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Designer Handbag Collection 2018 | 20 Bags | Emma Hill

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***ALL BAGS LINKED BELOW WITH SOME AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVES*** #Designerbags #bagcollection #chanelbag #chloebag #guccibag #emmahill #loewebag #Givenchybag FIND PRE-LOVED DESIGNER BAGS HERE http://bit.ly/2pbKB2y BLOG: http://ejstyle.co.uk INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/emmahill/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Ems_EJSTYLE ______________________________________________________ Some of below may be affiliate links and by clicking on them and making a purchase you might earn us a small amount of money, which does enable us to keep creating videos for you guys to watch. So we'd like to thank anyone that uses our affiliate links in advance for the support. And bags marked with an * have tier been gifted outright or purchased with a press discount or voucher. BAGS (In Order) 1. Loewe Puzzle Bag (Small) http://bit.ly/2xnYT46 ALTERNATIVE: http://bit.ly/2pa5v21 2. Gucci Dionysus (Medium) http://bit.ly/2pa2crD 3 & 4. Chloe Faye 'Misty Beige' (Medium) http://bit.ly/2xjSCpN (Misty Beige no longer available) * Chloe Faye 'Khaki' (Medium) http://bit.ly/2w4yCIf (This is not the exact same colour as Khaki is no longer available) ALTERNATIVE: http://bit.ly/2pbPIQt 5. Gucci Marmont (Medium) http://bit.ly/2xkp4sa ALTERNATIVES: http://bit.ly/2xlG3dN & http://bit.ly/2MuEAfB 6. Gucci Top Handle Bag (Small) - Good luck finding this one 🙊 7. Vintage Chanel Classic Flap (1991, small) http://bit.ly/2xiJuBT ALTERNATIVES: http://bit.ly/2MuEAfB & http://bit.ly/2xj2UXt * 8. Celine Trotteur (Small) http://bit.ly/2xgpAHy ALTERNATIVE: http://bit.ly/2xmf0Pz 9. Gucci Soho Disco Bag http://bit.ly/2xl9DQz ALTERNATIVE: http://bit.ly/2xj9YmY & http://bit.ly/2xm9Pz4 10. YSL Monogramme Kate Bag http://bit.ly/2p7zyrk 11 & 12. Simon Miller Bonsai Bag in Tan Nubuck http://bit.ly/2pIkTCR (Tan Nubuck no longer available) * Simon Miller Bonsai Bag in Black Nubuck http://bit.ly/2PU6I9Y * 13. Sezane Victor Cross Body Bag http://bit.ly/2PzfgC6 * 14. Aspinal of London Lottie Bag (Small) http://bit.ly/2xkP6f7 * 15. Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag http://bit.ly/2p9Z7b7 ALTERNATIVE: http://bit.ly/2IvEmOu * 16. Chloe Nile Bag http://bit.ly/2NXyn8Y ALTERNATIVE: http://bit.ly/2wx42Hf * 17. Stella McCartney Logo Tote Bag (Medium) http://bit.ly/2PUtwqd Large size here http://bit.ly/2OrAcdI * 18. Mulberry Kite Bag http://bit.ly/2xt2A8H 19. Givenchy Antigona Bag (Medium) http://bit.ly/2CMi8q8 (Studded version no longer available) 20. Saint Laurent Tote/Shopper Bag http://bit.ly/2xm9koz & http://bit.ly/2xgeHFQ ALTERNATIVE: http://bit.ly/2pbPJ6O ————————— WHAT I WAS WEARING Black Jumper - Zara Jeans http://bit.ly/2MCmPLs Gold Horn Necklace http://bit.ly/2JiGsTo Shorter Disc Necklace http://bit.ly/2EsopGJ ————————— WHAT’S IN THE STUDIO Bamboo Sofa & Side Table - Ikea Cushions http://bit.ly/2BTMPwV Candle - Aldi Plant - Ikea Frame & Print - Desenio ————————— Editing by Simon
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Text Comments (309)
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
Good morning guys! Lots of you have asked for an updated designer bag collection video so here it is. We kept it long because of the feedback from the majority of you who like longer videos and to avoid cutting out any of my collection. As always please do leave any further video requests down in the comments so we can get working on those x
La Morena (1 month ago)
Emma you should stuff your bags.. Put something inside so their shapes stays as good as new..
