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Nice & Hilarious Tamil Speech by a Small Boy

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Nice speech by a small boy called Mayakannan in Oru Sol Khealir
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Sathees Legends (1 day ago)
Best Performer
bharath r (6 months ago)
Sheik Rasith (9 months ago)
excellent ma bro....
Ram Raj (1 year ago)
Hii sir enakum oru chanse kodunga na ithuvaraikum.....12pattimandram pesiruken.athu naduvara irunthu..my age........13
Karthik Raja (1 year ago)
Guna Guna Guna (1 year ago)
Anand Athiradi (1 year ago)
Super u name
Gopi Krishnan (1 year ago)
Hello sir nanum en frds 3 members pattimanram Pesanum pls give good opportunities Nanga proof panrom pls contact number sir
CP Sam (1 year ago)
தம்பி அருமை டா
thiru 007 (2 years ago)
we can imagine Vadivalu childhood time
Agatha Croft (2 years ago)
Mohammed Fahim (2 years ago)
Velli Velli (2 years ago)
super o super
live is dvk Machan (2 years ago)
Gsppittan ch.agilan (2 years ago)
vanakkam..please dont comment on what parents do..parents knows what they doing...students are zero to comment about it..
Vaira Muniyasamy (1 year ago)
Velli Velli (2 years ago)
+kathir vel dai paiya pulla
kathir vel (2 years ago)

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