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Top 10 BEST Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Secrets

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Top 10 Disney! At Walt Disney World in Florida at Disney's Hollywood Studios, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the popular thrill rides at the resort. This drop tower ride was Disney's most technilogicaly advanced ride at the time, and like every other Disney ride there's many small secrets and details that were worked into Tower of Terror. So are you ready to check into the Hollywood Tower Hotel and enter the Twilight Zone? Well, today we're gonna take a look at the ride's history and count down the top 10 best Tower of Terror secrets! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ►http://bit.ly/2mfriBD ◄ ►BUY TPM MERCH! https://teespring.com/stores/tpmvids ►LAST WEEK'S EPISODE: Exploring a Closed Theme Park - History, Theme & Amusement https://youtu.be/cvpvaIAH5gc Social Media! ► Follow on Twitter! https://twitter.com/TPMvideos ► Follow on Instagram! https://instagram.com/TPMvideos ► Follow on Facebook! https://facebook.com/TPMvids Disney Parks: Secrets Series.... ►Top 10 Best Magic Kingdom Secrets: https://youtu.be/lidznGlh7fw ►Top 10 Best Disney's Hollywood Studios Secrets: https://youtu.be/Q7YZCU79e7c ►Top 10 Best Disney's Animal Kingdom Secrets: https://youtu.be/QYXzEtYt-oU ►Top 10 Hidden Secrets of Epcot's World Showcase: https://youtu.be/vcqvHUjtqpQ ►Top 10 BEST Secrets of EPCOT's Future World! -Epcot History: https://youtu.be/_Kla1QHMdy8 ►Top 10 Best Disneyland Secrets!- History of Disneyland: https://youtu.be/fcypptnzZkc ►Top 5 Hidden Secrets of Extinct Rides at Magic Kingdom: https://youtu.be/oW5UjcKemrU ►DISNEY BEAT PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lidznGlh7fw&list=PLZg0YgjlWEqQRuCbtjWun1x8HZRWaTHGY *Have a video you want to share? Submit it here!* ►https://goo.gl/forms/0YVY4d7p03FEExgz1 ◄ TPMvids is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company in any way. This video is put together in compliance with fair use under the classification of education and commentary to begin an open conversation. Any opinions expressed are those of TPMvids and do not reflect any other companies or individuals.
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Text Comments (1107)
Julian Toscano (8 hours ago)
Emily F (10 hours ago)
I’ve seen the twilight zone tower of terror movie
Emily F (10 hours ago)
I first time going on this was when I was 9. I said to my mom I would try it. I held my breath my first time. Ever since then, I loved the ride and the storyline
James Rael (1 day ago)
That bit about the queue is amazing. Great info.
A G (3 days ago)
Does it annoy anyone else how he says "tower of terr"?
Interesting.. I remember the drop addition commercial. I went 1996 8th grade jazz band concert
VirusGAMEZ (8 days ago)
Once it was raining a lot so not a lot of people were in Disney and my dad and sister rode the tower of terror like 14 times in a row
Brock Nugget55 (12 days ago)
Tower of Terror is 13 letters long!!!
Lucy (13 days ago)
Noone: Americans: ToWeR oF tEaR
marilyn (14 days ago)
3:23 never in my ENTIRE life have i ever walked on this ride like that 😂😂
Kaylee’s Studio (14 days ago)
Going to get a closer look at twilight zone now
「 Love amamiya 」 (14 days ago)
This video made me sad
Libby Harris (14 days ago)
I have had a ride idea in my head for Epcot forever and it’s a Niagara Falls log ride and/or simulator ride up the side of “Niagara falls”, and then down the waterfall. Idk. Just an idea.
Jasmin Cajigas (14 days ago)
I remember getting front row, and I was not happy
I got scared because of this and after that my family went to a tower and a person who worked there toyed around with my feeling and he said this was the tower of terror but I realized it was a joke but at first I started panicking
james lindsey (16 days ago)
What about their movie that was pretty good
I already went on the Holly wood tower of terror 😁
Brendan Rubio-Boitel (16 days ago)
Jalvin Gaming (17 days ago)
13 13 13 13 13
The Brawl Legend (17 days ago)
He forgot there is one in paris
pem1974 (18 days ago)
9:30 That's an octagon, not a hexagon.
Charlotte Craig (24 days ago)
Going along with the number 13, on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, when you’re going into the lobby there’s an elevator. The door has a B on it. When the elevator doors open, the B turns into a 13.
lol i live 5 mins away from the mission inn. I will respect it more
I have never been on the tower of terror ride and I'm sad I never got a chance to ride it before it closed down .
tea coffin (27 days ago)
i really want to go on this ride if i ever get the chance but i have a serious fear of heights (or falling, i guess) due to past trauma and now i’ll never get to :( at least i can still watch it online
ZiZi Tranzik (29 days ago)
The Hidden Mickey just before the flash, then you drop. It's hard to see as you anticipate the drop, but it's there.
Mint Chipz (29 days ago)
Other rides: So?... What's your favorite ride? Tower of Terror: _Hold my drink...._
Wolflee66 (30 days ago)
My mom loves this ride!!!!