Personal Closet (1 month ago)
Emma Hill - We featured your review on personalcloset.com. Thx
lvluxegirl (17 days ago)
Lovely bags 👜💼👑
TheButtermilkgirl (17 days ago)
Where did you get the decor for your studio?
TheButtermilkgirl (17 days ago)
Emma Hill ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 you’re so sweet!!! Thank you Emma!!!!
Emma Hill (17 days ago)
try this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY9q7RM29oQ&t=801s 👍
TheButtermilkgirl (17 days ago)
I just looked in the description box and I don’t see a link to the decor, just your social media links.
TheButtermilkgirl (17 days ago)
Great!!!! Thanks for responding so quickly!!!! 🤗
Emma Hill (17 days ago)
Its all linked in the studio tour and renovation video. 👍
pradamad2011 (21 days ago)
Hi Emma, will you sell any of these bags? If so when and where please? x
Emma Hill (20 days ago)
Possibly but Im not intending to at the moment. If/when I do they will be either on Depop or vestiaire. 👍
Luna042682 (22 days ago)
i got a Faye in black
Elizabeth (26 days ago)
27:58 there's a good yt video about a specific knot that keeps the mansur gavriel closed. I had the same issue with mine until I saw that video and it made it more secure to me.
Lucy McCarthy (27 days ago)
Hi guys!! :) I've recently invested in some designer bags (eek) but was wondering whether you had any insurer recommendations to cover these? Thanks xx
Lucy McCarthy (27 days ago)
Thank you!! :) xx
Emma Hill (27 days ago)
Hi Lucy. I don't have any specific insurance for them as they are covered under my home contents insurance 👍🏼
Lucy McCarthy (27 days ago)
P.s I love your videos Emma, they've literally changed my wardrobe/life!
Julie Boulet (27 days ago)
Is the Gucci about the same size as the YSL blogger bag? I’m considering getting it...
Emma Hill (27 days ago)
The Disco? I would say its slightly bigger than the YSL 👍🏼
Mosho Choci (1 month ago)
For the Mansur mini bucket you could do a tie knot so you can slide it to open and close quicker. There are tutorials on YouTube on how to do it.
Personal Closet (1 month ago)
Love the attention to details - Thx
Laura Balzekas (1 month ago)
The Gucci black bag with the short handles is very similar to my favorite purse by Botkier, the Soho Bite size bag. It is black with a silver zipper detail on the outside of the bag. I love a purse that can be a crossbody or I can remove the straps and carry it. I super love the simon miller bag with the light brown nubuck and matching handles. I dont know if anyone has that variation for sale, the ones online have a plastic brown handle. Overall nice selection!
Bangtan VIP (1 month ago)
I am not crazy about luxury bags but someday when I have the money I will buy a classic channel one since I always wanted one and it's beautiful. For me thats the only brand with really classic design and stable price. I can imagine having it my whole life, giving this to my daughter or selling it without much loss if I really don't want it anymore. For all the other bags and brands I cant imagine spending more than 1.000 dollars. Also I think I am the only person who wears golden jewelry but when it comes to bags it has to be silver hardware since its more classic for me. If that makes sense.
Kash Mimi (1 month ago)
love the way you dress!
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
Thank you
irina melega (1 month ago)
The "old" logo of the SOHO is called INTERLOCKING and the "new" logo of the MARMONT is called GG RUNNER.
irina melega (1 month ago)
The small tote GUCCI bag , is called SWING and we stoped producing them.
Eléonore Verté (1 month ago)
What I love about your videos and about you actually is that you can talk about luxury products, show your collection without looking pretentious. You do not make these videos with the purpose of making viewers jealous nor envious. Thanks for being so natural! 😘
melikeetoo (1 month ago)
Totally agree with you. Love how unimpressed and is with her bags, she's so fun to watch!
Sandie McDermott (1 month ago)
Watching you talk about the YSL Kate was HILARIOUS. I’m not done watching yet, but had to comment. Your face, your tone, the buyers remorse is real. Sitting there waiting on one bloody time to say see I used/needed that (damn) bag. Love the honesty 😂
Merel (1 month ago)
If anyone is looking for a good, quality dupe for the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, I highly suggest checking out Camelia Roma
Sunrise 03 (1 month ago)
You have such a beautiful collection but please consider storing your handbags with some airpaper in it. It‘s almost painful to watch how a lot of them completely lost their shape.
