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Sustainable Farming: Compost Making Tutorial

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Farmers in Morogoro, Tanzania teach how to make compost in an organic and sustainable way. Camera & editing: Simon Egger
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Martyr mind (9 days ago)
Thank you. Praise JESUS
Azhakesan Pillai (3 months ago)
Aerobic and anaerobic methode of digestion of cattle manure compost apply for organic farming
Tonio Yendis (6 months ago)
Man! She handles that machete like a boss!
David Sawyer (8 months ago)
I have watched more videos about this topic then I can recall. This video is the most concise. The most knowledge exchanged. Essentially the best video on composting.
Verbal Kint (10 months ago)
The was excellent. You could teach a thing or two to farmers in the so called first world!
Verbal Kint (8 months ago)
David Sawyer and I'm in Ireland! This is how America, Ireland and the rest of the developed world used to do things before modern methods that do nothing but poison us and the planet. When's the last time you tasted a tomato that tasted like it did when you were a kid? That's modern technology for you!
David Sawyer (8 months ago)
Verbal Kint exactly what I was thinking. And I live in the states.
Joseph Botelho (11 months ago)
Thank you, friends from Tanzania. God bless all of you.
sphny nx (1 year ago)
Greatness! These people have a wider worldview and a better and more holistic approach to preserve our beautiful planet than most, if not nearly every leading person in politics! I bless them and thank them for their work and understandment of their doing! I hope they'll spread their word..and also pass their knowledge to their following generations, which will hopefully stay with their truthful parents and not wander away into lifeless cities to get eaten up by stupid anti-ecological and capitalistic influences. jah bless
Sean Luther Hall (1 year ago)
Great video, helping composting making friends in Australia!

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