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Betty Boop The Old Man Of The Mountain 1933 HD BANNED CARTOON EXPLICIT

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The Old Man of the Mountain is a 1933 animated short in the Betty Boop series, produced by Fleischer Studios. Featuring special guests Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, the short was originally released to theaters on August 4, 1933 by Paramount Productions. Calloway voices all of the characters in the cartoon save for Betty herself (talking voice provided by Bonnie Poe and singing voice provided by Mae Questel). Calloway, along with his orchestra, also perform all of the music in the cartoon, including two songs Calloway co-wrote. Controversy According to film historian Christopher Lehman, the sexually suggestive nature of this film caused "some Americans at the time, especially Catholics," to complain to exhibitors who then pressured Paramount Studios (distributor of the Betty Boop series) to tone down the Betty Boop character, which subsequently pressured Fleischer Studios to do the same thing. This can be seen when an old man sees Betty and acts crazy, a fish starts to follow her before getting hit by his wife, and Betty's dress even is removed in one scene. According to Lehman, "In dispensing with the African-American entertainers and their music after limiting the 'Betty Boop' series' sexual references, [Max] Fleischer thus acknowledged the widely assumed connection between raciness and blackness." After 1934, African-American jazz music would no longer appear in Betty Boop cartoons, and she metamorphosized into a more conservative, mature, domestic character who often played only a supporting role. The Old Man of the Mountain Betty Boop series Directed by Dave Fleischer Produced by Max Fleischer Voices by Mae Questel (Betty Boop-singing voice) Cab Calloway (Old Man & All Other) Bonnie Poe (Betty Boop-talking voice) Music by Cab Calloway and his orchestra Animation by Bernard Wolf Thomas Johnson Studio Fleischer Studios Distributed by Paramount Productions Release date(s) August 4, 1933 Color process Black-and-white Notes The Old Man of the Mountain was the third and last of the Fleischer cartoons pairing Betty Boop and Cab Calloway; the others are Minnie the Moocher and Snow-White. As in the other two cartoons, film footage of Cab Calloway was rotoscoped, or traced into animation, to provide the dance steps for the Old Man during the duet of "You Gotta Ho-De-Ho (To Get Along with Me)". As with many other Boop shorts, The Old Man of the Mountain is now in the public domain. The dialogue between Betty and the Old Man ("Whatcha gonna do now?" "Gonna do the best I can!") is mirrored almost exactly in a scene between Santa Claus and Oogie Boogie in the 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas. The scene also features music very similar to Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher" and dance steps close to Calloway's own. _____________ GOON CARTOONS is a creator and curator of funny, cartoon and basically sick-ass videos! WE make Cartoons, Shorts, Skits and wacky crap! We also find and upload Vintage public domain commercials, sex Ed videos and strange vids that can't be seen anywhere else. Stop by every week for new crap!!! GOON CARTOONS is a proud member of CHANNEL FREDERATOR SUBSCRIBE for updates, we upload a new cartoon every Monday. http://www.youtube.com/user/GoonCartoons?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter https://twitter.com/gooncartoons Vine https://vine.co/frankforte Blogger http://frankforte.blogspot.com Web http://www.frankforte.com Asylum Press (comics) http://www.asylumpress.com Newgrounds http://gooncartoons.newgrounds.com Goon Cartoons is an Original Animation Channel! We feature original short films, animation, cartoons, pencil tests and experimental crap from creators Frank Forte, Gene McGuckin, Jim Smith and friends. Frank Forte is currently a storyboard artist on Bob's Burgers (Sundays on FOX). He has worked in animation for feature films, TV and gaming. Some of the shows/films Frank has worked on include: Despicable Me 2, Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, The Super Hero Squad Show, Marvel Heroes 4D, Lego Hero Factory, Lego Bionicle: The Legend Reborn, HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI, Re-Animated Pilot (Out of Jimmy’s Head), The Mr. Men Show, Bionicle: The Legend Reborn (DVD-2009), Lego Clutch Powers 4D ride at Legoland and Lego Atlantis. He co-created The Cletus and Floyd Show with Gene McGuckin, a tribute to animation directors Tex Avery, Bob Clampett and Chuck Jones. Robert S. Rhine and Frank Forte created the pilot episode of Sickcom the Animated Series which was sold to Spike and Mike.
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Text Comments (8442)
Larimar Henriquez (24 minutes ago)
This is so creepy!