Shyamala kannan (1 month ago)
Please share the stuff that’s really in trend. Not the ones you loved long back.
Modern Muse (1 month ago)
I am still waiting for the reality TV / Fantasy show starring all your bags 😌 all the ladies all the bags
Modern Muse (1 month ago)
You have an EPIC collection.
Modern Muse (1 month ago)
Oooooh I saved this vlog to watch when completely dedicated to it, cause this is a big deal for me! Self confessed bag lady me! 😍🙏🏽
Modern Muse (1 month ago)
Oh yes 😍🙏🏽 when don’t I ever absolutely savour your vlogs? Yes I did, so worth the wait 🙌🏽☕️ 🛋 ❤️ ahhhhh
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
I hope you enjoyed. 😃
Giulia Forlini (1 month ago)
Your videos are always so inspirational and helpful 👌🏻 I wanted to buy a new designer bag and I was edging towards the Marmont Gucci or the Gucci soho disco bag. What do you think would be a good staple bag that never goes out of style ? Considering other brands too 😘 xxx
Giulia Forlini (1 month ago)
My budget would be maximum £1600 and I would like to buy a bag I can take to work sometimes so like a city bag xx
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
It really depends on budget and what you want the bag for. Both of the Gucci you mention are great and practical and obviously come in a variety of colours and fabrics/materials. But you can't get anymore classic than a Chanel (obviously this is more expensive) ❤️
Gamze (1 month ago)
Hi Emma, thanks for the great video!!! Would you mind recommending reliable websites for buying and selling pre-loved bags?
Gamze (1 month ago)
Emma Hill thanks so much Emma! do you use the same websites when you are selling as well?
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
I always use Vestiaire or Depop depending on the type of bag 👍🏼
Gemma Lampard (1 month ago)
Am I the only person who actually uses the pockets in bags?
Laura Leigh (1 month ago)
I don’t have access to Mulberry, but have really been eyeing their Abbey bucket bag. Has anyone seen it in person, or own one? I can’t find very much information about it, and would love some opinions please!💕🤗
Evelyn D'Haene (1 month ago)
Gucci Dionysus is a classic bag that is still being produced by Gucci . Love your bag collection
cherryhavanna (1 month ago)
I loved your collection. It is well curated for all occasions. But I believe you can still go for a designer bag without breaking the bank haha. I discovered an english brand called ODILYNCH that has edgy leather bags and classic ones. And you are supporting local brands as well.
Esther Kim (1 month ago)
What are your thoughts about the Dior saddles?
JonelleElise (1 month ago)
Beautiful bags! I’m surprised...no Louis Vuitton?
gie Flo (1 month ago)
this is the best bag collection presentation I've seen...❤❤ I'll surely subscribe
Power Couple Life (1 month ago)
Love your videos! Subscribed! <3
Nomakeupmakeup (1 month ago)
You can sell 10 of some shitty bags like Chloe and buy 1 Chanel bag😂
Nata Klimovitch (1 month ago)
Emma, have you ever owned bags by A.P.C. ? I would love to know your opinion on the brand and especially their bags
Lisa Eicholtz (1 month ago)
You are my go-to channel for great fashions and information!!! Thanks Emma!
Una Majanovic (1 month ago)
Vestaire can be a scam
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
I have never had any problems with them but I guess it is like anywhere, people will have positive experiences and others may not 👍🏼
Autumn Blaylock (1 month ago)
I also wanted to see you talk about the bags you've sold and why since your last collection video.
Lydia A (1 month ago)
You seem quite out of love with a lot of your bags. My 2 cents: I would sell the beige Chloe bag and consider the olive one as its replacement. Maybe look at it as the mature decision now that you're over 30? I would also sell all the black bags besides the Chanel and the small Gucci
Aby Nock (1 month ago)
Great video Emma, I have similar taste to you and also have never gravitated towards LV or Michael Korrs. Chloe bags make my heart skip a beat 💖 apart from the Chloe Drew which I slightly regret buying now. I’ve been looking at the Stella McCartney tote and think that may be my next purchase ....
