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Drawing whit PHOTOSHOP- Fashion Illustration

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Drawing fashion illustration of Dior! https://www.facebook.com/CriscuoloFashionIllustrations/? ref=bookmarks https://www.instagram.com/criscuolo_fashiondrawing/
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Text Comments (29)
M S Khan illustrations (11 days ago)
Great work
Cézanne Bertrand (19 days ago)
I'd love if you could teach how to create a base croqui on Photoshop
+Cézanne Bertrand ok
Cézanne Bertrand (18 days ago)
+Criscuolo Fashion Drawing Yes the grey one in the back, just to see how you make the lines
What do you want to see specifically? Do you mean how do I create the figure?
Mamta Chawla (3 months ago)
Ehi, questo è assolutamente incredibile, puoi fare un video con un tutorial passo dopo passo
msegura301 (4 months ago)
This was awesome to watch!! To everyone saying she didn't actually draw it, "prove it". She just did with this video! Obviously anyone thats commenting that is just here to hate or doesn't understand something as simple as, making an original hand sketch, scanning it and rendering it with photoshop. There's also such a thing as using a template, making multiple hand drawn croquis that you can use over and over again, almost everyone in the industry starts out using them. IT TAKES A LOT OF SKILL/PATIENCE TO DRAW USING PHOTOSHOP OR ILLUSTRATOR! Keep making videos, this was AMAZING! (:
Thank you very much, I appreciate it very much!
Cristina Caione (4 months ago)
bellissimo brava!!! ma non puoi farci un video tutorial step by step di ogni passaggio?
A breve farò altri video cercando di spiegare di più
Animalspeak (4 months ago)
oh my gosh im crying thats so cool
ahmed mussawar (6 months ago)
amazing work
Maira Faraon (10 months ago)
sarebbe molto utile se mentre disegni, spiegassi cosa stai facendo. grazie mille e comunque complimenti è bellissimo
Criscuolo Fashion Drawing (10 months ago)
Provvederò nei prossimi video!
Bootsycurie (10 months ago)
You mean drawing WITH photoshop
Animalspeak (4 months ago)
oh my. you re so mean
Criscuolo Fashion Drawing (10 months ago)
Yes, i do
Ana Luiza Rodrigues (10 months ago)
Hello, my dear! First of all, thanks for sharing this video with us! Second: could you please let us know the pencil you used? Many thanks!
Criscuolo Fashion Drawing (10 months ago)
Hello! I used the classic photoshop brush
Caco Constante (1 year ago)
Flò_ Bag (1 year ago)
Eccomi qui iscritta.. Ti aspetto da me. Kiss
RIDDHI GAEKWAD (1 year ago)
u didn't do it by ur own u did by computer
I draw it digitally, with the graphics tablet using the photoshop program
RIDDHI GAEKWAD (1 year ago)
Criscuolo Fashion Drawing so prove u did it by ur own n not by computer
I can assure you that I did it! There are many videos showing what I design, there is nothing to question!
madhulika yayavaram (1 year ago)
could you please tell the brush settings??
+Mutsa Munyawiri Hello, a video tutorial on how to create the effect of tulle will soon be out. Activate the notification bell to not lose the video, to activate the bell you must be subscribed to the channel. Kisses
Mutsa Munyawiri (16 days ago)
+Criscuolo Fashion Drawing Hi thanks for this. What exact settings have you used? I've been trying to get this effect with no succes. Thanks
Set the brush pressure and change the opacity depending on the effect you want to give.

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