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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Angels Support Ming Xi After Falling, Alessandra Ambrosio Takes H…

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Television's sexiest night was full of memorable moments!
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Megu X (7 months ago)
If you fall down, are you allowed to walk on vs again?
Lex Luther (11 months ago)
Kinda fucked when they tape this show twice to prevent fuck ups yet they still aired hers
Stay My Freak (11 months ago)
I honestly did not know her before the fall! After seeing her stand up and hold in the painful tears during the runway made me her fan! I like how strong she was. Ming Xi I look forward seeing you on a runway again!<3
Underyourbedeyes (11 months ago)
0:49 hot guy 🔥 on right
wheelie bin (11 months ago)
Underyourbedeyes ohh hahah i thought you were doing one of those tricks where someone sets a time stamp at the end of the vid
Underyourbedeyes (11 months ago)
wheelie bin lol I'm dying. I meant :49
wheelie bin (11 months ago)
Underyourbedeyes heyy you tricked me D:
Lyle L.J. Plummer Jr. (11 months ago)
I'm gonna date with Ming Xi too!
ahoymx (11 months ago)
This falling was a Gigi Hadid Curse.
didie didie (11 months ago)
i love ming xi
Athena nana (11 months ago)
好配那句stupid 哈哈哈哈
Kimberly Villareal (11 months ago)
I think this could be good for her career as I don't know her as a model and because of that fall. Now I am very interested and like to watch her. Unfortunate she falls but fortunate people might get to notice her. Love you Ming Xi. I'm your new fan.
mel .10 (11 months ago)
When will Adriana Lima retire? That woman's like 40 or somethin' but i guess not any soon coz VS is the only thing that makes her relevant for once in a year.Same as Candice etc.
Nikolka Rose (11 months ago)
Tomoppify I don’t think you’ve been following the fashion world for a long time If you really think that. Adriana Lima is a living legend. Every young new model even says that themselves when they get the honour to work with her.
Tomoppify (11 months ago)
Maddie Martinez I agree. Adriana Lima is not known. She is known to have walked with Tyra etc, but it's really Gigi, kendall who are know....and Candice opens the show pretty much every year. You might notice that adriana is straight cut as in she has no hip definition like Candice or Bella Hadid. She just is not interesting....and her accent makes her less likeable to interview in the states
Luiza H. C. Braga (11 months ago)
Honestly, I attended other parades and I do not remember seeing this model parading. But Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrósio are more famous than her, mainly because they have been there for some time in the field of models. I do not think there's any need to offend anyone.
mel .10 (11 months ago)
Nikolka Rose Really?Then why is Adriana NEVER talked about? Why are Bella-Gigi Hadid,Kendall Jenner the most talked about? They are not "true supermodels" like Adriana,i guess? Then why everybody talks about them? Did you ever heard a single word about Adriana this year? I didn't. Previous year?No. Then how does she make VS relevant? Kendall,Bella,Gigi etc.makes it relevant. Appearently YOU don't know anything about what goes in the fashion world.If you did you'd know that no one cares about Adriana Lima anymore.Same looks,same moves,same walks for many years.She's just boring. Im not saying that she doesn't look good anymore (she looks exactly at her age btw) .But young and new models are always more interesting. New is good.
Nikolka Rose (11 months ago)
Maddie Martinez she looks way younger than her actual age first of all, second of all she is a true supermodel and if you knew anything about what goes on in the fashion world you would never make such a stupid ignorant comment. SHE makes VS relevant.
everyday life (11 months ago)
This is just gonna make her more famous. Angel falling from the sky? What more do u want
Sara Marika (11 months ago)
Ming is not 28, she is 27
mel .10 (11 months ago)
Sara Marika what a big mistake
Momo Jankovic (11 months ago)
Maissa Star (11 months ago)
I think they let her go... maybe bcz she got old!! she still look amazing!
Richie Phongsavath (11 months ago)
Nicole N Alessandra herself even said it was time to retire because of upcoming projects being lined up
Richie Phongsavath (11 months ago)
Nicole N agreed
Richie Phongsavath (11 months ago)
George Rivera Alessandra is older than Adriana by 2 months.
Makaila Barraza (11 months ago)
They didn’t get fired they choose not to come back and when they were asked to walk again they were expecting
일없다 (11 months ago)
I think they are the same age.. and there were lot of angels who got fired... like Erin and Miranda
Bernadette Arpilleda (11 months ago)
Sh3 acted like a child at the back
Ally Rongcal (11 months ago)
ENTHUSIAST oooookay i agree that the original commenter is insensitive but thats not really an excuse to say things like that
Chelsea Hunter (11 months ago)
Umm if you were the first one to fall at a big event you would be crying too calm tf down and let her be a human goodness
George Rivera (11 months ago)
Aren't you a bitch, she is a human that fell in front of thousands of people and her family in the biggest fashion show in the world. I think I would have died after something like that. But she handled it like a pro.
Maria papa (11 months ago)
She acted like a human with emotions since she felt embarassed. And even though she probablywanted to get during her walk , she didn't. She acted like a professional and showed her emotions backstage.
THE HULK (11 months ago)
Ming so cute I would totally date her
WYNOLLO TV (11 months ago)
God 36 and now she's considered too old looks better than most 20 year olds
World Plus (11 months ago)
People are going to talk and you’re going to hear about it. But, you know yourself the best and it’s important to focus on that ❤❤❤❤
Aline Likah (11 months ago)
Arrasou nos looks!

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