LN20129 (1 month ago)
Ils se ressemblent tous...
G.M. (1 month ago)
Totally get what you mean about the marmont. Everyone has it now and also the huge logo looks tacky. I always gravitate towards lesser known bags. Some of my favorites are the Proenza PS1, and the Stella Falabella. Both in unique colors.
Rachelle Kebaili (1 month ago)
Perfect bag collection! You have a little bit of everything! They're all lovely! And I love all the mod shots...you have an amazing sense of style! :)
Ewa Wernio (1 month ago)
Love the video Emma! Thanks so much! It was me who tried to catch you out about the Chanel... sorry!;) So my fave from all those is actually your Mullbery one! I'm researching now my new small crossbody bag and was thinking about Gucci Marmont, but nope - I ended up with exactly same thoughts as you - it's everywhere and I dont like that at all. I had so many requirements for my new bag ( x-body, chain, day to evening) but found it! Planned to purchase in Dec and so enjoying the saving up for it :D Kisses from Dublin xx
Kimia (1 month ago)
I love your collection, you have a really good, diverse, yet properly curated collection. However, Please stuff your bags, some of them look so sad 😪
Bianca McCarroll (1 month ago)
I know this is terrible, but does anyone think the Gucci Marmont flap and g's look a touch phalic? Love the bag but it's all I can ever see!
Karaaslan Iqa (1 month ago)
Hey hun very nice collection. The black Gucci top handle is the Gucci Swing Mini Crossbody. I have one for sale. Check my instagram @bunnykloset
Wonderful video!你好親們,可以➕威信topreplica4329。我是做高端复刻奢侈品的,有包包,鞋子,衣服,飾品。
Darcy L (1 month ago)
I love the older Gucci logo on the soho disco bag. I may have to start looking for a vintage version of that bag. Great taste in all you bags! Love!
Ebe DeGama (1 month ago)
I love all your videos especially longer ones! Tfs! 😊
preena K (1 month ago)
Would love to see your handbag wish list now!!! I know Judith is on the top of mine but I always only seem to find black here in the US!!! Uhhhh 😓😝😅
Mikaela Donges (1 month ago)
I'm curious to know if you have a non-designer collection? Ie non branded bags, hand made one of a kind etc. One of my favourite handbags is one hand made in Spain. 😍
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
I do have some high street bags but none that are one offs I'm afraid, although if I was ever out and saw one I loved, just because it wasn't designer wouldn't mean I wouldn't purchase it. 😀
Accounting For Fashion (1 month ago)
I enjoyed your bag collection but I enjoyed even more your presentation, very entertaining and honest ☺️. I agree with Chanel being over price and I was never a fan of the marmont, I do still love the Dionysus. Awesome job 😎
Tina Wu (1 month ago)
Could you do a video on how to style cream or light beige jeans? I just bought a pair from mango but I'm still a bit intimidated to wear them!
Helena scribe (1 month ago)
I've had great success with a Matt and Nat vegan cross body bag and just bought another one. I do understand when finding a great bag not only makes your outfit, but also fits your lifestyle. Haven't yet named them. It was difficult enough for me to figure out names for my children! LOL.
Darcy L (1 month ago)
I name everything! But I can understand how children would be difficult...I would definitely overthink it
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
🤣🤣 Finding names is tough right! Thank you for the tip. I will check them out! 👍🏼
Heather P (1 month ago)
Swooning over your collection...always appreciate the honest reviews.
kuperleona (1 month ago)
You have a great selection of bags, it’s Interesting to hear about the ones you regret as well as your most treasured ones X
Nikki R (1 month ago)
beautiful collection! 😍 please do stuff your bags to keep their shape though
bianca s. (1 month ago)
Wow, haha...I just realized the majority of these bags cost more than my new and lovely kitchen. Amazing collection, congrats.
