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Brand Nubian - Hold On

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Everything Is Everything (c)1994 Elektra Records
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Text Comments (38)
Fenixx (1 month ago)
Classic!! Word is bond
Cornelious Worsham (3 months ago)
Simply Red brought me here
Bobby Dazzler (2 months ago)
You know your music
Maurice Malone (8 months ago)
maintaining track :)
JEFFMAN90 (11 months ago)
Lord Jamar killed this joint right here.
Archie Lee (1 year ago)
Red killed this hard to touch Da brand held it down tho
Schelby Davis (1 year ago)
That beat reminded me of 8ball and mjg comin out hard
Evil Peezy (1 year ago)
because its the same sample... "Simply Red - Holding Back The Years"
Sando Monev (2 years ago)
Mista O Heath (6 months ago)
Sando Monev he dead
Kiana Hollinger (2 years ago)
Wow!! used to be my jam
OjBlack100 (2 years ago)
Quality up load of this Hip Hop Classic, it get's no better than this. This guys did justice to the original.
Kiana Hollinger (2 years ago)
Todd Phillips (2 years ago)
ydna anicep (2 years ago)
this the muthafukin jam
Rachendra Pyakurel (2 years ago)
illmatic826 (2 years ago)
Beautiful music
Todd Phillips (2 years ago)
Todd Phillips (2 years ago)
Desmond Cook (2 years ago)
Jose Luis Martinez (3 years ago)
They pulled off that hook though. Nice......
megagaming (3 years ago)
holy crap. this song was like 20 this year. dannnng
PeediSigel (4 years ago)
Sadat's usually that nigga, but he off-beat on this one. Hardly has any flow
Ali Shabazz (1 year ago)
PeediSigel Idk what you're talking about. Sadat was right on it.
Wes T (1 year ago)
PeediSigel love sadat and phillies but cmon you know thats how sadat rolls, his style is very unorthodox
Todd Phillips (2 years ago)
it sounds more like west coast
BushiBato (2 years ago)
+PeediSigel To a degree,that is exactly his style.
CrisisCharlie (3 years ago)
+PeediSigel I completely agree with you here. He can't get a flow going, just spitting out random words.
Caio Marcondes (5 years ago)
Brand Nubian - Hold On on next GTA, please! Kids must listen to it. To learn something with who really knows the game.
elektroindi (5 years ago)
Nothing but the real Hip Hop right here. DAMN THESE FAKE MUTHAFUCKAS!!!
beyallluv (6 years ago)
yo sadat is that nigga!
Troy Lloyd (6 years ago)
Old Skool
Nass O. (6 years ago)
Fuck fake rappers nowadays
pmk85 (7 years ago)
this is for the people that are fighting a war inside their head, keep holdin' on!
Extrevegenza (7 years ago)
copy kills music man!
jack23dan (9 years ago)
My shit! Thanks Sham. Can you send a link to download this?

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