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Voltlog #190 - Bad Product Design

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$2 for 10 PCBs & $6 for a SMT Stencil: https://jlcpcb.com Hello everyone and welcome to a new Voltlog, Today I’m discussing the blitzwolf night light which is a good example of bad product design because of it’s high standby current. Blitzwolf Night Light BW-LT9 http://voltlog.com/y/le2uv Baofeng BF-T3 Radio →Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/vhost →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/5tmze →Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/jrdlw Holtek BS84B06A-3 Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/1gdny BL4054 Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/hpioj Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/ Support the channel by sending a donation http://www.voltlog.com/donations #VoltLog #Teardown
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Text Comments (41)
Night (6 days ago)
Too bad case is glued, if it was simpler to disassemble without damaging it that could be nice platform for hacks, such as microcontroller replacement with PIC or Atmel. Or even reprogramming that stock microcontroller if it's not OTP.
VoltLog (5 days ago)
the mcu has flash memory so it's totally possible to hack it if one would like to.
ElecTronic PasSion (8 days ago)
Jens Jensen (9 days ago)
wow that mcu has 3k flash and 256+ ram, waay overkill for what it's doing... even a 1k flash, 128 ram would be more than enough! surprised the didnt put a 0.03 USD "padauk" mcu (see eevblog videos on this)... too bad they didnt use STC micros - those are really easy to reprogram as they have built in uart rom bsl and can compile w/ sdcc
VoltLog (9 days ago)
yes, interesting choice of mcu here and I assume holtek provides some kind of product design example for a touch lamp with that mcu and that's the main reason it was selected.
qwaqwa1960 (9 days ago)
Don't link to Banggood. They are scammers, and don't print negative reviews.
VoltLog (9 days ago)
I haven't had such bad experiences with them, they always refunded me when something went wrong.
Antoine Roquentin (9 days ago)
No sloth?
VoltLog (9 days ago)
I knew someone is gonna miss the sloth
TechBench (9 days ago)
Just thripple-A batteries :-D
Mohammed Habib (9 days ago)
I must say that this video was very good. Just into the point. Thanks
VoltLog (9 days ago)
is this a joke???? that looks like a cricketers cock guard...wtf?
uK8cvPAq (10 days ago)
Whatever happened to the good old fashion hard power switch?
uK8cvPAq (9 days ago)
Would that help block government spy scanners?
VoltLog (9 days ago)
+uK8cvPAq make sure you're grounded so you don't accidentally get shocked!
uK8cvPAq (9 days ago)
That's the one, I've already unplugged my laptops webcam and unsoldered the built in microphone. Now I think they might be using the plumbing to listen to my vibrations.
VoltLog (9 days ago)
+uK8cvPAq I had to google that and it doesn't sound to good for you https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fap%20session
uK8cvPAq (9 days ago)
Yes, especially when I'm most vulnerable during fap sessions.
TheRadiogeek (10 days ago)
Oh my, when the video started I thought you had a cup from a jock strap in your hands. Then I realized you had a night night. Lol sorry I just had to say something. 🙂👍
VoltLog (10 days ago)
no worries, that was a good joke 😄
MrBrymstond (10 days ago)
It sounds like a software issue and maybe there's a good shot at altering the code, by adjusting the current output control within the chips internal LED driver which has four segments to work in, allowing the chip to work as intended, yes/no/maybe?
VoltLog (10 days ago)
I think it's a combination of software + hardware issue and I think it's possible to optimize the design but I don't think it has anything to do with the LEDs. It's about he microcontroller not being put into a low power mode(sleep), I think it's active all the time and it could also be a case of a cheap dc-dc converter which is not very efficient.
Elektronik Atölyem (10 days ago)
Kamil Gorecki (10 days ago)
Voltlog #191 - How to Repair Bad Product Design :D
Kamil Gorecki (10 days ago)
VoltLog (10 days ago)
I thought about that but unfortunately I just don't have the time of setting up all the dev tools and learning how to program that holtek mcu.
cbm80amiga (10 days ago)
How about ON/OFF switch at the bottom? Does it turn battery off?
VoltLog (10 days ago)
yes, the hard on/off switch cuts power but I got the lamp because of the touch option which I can operate easily with one hand, without much precision. If I have to slide that switch, I would need to use two hands and I don't like it anymore.
Bits and Electrons (10 days ago)
Good Product Design, because you (and many others) buy this. That's the intention of doing product design, right? The power is consumed because of the always running touch sensor (as you said). Would more people buy it with an ordinary switch? I don't think so, even though with a mechanical switch it would be easy to reduce the standby current to nano amps.
VoltLog (10 days ago)
the design actually has a hard switch which will cut power completely, eliminating the power drain issue but I got the lamp because of the touch option which I can operate easily with one hand, without much precision. If I have to slide that switch, I would need to use two hands and I don't like it anymore. as a night stand lamp.
anlumo1 (10 days ago)
Many microcontrollers with integrated capacitive touch support can do that while in sleep mode.
Bits and Electrons (10 days ago)
+SleepingDragon, right, tis would work. And 2 times a second would be sufficient. More than a week runtime would be an easy catch just by software.
SleepingDragon (10 days ago)
Even with touch you can check it like 10 times a second and put MCU to sleep in the mean time. That MCU takes <1mA in sleep mode.
Makerspace Azerbaijan (10 days ago)
That Holtek is a good candidate for hacking 😅
VoltLog (10 days ago)
certainly would be interesting but it requires a lot of time to setup the dev tools.

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