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🏁 RACE 🏁 Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson Storm 🏁 CARS 3 🏁 Short LEGO Movie Animated Cartoon

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CARS 3 RACE Jackson STORM vs Lightning MCQUEEN Lego movie Frozen Princess Elsa Olaf MATER science guy spooky EPIC Subscribe; http://bit.ly/SubCTM | Watch more CarsToysMovies https://youtu.be/PXk_Lh6twrg Watch previous Movie, https://youtu.be/kLAnVd5y7M4 EXCLUSIVE CTM episode CARS meet FROZEN characters Princess Elsa, Anna & Olaf get teleported to CARS-LAND where they meet Lightning McQueen, Mater, Science-Guy-Mater & Dracula Mater. Science-Guy-Mater Helps Frozen Princess Elsa, Anna & Olaf get back to there Kingdom. NOTE: Jackson storm is not a villain, his evil twin races Lightning McQueen in this episode. Follow Cars Toys Movies: Facebook: https://facebook.com/carstoysmovies Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarsToysMovies Instagram: https://instagram.com/carstoysmovies Watch More Cars Toys Movies: Disney Pixar Movies (Cars, Minions, Frozen): http://bit.ly/2cmH9t4 All Animated Movies: http://bit.ly/2cL6e7e Lego Movies: http://bit.ly/2dbhSEI Latest Videos: http://bit.ly/2cGltiY Popular Videos: http://bit.ly/2dmt7si About Car Toys Movies:
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Text Comments (86)
Vicki Mccusker (6 months ago)
That’s cheating
Juliana Silva (8 months ago)
B3L _Gamer (11 months ago)
o jackson storm é o numero vinte e o mcqueen tem o mesmo patrocinio no capo e não o do filme segundario e o mcqueen esta mais sério e também o jackson storm não agir desse jeito ele é mais sombrio e mais rapido nada aver ao filme e olhe que foi lançado em 2016 ou seja vocês viram mais fizeram nada aver mais em 2014 era diferente era mais legal quando eu tinha 6 anos ah! e o trailer de carros 3 que o mate tava congelado? cadê o filme? eu esperei desde 2016 cara eu até pedi a minha mãe pra ir pro cinema vou dizer nossa conversa. eu:o mãe vamos pro cinema assistir carros 3. mãe: carros 3? ainda nem lançou!. eu:não mãe lançou olha o trailer (que vocês mandaram não sei o dia mas vcs fiseram) mãe: .........ee.....ee........ . e no futuro esperei até hoje esperei o filme e cadê? só não vou denuciar porque não é um caso tão sério mas merece
Bittu Chopra (1 year ago)
Lego88fan (1 year ago)
This has worse animation than those video brinqueto films
red x gamer (1 year ago)
Cruse you lighting
Adam Shook (1 year ago)
You know that Jackson's number is 2.0
CarsToysMovies (1 year ago)
RRW ENTERTAINMENT yes I know that was a honest typo by one of our animators. :-) sorry
Taras Roshko (1 year ago)
Subscribe! Subscribe!
Taras Roshko (1 year ago)
Cars Toys Movies- really main About heroes- fair and vain Cars toys movies Still the same!
Color & Kids TV (1 year ago)
Very interesting video! Like!👍🏻 it would be cool if you watch our coloring pages of Cars 3😉
Lightning McQueen is cool
Rana Masri (1 year ago)
Hi so nice 👍 you
CarsToysMovies (1 year ago)
The coolest!
it supposed to be 2.0
Miles The dog (1 year ago)
Jackson storm Is 2.0
Taras Roshko (1 year ago)
Sonic, did you subscribe our chanel?
CarsToysMovies (1 year ago)
Yes he is:)
Ish (1 year ago)
Great animations, you should have cartoon network make a series. Really good
MandoFox 80 (1 year ago)
Snegger deeger Negger (1 year ago)
6:10 were surrounded.cant get back.7 really wide gaps
Snegger deeger Negger (1 year ago)
and how did mcqueen go flying in the air?