Call me weird but i hate tower of terror
Ellen McGann (30 days ago)
wow this ride is a thriller! i love it! like if you love it to
I actually find the best hidden fact to be how OTIS was involved...
Addie Rose (1 month ago)
Tower of terror is 13 letters!
Tina Lefebvre (1 month ago)
I whent on this ride and it was not even scary and I’m a kid
Hadley Christianson (1 month ago)
I chickened out in the boiler room. We rode an elevator down to the first floor. I loved that.
kalan luis rodriguez (1 month ago)
I miss my tower so bad but I gotta say Gaurdians is pretty sick. I also have to say our California Tower looked way better than Florida's 😎
KayleeKakes (1 month ago)
The two hotels the tower of terror is inspired by are both supposedly haunted
kaci love (1 month ago)
My first time on tower of terror was like a month ago and let me tell you if you’re looking for that dropping feeling in your stomach, this ride will give it to you
Jack Rice (1 month ago)
Does anybody realize the hidden Mickey in the elevator scene like if you see it!!!
Gregg Martini (1 month ago)
Fave detail...no way to pick. The feel of the basement boiler room is pretty cool but understated.
wildfiregoddess666 (1 month ago)
When I rode this in FLA our bellhop tripped us out. He was so straightlaced and deadpan. I have no idea how he kept a straight face delivering his lines the way he did. He had everyone on our elevator scared to death. It was definitely worth the wait.
SomepreferSeany (1 month ago)
I hope they never change the Florida one. I love the way the crew operate the ride.
SomepreferSeany (30 days ago)
@JuniperMB I'm going this winter so it better be there when I go. Or I'm gonna find some staff to break the arms of. That's the charm of this ride for me. The staff are so creepy and funny.
JuniperMB (30 days ago)
It all depends on the contract Disney has with CBS. If Disney doesn't want to pay to renew or thinks it is too expensive, then ToT will be gone from FL, too :(
Aaron Weight (1 month ago)
I didn't know about the slanted paths in the queue line, that's cool!
Warrior Gamer (1 month ago)
The thought of just being pulled from the bottom makes me feel a lot better about this ride...
Toaster The Gamer (1 month ago)
Bridget Clement (1 month ago)
Tower of Terror is One of my Fav Rides at Disney World!! I was there on Opening day of the Ride!! I was 8yrs old and FREAKED Out but had fun at Same time.
Chara Shion (1 month ago)
I live near Anaheim and tomorrow, I’m driving there w/ my best friend so we can go to Disneyland on Monday. Rip de tower dat dis vid is all about (so sad it was replaced it was one of my faves too)
Sandra Caraballo (1 month ago)
That elevator is also missing the 14th floor 🤔🤔
Woah last time I went to Disneyland in 2014 the tower of terror was still there! That's crazy it's gone
xox Gamer Wolf xox (1 month ago)
I have a fact. If you take a closer look into the video, you can see the little girl carrying a teddy... that is no ordinary teddy... that is the very first version of Mickey Mouse.
Jaime Miles (1 month ago)
I just rode on tower of terror for the first time last week and loved it. Although I hurt my back on it. No regrets lol.
Lauren Smith (1 month ago)
Some of my favorite details from the one in CA was that in the library, there used to be books with different titles of the Twilight Zone episodes. Currently on Mission Breakout, the library is now the Collector's office and in his office, he has a bellhop hat from Tower of Terror. Also where the old Matterhorn yeti is, there is a painting up there that was part of the Hollywood Tower Hotel lobby!
signalwalid25 trainz (1 month ago)
And now at Walt Disney studios in France has a third version
Sarah Lloyd (1 month ago)
Paul Caridi (1 month ago)
Been going for years and only recently went on. Already one of my favorite rides from the best theme park from the best show. It's a sin the California changed it.
Paul Caridi (1 month ago)
Me: Mom, can we go on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror? Mom: We have the Tower of Terror at home. Tower of Terror at home: *Guardians of the Galaxy*
Marianna Lozano (1 month ago)
My birthday is on the 13th....
Mary Ann (1 month ago)
The Tower of Terror ride scared me so much I cried at the end😭I HATE THAT RIDE AND I'M NEVER GOING ON IT AGAIN!
Totonia Gamer (1 month ago)
I went to the guardians of the galaxy one. I regret it. Probably cuz I don’t like falls and I didn’t know it would fall 6 times :/it was scary
Pastel Boi Gacha YT (1 month ago)
I rode it in 2016....my buckle went loose and I started flying 🤣
Andrew Coleby (1 month ago)
Adding onto the number 13, we completed what we had read was The 'Tower of Terror' challenge, so we did the ride 13 times in the same day. Arriving for rope drop and completed the challenge before 2pm !! I don't imagine this would be possible any longer with the length of the lines at WDW these days, loved the video
kal_kalm (1 month ago)
Also an untested ring thing is that on the souvenir key the number of the room is 1313 so yes
Frank Bellissimo (1 month ago)
Both of these inspiration hotels are actually haunted
Luis L (1 month ago)
The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Like if you get the reference
5 Doggos (1 month ago)
I just went on this last week omg it was so fun I totally recommend this if you go there!💞💞
My mom told me that tower of terror doesn’t drop you down there’s a fan
Paul Spengler (1 month ago)
My favorite part of the twer of tarer
Imagineers got professional chess players to play the chess game in the lobby and them stopped them in the middle. The position of the pieces actually are in positions where it makes the game never end. I think that’s cool
El Viola Feos (2 months ago)
I’ve been 3 times to Disney and every time I got a fast pass for the ride but I pussied out the 3 times Any motivation to ride it if I go again?