Ceecee Key (1 hour ago)
why did she even go there?
Soplet (5 hours ago)
Cuphead indeed captured the atmosphere of this era.
двойная классика: и джаз и мультипликация-супер!!!
love BTS (10 hours ago)
I think i'm gona have a nightmare tonight...
2:30 um
roxy meow (13 hours ago)
5:31 my brain cells during a test.
Summer Rae (13 hours ago)
my last brain cell : 5:30
Life of Nyemah james (14 hours ago)
5:11 she’s doing the orange justice xD
Comments nigga (15 hours ago)
On the weird side of YouTube again
Katlyn Dobransky (16 hours ago)
Everything aside, the animation is really good for its time
༺DØG_MEGA༻ XD (18 hours ago)
Tik tock? :v
Nathan Eells (18 hours ago)
This is just stock footage for Ghostmane music vids
JamesyWamesy (20 hours ago)
I have this on dvd tf
MyDreamside (21 hours ago)
2:27 booty makes the man walk again
Derp KAWAII-POATO (1 day ago)
That “gonna do the best I can” was heavenly to my ears
XI OBLIVION IV (1 day ago)
How y'all bashing this poor nigga? I mean the dude is tryna get a fine peice of ass and Betty keeps being a tease for no damn reason, hate thots like that DEADASS...
*Tik Tok Intensifies*
Miku Hatsune (1 day ago)
The old man is disturbing
Miku Hatsune (1 day ago)
Betty’s head looks like a butt
naut sus, a mammoth (1 day ago)
Eva Owens (1 day ago)
It may not be banned cause I saw this episode in 2016,
TheReviewDude1 (1 day ago)
Can I please have that 7 minutes of my life back please
Ryan Brookhouse (1 day ago)
Plzzzz can we get some new cartoons to come back to this type of style it was so good and there’s was something special about it to
welsha c (1 day ago)
whats worse than a rapist? A CHILD
clari (1 day ago)
those songs are actually really good w
Angery Mechanic (1 day ago)
So he was a rapiest???
S T (1 day ago)
What’s a tourist house? A brothel?
4:54 moonwalk
Josiel de Assis (1 day ago)
3:13 He banged this woman before?
Daniel Clark (1 day ago)
Cab Was Killing it.
4:00 And here he is!
3:13 oh boy...
MrDarkoKos (1 day ago)
this is amazing. the animation, the idea, & the way it ties to the music is fun. this shouldnt be banned. its like banning a history book. you think somethings bad,dont hide it. that just leaves room for someone who doesnt know about it to have the idea and repeat whatever it is. i dont understand why we follow the constitution(very old document), but cant handle a cartoon from 100 years ago
MrDarkoKos (1 day ago)
dudes got sone benjamin button sperm the lady has 3 kidswith beards lol
Shinra Tensei (1 day ago)
Is he a pedophile?
original nortistics (1 day ago)
I think I watched this when I was very young
JackysTube HD (14 hours ago)
it was made in the 1930’s..
No No (1 day ago)
It's Cab Calloway OMG!
Dwiddles (1 day ago)
Lmao! Vintage cartoons were close to hentai...
I Know y y'all CLIcked
Palwanda (1 day ago)
Is that Toot Braunstein from Drawn Together?😂
Chloe Carvajal (1 day ago)
Wtf were cartoons back then
Mr. CHAMP ION (2 days ago)
2:45 The squirrel put his nut in a condom. Lol
legend n (2 days ago)
honestly how the old man talks is how I think
Creative Charm (2 days ago)
Tbh this guy is smooth when it comes to dancing
Mel Gat (2 days ago)
Betty boop is an icon being able to run in hills
Ms.Trish (2 days ago)
Is it just me or if you closed your eyes then it just sounds like a olden day song.
Lil Peking (2 days ago)
I'm so confused
Owner of Shop (2 days ago)
Sooo no one is gonna talk about how amazing this is? The music, the cartoons, the animation, the character design, everything especially for the time period with the technology available, you may look at in with your present-mindedness and think it's weird, but this is a masterpiece.
Ꮮ1Ꮮ Ꮶ1Ꭰ (2 days ago)
This is creepy
Zyare Hill (2 days ago)
So the lady that had the three babies had them by him😂makes sense... I guess he raped her?
