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Zutara-I make good girls go bad

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EDIT: Wow...i never expected this video to be so popular, cuz its only pics lol but thank you guys for all the support and the wonderful comments! And check out my other videos cuz i wanna know if u guys like my vids with clips in it ^^ I love this song so I had to make a zutara video for it! lol Hope you like it ^^ Song: Good Girls Go Bad By:Cobra Starship feat Leighton Meester Thanks to all the deviantart artists who own these pictures!
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Text Comments (118)
sydney chukes (1 year ago)
at 2:56 Zuko looks hot like if you agree/reply
Antoni Djurkov (1 year ago)
What about 2:23?
Antoni Djurkov (1 year ago)
AUW! Zuko is one hell of a chick magnet.
ilovehocey (4 years ago)
love this song so much its one of the best
sarah b (5 years ago)
that name suits him lol
greenpanic6 (5 years ago)
i still like zutara better
mia schrars (5 years ago)
where did you get the cool pics?
lily wilson (5 years ago)
BOO ZUTARA!! BOO! kataang is much more better! who cares about zutara?!?! Kataang is the real thing wether you guys like it or not! It's just the way it is! It's written in stone! Besides if Aang and Katara never got married then korra wouldn't be here to this very day. then Tenson wouldn't be Mr. Spiritual. andso there it is settled then. besides the only people from the original cast is Katara, and Zuko. besides Zuko married Mai. and she is expert with pointy knives and mini arrows. so there!!
Stafoni Mohana (5 years ago)
I like ur song choise
Englandrules83 (5 years ago)
I like this video so much.
Licana Aquain (5 years ago)
1:22 - Damn rite it is
Raven Wolfe (5 years ago)
if it is maybe this time Zutara will happen
Lee Hill (5 years ago)
Dont lie Zuko is Hot as Fuke
kardelen meric (6 years ago)
Get a life.com
Lauren Boyer (6 years ago)
Kelly Leong (6 years ago)
lol @ the picture at 2:23. Aang =.=
YumYumSnap (6 years ago)
What is wrong with this person.
Eagleeye596 (6 years ago)
I heard something about the show commin back out this summer. That true?
Kapactlovesu (6 years ago)
They were actually the original love interests of eachother, but it would have made aang all lonely and that would have been disappointing. And I've grown to love mei and him :)
serena tang (6 years ago)
best picture video of Zutara ever
77torigirl77 (6 years ago)
@maioctagonapusblah Hahaha Okay?!
77torigirl77 (6 years ago)
@heartbreaker1017 Appreciate it :D
77torigirl77 (6 years ago)
@blissgirl28 Thank you :D
Natalie Bliss (6 years ago)
I'm much more of a kataanger but i love this video!! :)
dolphinportkey7 (7 years ago)
This video made me like Zutara. Just sayin'... Oh, and I have just entered the world of AMVing, and am currently working on a Disney crossover to this same song (Flynn Rider x Cinderella...) I use Windows Movie Maker. How do you do all those cool effects? :D
14luckystar (7 years ago)
Love it!!!
hbh19 (7 years ago)
Wow I love the pics in this video!! This video was put together amazingly!!!(: GOOD JOB!!(:
Taryn Haste (7 years ago)
Lol xD hello my name is "sexy" on zukoz pic
Olivia Dilworth (7 years ago)
@dbsbbfemp ikr!!!!! i guess its cuz kataang was so sweet and he would have been <3 broken :(
Olivia Dilworth (7 years ago)
luv the office photo :D
VivCaitlin (7 years ago)
This Song is very good!
Pevensify (7 years ago)
ZuTara is epic, steamy, SEXY LOVE!
maranovum (7 years ago)
Oh my God, I need the picture at 2:52! It's so cute!
miaisnothere (7 years ago)
Zuko is really really SEXY
manda :p (7 years ago)
I LOVE THIS VID omg i watch it over and over lol @ 2:25 awwwwww sokka is sooo cute @ 2:52
manda :p (7 years ago)
I LOVE THIS VID omg i watch it over and over lol @ 2:25
manda :p (7 years ago)
I LOVE THIS VID omg i watch it over and over
shyja jogin (7 years ago)
i like this song too and plz teach me how to take a video for youtube please!!
Lali (7 years ago)
lol @ "hello...my name is SEXYYY!!"
Lindsey Ann (7 years ago)
Omg I LUVV this video! I luvv all the effects u use! I totally abused the replay button!