Style With Nina (1 month ago)
I agree with you, Chanel Handbag Prices are just Ridiculously priced at this point to me & the quality in nowhere near the same as a Vintage Chanel. My Vintage Chanel Maxi Flap is 24k gold plated & now you rarely find a new released gold colored hardware in Chanel...let alone gold plated. I just can't see myself purchasing one brand new. Great handbag collection. I plan to record a video soon on my collection, but it's probably going to be 2 hours long because my collection is massive! lol
Natalie Woods (1 month ago)
anti social old fart hahha classic me all over going out is over rated lol xx
farley boo (1 month ago)
If you want a really good made backpack or satchel,check out grafea. There based in Manchester and they sell items on eBay. ( if you don't want to spend so much on designer).
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
thanks for the tip 👍🏼
Mayuni Nunez (1 month ago)
You look great with long hair!! (As shown in your older pictures)
Elle Hfr (1 month ago)
Wow did enjoy this but I'm ok with never owning any of them
Bargain.hunting.blonde (1 month ago)
I have never had stitching issues ever with my Mansur bags. I wonder why that is happening?
Philly Guillou (1 month ago)
Hey Emma. Hope you're okay, just catching up on your videos. Do you think Biester village will have Guuci loafers or not? Also I wanted to get a Burburry scarf from there... do you think i'll get fixed up there? Thanks in advance - love the video xxx
Philly Guillou (1 month ago)
+Emma Hill thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me ☺ x
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
It really depends on the day you go, I have been many times and found great bargains and staple pieces but then other times have left with very little. sorry, not a helpful answer I know. I would say if its not too far out of your way, give it a go because you never know. 👍🏼
angelina meyer (1 month ago)
LOVED this video, so helpful for when I do purchase my first designer bag! Btw you should totally grow your hair out, it was gorgeous long!!
Patricia Brd (1 month ago)
I have the same Chanel flap bag from 1994. I found it in in pristine condition.agree, I will never part with it. I just wish the chain was longer...
Keedy Boonstra (1 month ago)
Love your collection!! Especially ‘Jacqueline’ 😍 I have a question.. why don’t you own a Louis Vuitton bag?
Keedy Boonstra (1 month ago)
Check out the ‘empreinte’ leather collection someday. I own a pochette metis in empreinte and I LOVE IT! 💋
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
Im not a huge LV fan Im afraid.
Mybagoftheday (1 month ago)
So nice to see your updated collection. My favourites are the puzzle bag and antigona. It is sad that so many styles become dated in only just few years.
Victoria Karo (1 month ago)
Emma, thank you for your honest opinion! You did a great review and it's very helpful. Starting feel awkward when bloggers describe every bag as a must-have and they just can't stop buying stuff and selling stuff in a few months saying they got over it. Your irony is very cheerful, just love it.
Veridis Quo (1 month ago)
Just wondering if you ever had or wanted to have a Celine trio? What do you think of that bag (pros/cons)? x
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
Yes, I wanted one for a long time but then other bags have taken priority. It is still a possibility. 👍🏼
Oogle at Luxury (1 month ago)
The Loewe Puzzle bag is at TJ Maxx! I put a link in my TJ Maxx video. 🤩
Joanne Gorner (1 month ago)
Hi, does the hardware on your handbag need to match your jewellery? X
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
I guess its down to preference. I obviously have bags that have hardware that doesn't match my jewellery but I prefer it to if possible. 👍🏼
Louise IE (1 month ago)
Love this video! Just wondering what your opinion on Michael Kors is? Is it a brand you’re just not a fan of? I used to like it till everyone got them
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
Hi, yes Im just not a fan of Michael Kors
Nat T (1 month ago)
I really like the Mulberry bag. Quite a unique bag when alot of designer handbag videos feature the typical Chanel flap etc.
May Lee (1 month ago)
The tie-cord on the Mansur Gavriel is the same on the LV Petite Noe. It is an annoyance. There's a way you can tie the cord into a simple knot that allows you to slide it to open and close very easily. It also looks so much more minimal than a bow. Here's a video with a youtuber showing how she makes that slip knot on her petite noe: https://youtu.be/58ZxKbOxpwk I can't be sure it will work with the cord on your Mansur since the cord is so stiff but please let me know if it does :)
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
Thanks, Ill give it a go! 👍🏼
Cris O (1 month ago)
I am just curious what does Simone buy when he make big purchases.
