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Cold Cave - The Trees Grew Emotions And Died

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This is a song on Cold Cave's record that goes by the same name, "The Trees Grew Emotions And Died". There's a repressing of this out now on DAIS RECORDS so I recommend you pick it up since it's availability is numbered.
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The Lady Of Shalott (6 months ago)
Walaaa!! <3 locura
Henry R. Wallace (6 months ago)
I buried seeded lies And so the trees grew Emotions and died And now you can't breathe Goodbye Oh Oh
Henry R. Wallace (6 months ago)
Great to find a new band, and repeatedly play this and "Glory"
trubies (1 year ago)
First Last (1 year ago)
Huh, I don't know how I got here but it's interesting. I've never heard anything like this before. What genre is this? What even is this? It vaguely reminds me of one of my earliest memories.
akio (1 year ago)
i thought my speakers stopped working on my pc. what a pranksters someShows.
Lone Wanderer (2 years ago)
literally kept staring
trubies (1 year ago)
Anthony Salamone (3 years ago)
This song shoots out 80's,I hear the ghosts of the Cure in it.
Thom Coe (1 year ago)
Anthony Salamone then you're hearing things wrong. This song is possibly one of the worst songs with the dumbest melody I've ever heard before.
Lori Kanary (3 years ago)
Cool song. This song has the same synths as Illuminated by Wire.
Taylor Shenea (3 years ago)
Boson Spin (4 years ago)
whitewiddoww (5 years ago)
Dan Harrison (5 years ago)
radio5982 (5 years ago)
*goodbye oh oh
radio5982 (5 years ago)
I buried seeded lies and so the trees grew emotions and died and now you can't breathe oh oh :) <3
Ultra Kebab (6 years ago)
can you hear the mysterious sound of no one giving a shit?
timtommersen (6 years ago)
bought on itunes yesterday - pump it loud and hard through friedrichshain :D
timtommersen (6 years ago)
blank man (6 years ago)
wes is so sick
Greg Schnell (6 years ago)
How does witch house come into this? CC is kind of beyond labels, but it's certainly not witch house.
Sabohaque (6 years ago)
What good pop music sounds like.
Peter Sal (6 years ago)
joy division was first
madcapoperator (1 year ago)
And I was last, still cool as fuck
Aaron Q (1 year ago)
But the fact that that can be said is a testament to how well they've revived the sound that we all wanted to come back. Awesome compliment!
asenos dlareg (6 years ago)
Cool track. Dude looks like Jude Law.
lavajoe889 (7 years ago)
I can't get this song out of my head!
Bart Trotman (7 years ago)
more dark minimal synth punk!!!!! Workday/Schoolnight - Selling Rebellion
vacuumnoise (7 years ago)
I hate the term "throwback"
6Seraph6 (7 years ago)
Lovin' this catchy tune. I always whisper it in school when it comes to my mind :)
Cristian R. (7 years ago)
¡¡Qué maravilla!! Genial.
Vaughn Powell (7 years ago)
This has been in my head ALL night :)
Steven Pace (7 years ago)
@fastestfashion agreed !
Vinyl Storm (7 years ago)
@kweestoof At least he claims to be. Ya dark rift is from 09 but thats his newest LP, he's been around for a bit and has two or three other albums out. & no prob hope u dig it!
kweestoof (7 years ago)
@vshopskater : originator ? really ? neverheard of him but darkrift is from 2009. Gonna check his stuffs, thanks vshop
Vinyl Storm (7 years ago)
@kweestoof Pictureplane is the originator of Witch House. You gotta check out Dark Rift. SoOO Goood.
Zhixin Wang (7 years ago)
awesome !
raul (8 years ago)
@allstarcoral ha ha. fail but in a funny way...have a nice life...
raul (8 years ago)
@groghole555 you seem to be a little short on words. try some more. practice makes perfect....
raul (8 years ago)
both ugly and annoying
Kelly MacLeod (8 years ago)
Why can't pop music take a few hints from this kind of music?
kweestoof (8 years ago)
i just discovered the subgenre called "witch house" ( and i thought cold cave could be one of these band (SALEM, White Ring, oOoOO, TEARIST)
Zhejiangopterus (8 years ago)
True artistic beauty presented through the medium of music. Cold Cave <3.
Metzger213 (8 years ago)
I love this song,fuck!!!!
MusicDroid (8 years ago)
Naif Naif Naif Naif. GREAT TUNE.
sptfgpn (8 years ago)
@fastestfashion How can a throwback be truly modern?
Records Ad Nauseam (8 years ago)
the back cover of this record rules
Joey7321 (8 years ago)
@Metzelduh One of the best lyrics EVER!! :D
killyridols14 (8 years ago)
holy shit. this song is awesome.
jesse hegney (8 years ago)
aleksander1979 (8 years ago)
never ? Check 80's, factory records
acknowledge101 (8 years ago)
I'll sell you my copy. 40 bucks.
Dizzy Smith (9 years ago)
i kept staring. thanks for giving me the option.
SvTBioPhysics (9 years ago)
hahaha pretty awesome name :)
gdelaporte (9 years ago)
Check what Kas Product was doing in 1980...
David Larmour (9 years ago)
brings me back to my front 242 and Caberet Voltaire days. great stuff
sandra dean (9 years ago)
i've been only listening to this song for a couple of days now.
fastestfashion (9 years ago)
modern music needs more cold, minimal wave throwbacks like this band.

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