HeroSupport (7 years ago)
@1234greendog sooooooooo true
Mesymes (8 years ago)
Lolz at 2:28 btw awesome video how did you make it!!!! I was waaaay impressed!!
greenmean230 (8 years ago)
@77torigirl77 At 33 38 46 52?
lovelierlex (8 years ago)
@greenmean230 *shrug* some people like to make mature fandoms for children's shows. I don't really mind it because I do it too. Honestly, it's probably good for the show because it expands its fandom to older people. For example, I've never seen Avatar because I'm 22 and it looked a bit childish to me, but I basically know the story and I love this couple.
iheartsoftball13 (8 years ago)
Cameron Barry (8 years ago)
how do u get all these affects???
Nicole Maez (8 years ago)
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly cuople aang and katara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Picave (8 years ago)
@TheLatinoChicka I Meant Aang. :P
Cute Kurama (8 years ago)
Good song good theme and good graphics. All around good song and I like zutara.
Carpediemforidiots (8 years ago)
Seriously good! Luv it :D
ptofa1 (8 years ago)
@ greenmean230 what the hell ae you on? 77torigirl77 ur doing awesome.
Picave (8 years ago)
@77torigirl77 They look much better together then Kataang. She's two years OLDER then him for crying out loud!!!! And Mai is sssssooooo fricken BORING!!!
Picave (8 years ago)
I love this couple!!
tophlv (8 years ago)
zuko makes them good girls go bad
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
@greenmean230 Where did you get that? I mean the video is suggestive but it is in no way about Katara fucking everyone. its about how Zuko changed her. Keep your rude, assine comments to yourself.
greenmean230 (8 years ago)
And this is what happens after the show ends. It went from " Avatar the last airbender" to "Katara The best fucker."
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
@1234greendog lol
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Well they both add up to Zutara so it works! lol
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Thank you! I love zutara and kataang needs to go! lol
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Why thank you :D
Raimee Cook (8 years ago)
Love this video . Zutara rules!! Kataang must die!!!!!!!!!!!!! once again nice vid.
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
With Zutara or the vid?
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Nice! lol Poor fathers and their cluelessness haha Thanks :)
Alexandria (8 years ago)
haha my dad says he hates my bf cuz i used to be a "good girl" now i get in trouble a lot lol he has noooo idea lol! awesome vid btw
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Thanks so much!
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Thanks so much!
Tiramisu Sumi (8 years ago)
best vid ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥☺♥☺♥☺☺♥
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Thanks :)
Vy The Fujoshi (8 years ago)
Rock N Rull!!! ; )
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Always XD lol
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Becky Taylor (8 years ago)
awesome job on this video it rocks ^_^
Vy The Fujoshi (8 years ago)
I think that in this video, Zuko is pretty hot and sexy ♥ x ♥ x !!!!
blueicewitch (8 years ago)
I like your special effects! ^.^
Vy The Fujoshi (8 years ago)
I love it, it rocks n rulls XD And all the picture where asowme too.
fogle6 (8 years ago)
what software u use to edit?
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
@kb62mo Thanks :D
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
@FrostByte096 Thanks XD
FrostByte096 (8 years ago)
mhmmm But styll forgot to say Nice vid xP
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
@FrostByte096 True, I have never run into that problem but if u do like to upload on different places and u use onetruemedia ur a tad screwed
FrostByte096 (8 years ago)
But u can only upload to youtube so thats the drag u can burn of youtube, but its too much work to have a vid...
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
@FrostByte096 Actually onetruemedia is a great free site if you cant pay for a really expensive editing software.
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
@MrCyborg2013 Thanks lol
FrostByte096 (8 years ago)
its not worth it.... the site forces u to pay $30.00 or free but its terrible... .cause its onyl accessible on youtube
Heather Rysted (8 years ago)
dude this is totally sick! how did you edit/make this vidoe?????? omg this was so cool!!
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Love it! lol
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Thanks loll
77torigirl77 (8 years ago)
Thanks so much! Im glad you noticed that lol
avatarluv09 (8 years ago)
this is so cool. especially when there's katara looking all innocent when he says "good girls" and then freaking zuko when he says "go bad" haha. i love it. =D
Dawson Clemens (8 years ago)
ang is JELOUS and will beet the crap out of zuco
maryam ansarian (8 years ago)
Yes zuko is very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
77torigirl77 (9 years ago)
things2400 (9 years ago)
Oh wow, this is good even though it just has pics!
things2400 (9 years ago)
He sure wouldn't ! XD
77torigirl77 (9 years ago)
Your right lol I think he would be quite peeved
doggy100998 (9 years ago)
Sokka wouldn't be to happy about that. lol
77torigirl77 (9 years ago)
77torigirl77 (9 years ago)
Gotta love hot Zuko lol
Isabel Fretter (9 years ago)
even though there where only pictures, this was one of the best zutara videos i have ever seen! I love it! what programm did you use?

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