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Freddy Makes Good Girls Go Bad

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A tribute to Freddy and some of his girls, mainly Nancy and Alice =). Because of Krueger, he drives these girls to become a little rougher, thuse the song. Hope you enjoy it! I had fun making it! =D
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Text Comments (63)
Cherry Bear (14 days ago)
Freddys cute😁😁
ElementOfLoyalty (3 months ago)
parris bouyea (5 months ago)
why people think a burnt child molester/ child killer, who became a demon after dying, and literally has the faces of young dead teens embedded into his chest, is sexy is beyond my comprehension, but this is a good video, very nice editing and good timing with the music. keep up the good work
ElementOfLoyalty (5 months ago)
I think he's kinda hot, but, ur an idiot Richter :)
parris bouyea (5 months ago)
so if you got an answer as to why he is attractive, that actually makes sense, lay it on me, cause i just dont get it one bit
parris bouyea (5 months ago)
and saying as he is technically dead, that kinda counts as necrophilia too
parris bouyea (5 months ago)
then use some logic while doing so. theres literally nothing sexy about him physically, unless you mean his attitude, but even then that makes no sense as hes a character who despises and cares not for anyone. i literally dont see whats so sexy about a disfigured man who molests and kills children
Marilyn Richter (5 months ago)
parris bouyea hey we can think what we want. So shut it
ElementOfLoyalty (5 months ago)
2:55 That looks hot lmao
Marilyn Richter (11 months ago)
I am Freddy's girl for ever he is so sexy ,hot and cute I can't even
jonathan cullen (1 year ago)
My favorite was kristen now noone sleeps
Smiley Joke (1 year ago)
2:16 freddy is so sexy~~~
Marilyn Richter (11 months ago)
Smiley Joke same
Destiny Hartzell (2 years ago)
He makes me a bad girl
Marilyn Richter (11 months ago)
Destiny Hartzell same
Kiara Rae Valiant (2 years ago)
Why do I like this so much
phantasmic (3 years ago)
How is freddy sexy?? He's ugly asf (゚⊿゚)
Adele Trimble (3 years ago)
My favorit music video :) Good Job!
Pollyann Fairclough (5 years ago)
nicely choice
SleepingHurts (5 years ago)
Wow... TOO much...
Chuckylover23 (5 years ago)
Where's Tracy?
AdorkableMonkey (6 years ago)
he be hot
AdorkableMonkey (6 years ago)
AdorkableMonkey (6 years ago)
he soo makes me go insane
AdorkableMonkey (6 years ago)
i love this video! its so tru to
NerdyChick201 (6 years ago)
ahh can't stop watching!!!!
AdorkableMonkey (6 years ago)
he is hot ill say that 100 times if i was his girl but im pinheads girl but their are other boys loki joker scarecrow etc
Deekster Bogard (6 years ago)
Why people say Freddy is sexy when they know michael myers is the hot one
parris bouyea (5 months ago)
a 61 year old man who had latex rubber burned into his face and a child molester who looks like a demonized burn victim who rapes and kills kids?
Marilyn Richter (5 months ago)
Deekster Bogard there both hot
parris bouyea (5 months ago)
what confuses me is why people think a burnt child molester/ child killer, who became a demon after dying, and literally has the faces of young dead teens embedded into his chest, is sexy
Space Monsta (5 months ago)
Opinions opinions
Nazi Zombies Nerd (2 years ago)
I don't know but I do agree with them... he just has something about him that makes Freddy hot...
Joselyn The giraffe (6 years ago)
*drools*aw i got slobber on my compu-*drools*
Vanessa Graham (6 years ago)
Love this video he is sexyyyyyyyyyyy!
Vanessa Graham (6 years ago)
Yes he is. I wish I could hug Him.
rachel steenvoorden (6 years ago)
freddy is suuupppeeeer SEXYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT HIME why can you grap hime out the pc!!!!!!
Marilyn Richter (5 months ago)
rachel steenvoorden I agree
ElementOfLoyalty (5 months ago)
rachel steenvoorden Haha to bad u can't
jason gallina (6 years ago)
love iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!
jason gallina (6 years ago)
thank you who made this video from making this freddy and this song they go very good together.
Sunny shoar (7 years ago)
Freddy is SOOOOO SEXY!
Kaylee Cooper (7 years ago)
Oh my gosh, I love this *favorited* <3
DiandraOfElmSt (7 years ago)
@HellCat371 Movie Maker =)
DiandraOfElmSt (7 years ago)
@HellCat371 =DDD
DiandraOfElmSt (7 years ago)
@Rosieon Thank you =D
SℓaveWoℓfy (7 years ago)
:D :D :D Mmmmm yes I believe he does make good girls go bad hehehehehe!! Love this vid
DiandraOfElmSt (7 years ago)
@thedragonscave Thanks =D
i love this!!!!! its sooo true!!
DiandraOfElmSt (7 years ago)
@AgentFrootLoop Thank you very much!
Cortney Lyn (7 years ago)
nice video!! definitely a song that fits freddy
DiandraOfElmSt (7 years ago)
@zuzek96 Thank you! =)
DiandraOfElmSt (7 years ago)
@IdiotsGoneWild4life Thank you =)
zuzek96 (7 years ago)

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