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Magic Reindeer Food, Christmas Craft Ideas

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Quick & easy deluxe reindeer food recipe which is safer for wildlife & the environment. My son helped me make this.
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Adele M (1 year ago)
Love how O is in this one, he deffo seems like he was having a great time! Great job guys xxx
Lisa Owen (1 year ago)
A Delcat Stitches he loved it and it was such a nice touch to the video x
CrossStitch Gal (1 year ago)
This is a great project for kids for Christmas and how special that you and your son could do it together. He sounds like such a cutie!
Lisa Owen (1 year ago)
CrossStitch Gal thank you so much for your lovely comment. He loves doing things like that so I thought it would be nice if he helped me. He's very cute when he's not being wild 😂
Moira McDonald (1 year ago)
I hope you paid that boy the living wage? 😂 my pal made a chocolate 💩, cat's litter tray at her Brownies group. You can do reindeer 💩 in wee bags. Weans love 💩. I know this craft stall is costing you a fortune! But I know you'll be a success xxx
Lisa Owen (1 year ago)
I could maybe stomach ⛄️ 💩 as it would be white 🤣🤣. It is costing me a fortune as you know me, no content with making cheap reindeer Food, I have to spend £7 getting ingredients for delux 😂. I never make any money at a school Christmas fair cos I take one look at the kids & end up practically giving stuff away. My family think it's a riot. "How much is that fairy jar Mrs"? "£4 but how much have you got"? ... "eh, 60p"..."Awe ok then"! 🤣🤣🤣. Simple inexpensive stuff works best - folk don't want to pay huge amounts. They just want to pick up wee mindings & stocking fillers. That's why I just do one Christmas fair as it's too much work. I've had to put my Outlander journal on the back burner for a wee while & am itching to start!
LizzieSnowBrite (1 year ago)
Such a cute idea! Your son's voice is adorable. Do you have an instagram?
Lisa Owen (1 year ago)
LizzieSnowBrite oh thank you so much. He's a cutie. I don't have an Instagram as that's too high tech for me lol 😂

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