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
He has some really nice suits from when he worked in an office an also some really nice coats 😀
To A Good Home (1 month ago)
Just as you were talking about being extra careful with your Celine box bag, I dropped apple and blackberry pie down my ivory sweatshirt. Perhaps not the bag for me, then. 🤔😩
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
oh no! 😂
skylilly1 (1 month ago)
Really enjoyed the photos on the side! LOve the Celine handbag.
Amanda M (1 month ago)
Love this video! It would be interesting to hear what designer handbags you’ve decluttered and why since starting your collection.
Marigold Humphrey (1 month ago)
Why don’t you dye the light coloured Chloe Faye ....
Peggy Phelps (1 month ago)
Try the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser on your suede purse I have tried that on purses and suede boots and black marks off my tennis shoes. Magic Eraser works on a lot of things .
Eleanor Besly (1 month ago)
Love your new studio, but so miss seeing the dogs!
Liza petty (1 month ago)
Have you seen that just about everything you tried on from the Topshop vlog has sold out. That's quite an accomplishment! Your doing so well girl good on you!
Debbie Kimber (1 month ago)
I purchased a Loewe Judith (replica ) from Amazon ...only thing it doesn't have is the stud feet and it's not leather and it was £29.99 I couldn't believe how much it looked the same and I love it ...thank you for your videos xxxx
Alexandra Kovacs (1 month ago)
Really enjoyed the video 👍🏻
JoJo T (1 month ago)
The Givenchy Antigona is a classic. Very sturdy, strong, self-confident in a sense (heavy hardware, excellent quality etc.). Goes along with Dr. Martens just fine. Depends on the look one wants to achieve. Nice collection.
Mikaela Donges (1 month ago)
I loved that bag. Never got it in the end. Got put off by the zip. Looks like it would scratch your hand as you grab stuff out of it.
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
thank you
adele coles (1 month ago)
Love 💕 video amazing info and love you
JoeyL ,! (1 month ago)
Didn’t you have a Kate Spade?
JoeyL ,! (1 month ago)
The bags you kept suit you.
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
Yes I did but this was one that left the collection 👍🏼
Nathalie Louise (1 month ago)
hair upkeep and current products pls
Matilda Martin (1 month ago)
That's so cute that you name your handbags !!!!!!******
Autumn Mancuso (1 month ago)
Very interesting video. I am a teacher, so I could never feel good about spending that kind of money on a bag. I do enjoy hearing about what's available though. Maybe someday.....
Carole Buckle (1 month ago)
I have just purchased a black mini crossbody Aspinal, I love it, very enjoyable vlog Emma, thank you xx p.s love Vestiaire Collective, just bought a Givenchy brooch & it is coming tomorrow. Treating myself as you can read 😂😂
maisydaisy100 (1 month ago)
Loved this video Emma, jealous of your collection😁 thanks for putting all the links in the description bar, I'm sure that took some time. I'm swooning over the soho bag....maybe my next purchase 🤔
moonbunny85 (1 month ago)
I love the brown simon miller bag. If you ever sale it, please let me know🙇‍♀️😅
sarahraegraham (1 month ago)
If you're ever interested in fixing the crease on the classic flap, I just learned that there is a service here in the States called Leather Surgeons who can fix that. I never knew that until recently, and now I keep looking at vintage bags to see if I can find a really good deal. Not affiliated with them or anything, but I thought you might want to know. :)
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
thank you for the tip! 😀
Connie Strand (1 month ago)
Love your review of your bags. I have only a couple of designer bags I wear for special occasions. Do you have a "go to" bag you carry for a while or do you make a daily choice for your handbag?
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
It really depends on what mood I am in and what I'm wearing. For a long time my go to was the Gucci Marmont and Dionysus but now I'm more drawn toward Judith (puzzle bag) or Jacqueline (Chanel) depending on what Im doing/wearing. 😀
Jimmy Five Fingers (1 month ago)
Well done, Emma! You are delightful and you do such a professional job!! Kudos to EOM as well! That was much editing.
Emma Hill (1 month ago)
Shelley Poole (1 month ago)
Sitting back with warmed up coffee and cold pizza on a drizzly Sunday morning, watching your video which I love! Love your collection! I thought I had a lot of bags, but you out beat me! Great video, love seeing all the photos of you with the bags.

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