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Cold Cave - Heavenly Metals

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Alien Cult Fiend (2 months ago)
Max is so bad ass!
NADIE19862012 (1 year ago)
https://www.facebook.com/COLDCAVE/info http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fzku_5WB5yE I was born in the middle of a war The hospital was the last thing to fall out Located on the dark end of where a street used to be. It was the last functioning building, when the apocalypse junkyard Put android snipers on the roof in a hidden chamber Shot full of uppers, downers and all rounders The walls are created white with silver, red and blue lining The colours were designed to promote The promise of a fantastic future A better tomorrow, instead we got this The dream was at once flown from the IVs Would pump you full of heavenly metals That personally hand you a ticket to somewhere better. The 23rd dimension, was where i came to My coma in the metallic candy-land was once again interrupted. I kept trying to get out, but it always happens The second our waves overlap I try to connect hands with her But she pushes me away Away from herself and the black velvet ripple that eats up the sky It is always behind her These holes hover over all of us Maybe it's a sign I wake up thirsty yet again To the floods of acid rain Frustrated From being that close to someone that i could actually function with I think she feels it too Even though she is hesitant she keeps showing up It's not my dream anymore, it's ours No longer content with the dream But since made only to disappeared objects I need to feel these objects disappear with my own teeth I'm sorry if i've gotten sloppy with these electronic dreams But they're all i have A cosmic force, of a forgotten element Keeps the dreamlike solution Of the perfect dream The one that may never arrive The wretched robotic, smoke-stained, amputee night nurses Try to harmonize my future They are all tone deaf Their shrieks break the windows that we no longer have Icicles fall from the ceiling Impaling Anyone who is unfortunate enough to be taking shelter under there What am i doing here? Is this hell or is this hell somewhere much worse That i will soon taste Will i ever know of another place, or should i stay? Will i ever get to feel any other place? For now my mind may paint other landscapes But my feet only know of this decay So i bask in it If i've learnt one thing in this junkyard, it is this: Things may worsen at any given moment So no matter if i'm dodging Pushing soldiers into shrapnel, their feet torn apart By my dream lover, the one with a monitor for a head But next i could only have me dreaming of such luxuries I often think of pulling the plug But i've heard it only gets worse The ancients tell me to enjoy this hell Because it's angelic compared to Door number 23
Ivan Nieva (4 years ago)
This album is that song?
Kevin H (3 years ago)
+Ivan Nieva I'm almost 100% sure that we all los 3 hablamos español aqui... ¿¿' no?
Ivan Nieva (4 years ago)
NADIE19862012 (4 years ago)
Cold Cave ‎2009 Cremations
EMIBOOKIE (5 years ago)
Morton <3

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