Famous Frappuccino (2 days ago)
These biscuts ~ 6:25
Estie or Stage (2 days ago)
3:14 That was enough to let me know why this was banned.
--乙eph (2 days ago)
6:18-6:19 the noise i make when I get beaten by the belt
Mondo 357 (2 days ago)
Baby Mama at 3:13 I gotta ask...was the Old Man of the Mountain hitting that shit? And he's going after Betty Boop like he's a Republican!
this ain’t it chief (2 days ago)
Why does he only have three toes? Wtf
Ghost Of Sparta (2 days ago)
The animation is actually prettt smooth.But its so fucking depressing xD
quen of the wolfs (2 days ago)
well im 10 i know why its banned...yup i know about oll the dirty things... oll of them
Dany Loup (3 days ago)
The old man got style
Emily (3 days ago)
5:11 now we know how the orange justice fornite dance was made
butter bby (3 days ago)
why was this in my recommendations since 2017 please leave me alone i dont want to see this
champions team (3 days ago)
quen of the wolfs (2 days ago)
Jodl (3 days ago)
Laws and order 6:17
Sake Wallace (3 days ago)
Why did she go up there though? White people. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Original Boi (3 days ago)
Betty Boop thicc af
Hailee Turner (3 days ago)
Just try to make a cartoon like this now
Poke Girl (3 days ago)
I love black anf white films!!!
g r r o m i t (3 days ago)
Yo... am i high?
DreamieRamune (3 days ago)
4:53 on 2x speed looks like he’s busting some moves
Bella Capulet (3 days ago)
I'm not even high but.... I'm confused and concerned as fuck.
Superdawg 1324 (3 days ago)
Rapist with oogely boogeleys voice
Omar Andres (3 days ago)
5:10 dang didn’t know orange justice was this old
tylenish WoW and LoL (3 days ago)
umm can someone explain why this was banned because it's not even that bad honestly i mean yeah back then things were COMPLETELY different But honestly this doesnt seem like a bannable offense of an episode
tylenish WoW and LoL (14 hours ago)
+JackysTube HD well then.....yeah that warrents a ban then
JackysTube HD (14 hours ago)
he raped the hippo..
big boi (3 days ago)
first 2 minutes and someones weave is ALREADY SNATCHED
Mr Tibbs (3 days ago)
Old dude got beat into a gang i think
Shelby Comet (3 days ago)
The old man got that women pregnant then she left wtf was that rape why is no one mentioning this
2:08 me when I see drama I caused:
clitoris mold (3 days ago)
Sooo the lady at 3:11 is crying because she got raped by the old man of the mountain and knocked up with triplets?? Damn that's dark
Rudolph.mp4 (3 days ago)
minouto himouto (3 days ago)
Man they make these videos sound so tempting.
ScarlettMoon (3 days ago)
I had a Betty boop dvd. I totally remember this shit
Angel Arzate (1 day ago)
(Edit4:53)after I fail an exam pass college and get a divorce I put 4:52
Angel Arzate (1 day ago)
Mr.Table lmao
Mr.Table (3 days ago)
S p i n
Alia Ramla (3 days ago)
03:12 wtfff ? Isn't that a kid show ?? I didn't understood this when i was little...but now...God it's disturbing
Alia Ramla (14 hours ago)
+JackysTube HD even worse😂
JackysTube HD (14 hours ago)
it was made in the 1930’s
2Polev (3 days ago)
Why is this copying Cup Head?
Llam Ma (3 days ago)
He raped that woman with the triplets 😂💀
Matt GSM (3 days ago)
It was banned because of the all black orchestra I think. And it also contained rape
Micah Miller (3 days ago)
Lovin that old school sound.
Cultservative (3 days ago)
4:50 isn't that from Nightmare Before Christmas?
Cultservative (3 days ago)
The new cuphead DLC looks sick af
Aesthetic Cat (3 days ago)
5:30 my last brain cell when the teacher calls on me when I wasn't listening
UndeadShogun99999999 (3 days ago)
Puredankness11 • (3 days ago)
The OG cartoons
Chelsea Kirk (3 days ago)
Least the music was awesome?
3:13 he fucking raped someone.....
MasterDoge17 (3 days ago)
MasterDoge17 (3 days ago)
I love how this gets into my recommendation
Ya like jazz? (3 days ago)
5:10 lol they put orange justice from fortnite in there

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