Loewe pronounce Loeve’
shida206 (7 months ago)
Grest video!
Richard Sinfuego (7 months ago)
Did she pronounce loewe right?/?
Princess Julia (7 months ago)
Oh what a shame i was realky enjoting your video BUT SORRY far to much talking for far to long about one thing.
Kiki Reisdorff (7 months ago)
The peakeboe is to expensif for this beautiful bag, they are already on the 2 nd hand market.
Nicole Thijs (7 months ago)
You should look in the very beautiful and luxury bags of Delvaux! Delvaux did the plastic seethrough bag more then 5 years ago, so Chanel and others are just copying their idea!
Shannon Kieta (7 months ago)
My girl Shea....I was up at Ross Park Mall and was hoping to bump into you at the LV store!!!!
heartsmelody189 (7 months ago)
Music is a little too bumping for me haha but otherwise love your videos!
Betty V (7 months ago)
My favorite video on YouTube! Thank you so much for making it. 😍😎🤩
Tathi P (7 months ago)
Hi Shea im thinking about getting a cross body bag from LV, which one would u recommend?
Jenny Comia (7 months ago)
Loewe is pronounced as ler-veh (r is like how british would say it). Spanish brand but from German name. Loewe means lion.
Maya. C. R. (7 months ago)
You are ok but talk just too much.
Hon Min (7 months ago)
I would have appreciated more than a mere glimpse of the Name Brand bags. With so many really beautiful creations, you seemed focussed mostly on yourself and then on the ugliest, nearly useless, not worth the effort to display too disappointing
Heathyu Ai (7 months ago)
I’m on a Shea marathon right now,really digging into these luxury goods❤️
Kristina H (7 months ago)
What is the Brown bag you have in your thumbnail??
feliciayou2be (7 months ago)
Skip the first 1.57 mins
Sandra Avila, Realtor (7 months ago)
I don't know why but I love you! ❤️
Estrella Perez (7 months ago)
Love this video! Thanks!
Indya C (7 months ago)
Hi Claire, would love to see your weekly "What's in my Bag" videos!! Also, what tips you have to make changing your bag every week as easy as it can be. I have so many beautiful bags but find it time consuming to change my bag so your tips would be helpful!!
Olga Lorena (7 months ago)
Classics are my favorite I love your collection so cute thanks for sharing 💕💕
Crowned with Grace (7 months ago)
Are you starting your own jewelry line with Miranda Frye?
Guinevere Pendragon (7 months ago)
Great information! Suggestion: show the pictures for longer periods, maybe an alternate view for each. It's great to see your lovely face but we're here for the bags. TY
1LusciousLIfe (7 months ago)
Where do you recommend a place to purchase a pre loved bag
PlugInKali (7 months ago)
In Spain (where Loewe is from) we pronounce it Loh-EH-beh ;)
Usfoods72 (7 months ago)
New subscriber :)
Usfoods72 (7 months ago)
HI Shea, Enjoy my channel :) I invite you to watch all my yummy foods... have a look Shea & sub to me :) Fab.
S Sanne (7 months ago)
i dont like the marmot bag at all, it have become a massa bag ... thats what trends are , its for the crowd to copy each other.....and evryone think ooooo i am soooo special i wear the same shit evrybody wears..
Just M (7 months ago)
LOEWE= low-EE; think: Chloe! :) That is the designer house's pronunciation; the pronunciation is totally different in various languages.
Stephanie Stoven (7 months ago)
What’s the best group/site to buy used authentic luxury items?
gimmeproof (7 months ago)
the background music was terribly distracting
T. Collections (7 months ago)
I love how understated the puzzle bag is with no logos and no bold hardware. As for the Gucci drawstring backpack, that's a joke. I get one free with every race I run. I can't imagine someone paying 2k for that type of bag.
Beth Bremer Emrich (7 months ago)
Shea, I love you and your channel but please...her name was Lady Diana not Diane. And it's the Gabri-elle bag as in Coco Chanel's real name. Said like a girl name not a boy name. I don't want Americans and mid westerners in particular to look so ignorant.
Skyebright1 (5 months ago)
Then refilm the segment, I’m sorry but this is not live
Shea Whitney (7 months ago)
Beth Bremer Emrich I said Princess Diana...not Diane. However, I realize the Chanel bag wasn’t said appropriately....which I realized as I was editing. Sitting in front of a camera and saying things 100% perfect at all times is not easy.
Nica Nicky (7 months ago)
I just started watching and I already like, I know you are not going to disappoint me💋💋💋💋
Amanda Tran (7 months ago)
Cahier (Ka-Yay)
Lynwen10 (7 months ago)
Hi, I bought a transparent handbag by Fiorelli last year. Not a designer brand. They do not use leather. But the bag is lovely.
Yessica Cruz (7 months ago)
You are truly a expert ❤️❤️
Stacy Ness (7 months ago)
In love and so glad some of my older bags are back in style
Deanna Matto (7 months ago)
That Prada bag!!!!! GaGa 4 it!
YellowBrickExpat (7 months ago)
I'm finding that my taste in bags is changing in that I don't really care for logo pieces much anymore. I'm starting to think that logos are cheesy and self-indulgent. When I shop Coach, Michael Kors, or any other designer, I ask myself if I would pay that much for the bag if it didn't have that label. Usually the answer is no, so I leave it. To each his own, though! Thanks for sharing!
myhsub (7 months ago)
This was exactly what I was looking for! Very helpful thank you so much❤️
Columbia2015 (7 months ago)
What's a good website for used bags\wallets that are designer? Doesn't have to be vintage.
Mybagoftheday (7 months ago)
When you said the word frindge I actually physically shivered
ATLAS SKY (7 months ago)
Hi Shea, Love this video My Pics( Gucci Marmont Velvet // Violet i have Velvet Blazer in the same Coulour:) ++ FENDI: Small Peekaboo Bag// Bordeaux ++++ Rebecca Minkoff Bag ) . Love this beauty. It is now in my wishlist. Thx for sharing. Much love from S-NETHERLAND. PS: BAGS Do not mis some new Collection from LOUIS VUITTON. Spring 2018. https://atlas-sky.wixsite.com/atlas-sky/home-1/categories/fashion https://www.instagram.com/atlas_coco_sky/ https://atlas-sky.wixsite.com/atlas-sky/home-1/crushing-on-louis-vuitton
Whitney Hewlett (7 months ago)
please do an office/work lookbook!
B N (7 months ago)
It’s Fendi Can eye. Kan I
B N (7 months ago)
And it’s Prada kai ay. French for notebook
Marisol Gonzales (7 months ago)
No way. Not the goofie belt bags. Hell no!!!!! Sick looking. Backpacks. Am done with high school hell no!!! Gucci sucks!!!!
Skyebright1 (5 months ago)
Yeah not great security if people can open your bag where you can’t see it
Bri San (6 months ago)
Marisol Gonzales I love the backpacks 😍😍😍 so comfy and they free my hands.

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