Snegger deeger Negger (1 year ago)
and hes still using allinol?
Snegger deeger Negger (1 year ago)
how did the oil 1:get behind mcqueen and still got him slipping-2:didnt slip any cars behind him-and 3:disappear right after
Snegger deeger Negger (1 year ago)
every time he says mcqueen
Roku Torda (1 year ago)
Your viedo are so cook
rEd_ 42 (1 year ago)
When will you realize McQueens top speed is 198 mph and jack storms top speed is 214mph and Jackson knows the fastest way around the race track so McQueen winning is impossible
xxXINFINITYXxx (1 year ago)
thunder (1 year ago)
Did you change Lightning's and Mater's actor?
bacon boi (1 year ago)
all your animations are good for kids
eli penaranda (1 year ago)
Jenni Ferraira (1 year ago)
no jokes
CarsToysMovies (1 year ago)
There is a joke at the end of this episode!!!
Gigantic Franklin (1 year ago)
No storm passed Mcqueen and Mcqueen went too hard on him self smashed in to the wall and went into a spin
Maria Nascimento (9 months ago)
Ishforlife a
Maria Nascimento (9 months ago)
The cool Mario plush bros 1 te
Ish (1 year ago)
Stikbot and sonic and cars Fan2657 yeah
Nice job
CarsToysMovies (1 year ago)
Thank you !
So cool
CarsToysMovies (1 year ago)
Thank you!
You made this!!!!!!??????????????
CarsToysMovies (1 year ago)
Speed I am speed chow
Hey that sounded so good not so fast Mcqueen , have a present for you Mcqueen , see you around Mcqueen . Like Jackson Stora saying Mcqueen all the time that sounded so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Kerry Finn (1 year ago)
Cuarteto Happy Strings, musica para eventos Lomb fsts
tacoboy 79 (1 year ago)
i like the joke
Senpai Gaming (1 year ago)
whats with the joke at the end of the video?
H T (1 year ago)
Khalil Myers (1 year ago)
awesome animation ctm and funny comedy
Nickolas Kiggundu (1 year ago)
The vampire sounds like francesco
CarsToysMovies (1 year ago)
I can understand why you say that, its the accent.
CesarLuna 2nd channel (1 year ago)
You know you could use cars1 lighting mcqeen
Angel Ayala (1 year ago)
else popo
Da Nightmare (1 year ago)
lighting lighting lighting
Aisya Musically (10 months ago)
Padmavzathamma P M (11 months ago)
Padmavzathamma P M (11 months ago)
DIEGO Toby bkyiissg3
GABI'S CHANNEL (1 year ago)
DIEGO Toby You want me to put away yes I knowa gfffc. Vvghhhhjjjjjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjnjnjjjnjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjnjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzzżaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzx n. M mil,o,ol,o”. Pp P
Skaiste Tamkeviciute (1 year ago)
Eta qw
Jackson storm is not a villian
CarsToysMovies (1 year ago)
Jackson storm is not a villain. This is his evil twin!
Death By Tree (1 year ago)
Who are you people? Why do you make this beautiful art? I love you so much
yeny salvatierra (1 year ago)
Death By Tree hhgdygjjjjflgjfdxsdjkoggjfughxhhhhhhhhhgsfghgxfuf la UD kg jghbhhgvvb. Ljb b
Kevin dueñas (1 year ago)
Death By Tree l O
ka chow!
Vanesa Arais (1 year ago)
Kyle Kelvin en tt
Nephews gonna love this
Taras Roshko (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. I am a moderator!
ian paul bailey (1 year ago)
+Konstantinos Lampropoulos c
Despicable ME 3
Lutfi Yusuf Jefryzal (1 year ago)
Separate Myself u
Sipos Nàndor (1 year ago)
Separate Mys

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