DIPPING SAUCE (2 months ago)
My favorite ride 🙂
Not A Martian (2 months ago)
So, here is an actual fan of The Twilight Zone? Just me? Ok...
DIPPING SAUCE (2 months ago)
Not A Martian OMG meeee A great tv series & movie
Lightbulb (2 months ago)
I was a kid and the beginning video scene scared the crap out of me 😂. It was mostly due to me being afraid of the dark making the video even more scary for me. I don't go on it anymore because of it but if someone made me I won't be watching the video 😂😂
Tsumi Tanaka (2 months ago)
You guys should have made it top 13 facts about the tower of terror
TheWalkingMemeMan (2 months ago)
You should have taken the stairs..
Leanne Hammons (2 months ago)
Jacob Freeman (2 months ago)
What’s the music throughout the video?
KhiroDemon (2 months ago)
I don't know what the Twilight zone is but I heard of it
Maddog Playz (2 months ago)
Now it’s a stupid guardians of the galaxy ride.
Samara Summer (2 months ago)
I was born on June the 13th 2009,so now I’m cursed
Holly Wensley (2 months ago)
How do you know all of this stuff?
Holly Wensley (2 months ago)
Hi y name is Addison! I love your vids! I am a Disney freak and I am going to Disney on X-mas, should I ride tower of terror?
Chase Kingsley (2 months ago)
What! #tpmcrew
Amz Kay (2 months ago)
I love your channel but you never talk about Disneyland Paris and it’s just as good as the other parks especially with the ratatouille ride!
Alexa Grindstaff (2 months ago)
The tower of terror was so much fun!!!! I’ve heard the tower gone now so I’m super disappointed😔😣🙁☹️
brickavlog (2 months ago)
2:51 the eyes!
Xander Raymond (2 months ago)
Rip tower of terror. I do like guardians more though
Maria OConnor (2 months ago)
Love Disney beat
Joey Shlomo (2 months ago)
I can’t believe that Otis elevator made the elevators
Marshall McNamee (2 months ago)
I think I saw an actual ghost at the tower of terror! When I was walking back from the fantasmic show in Hollywood studios, I noticed the Hollywood tower was lit up so I took a good look. But as I was looking I noticed something in one of the windows. It was a shadowy figure just staring at all the guests walking back from the show! I was somewhat terrified but I was pretty sure it was just some illusion Disney put up for nighttime. But I felt as though it was staring directly at me. Has anyone else seen a shadowy figure at the tower of terror or did I see something supernatural?!
Span (2 months ago)
In the wait room when they show you the TV scene, on the top of the room, you’ll see the Devil Penny Napkin dispenser from one of he more well known Twilight Zone episodes
Emma Cruise (2 months ago)
On the floor numbers above the elevator from certain angles the number 12 looks like 42
slavetothechange 007 (2 months ago)
Did he say 1862 there wasn’t even TVs then how the hell did they do hallograms in 1862 wtf????
slavetothechange 007 (2 months ago)
Well I guess maybe there was projectors idk lol just trying to figure out how that achieve that in 1862
Stoked My Dude (2 months ago)
..the webs!! 😢 (I know they aren't real...but they look real enough. And I'm building a house over here with how many bricks I'm... producing. I have a huuuuuge fear of webs. Had it for years, now.)
Stephen Jarrett (2 months ago)
Who’s watching this when the guardians of the galaxy is taken it’s place
Darkvina The Reaper Girl (2 months ago)
Tower of Terror was better....
Alicia Will (2 months ago)
I had no idea that they had some guy do the voice over of Rod Serling!!!!! It sounds just like him!! And the part where you described the walk way as you approach the attraction, does give you an uneasy feeling. Well, at least it does to me. But I could go on this ride all the time if I could!
Aidan Wamsley (2 months ago)
There’s actually a drawing of hitler and stalin at the end of the ride, near the photopass screens.
Julia W (2 months ago)
My favorite fact is how during the construction, the imagineers forgot to take into consideration how the air would be compressed at the bottom of the elevator shaft. During a test run, the entire bottom of the ride blew out! They had to reconstruct the ride with vents at the bottom to allow the air to flow, and it works fine now 👍
Toaster The Gamer (2 months ago)
I love watching these to impress my family about facts they never knew!
Mikala Gentry (2 months ago)
Did anyone notice they built it in the style of 2 real haunted hotels
I knew OTIS was behind this

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