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Steel Panther - "Gloryhole" (Lyrics)

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"Gloryhole" by Steel Panther from their new album "All You Can Eat"
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Twinkie Kidz (3 months ago)
Old Gregg (4 months ago)
i think i found my new favorite band.
Miroslav Kozić (2 years ago)
That bass reminds me of Kiss - Detroit Rock City
Arturo Baldo (2 years ago)
Love all your lyrics videos, great work
Reagan Niles (3 years ago)
U think this is bad watch the music vid
Ishbu101 (3 years ago)
This feels like paycho holiday a little bit
Eric Downey (2 years ago)
idk abt that maybe some glam pantera like heartworn highway w david allen Cole
DaGmodSpartan (3 years ago)
#GonnaaBlowMyLoadAtTheGloryHoleB*tches! Steel Panther lml
vermontbred smith (3 years ago)
I always through the lyric was "gonna dream about Sharon Tate"
Momo G (3 years ago)
+vermontbred smith lmao
Donaven Hollow (3 years ago)
Seriously though, the music video was so....there....that I didn't pay attention to the lyrics cause of what I was watching so I'm glad I got to find out that its actually really really funny haha.
Donaven Hollow (2 years ago)
+Duncan Kenyon Yea that was definitely a lot to handle too. A bit too over the top.
Duncan Kenyon (2 years ago)
+Donaven Hollow Well i was talking about the "bukake" moment in the glory hole music video, but yeah
Donaven Hollow (2 years ago)
+Duncan Kenyon Some of the songs that Steel Panther does is....too...whats the word? Um, aggressively sexual. Okay not a word but yeah that. I do like Steel Panther since they do rely on their skills to make music but some of the songs like Bukake Tears is too much for me.
Duncan Kenyon (2 years ago)
+Donaven Hollow My friend showed me this band after i was trying to remember the band who sang pussy whipped. She was laughing and fighting trying not to puke at the ... "bukake" moments.
Steve Berberovic (3 years ago)
Superior lyrics. Neil Peart level, insightful and intelligent.
Jason Goodsell (2 years ago)
+Steve Berberovic Speaks right to the soul.
Matthew Dalldorf (3 years ago)
A song that Tipper Gore is sure to love.
david defusco (3 years ago)
Gloyhole-what a concept!
George Pope (3 years ago)
Not that those who stick their cock into a Glory Hole CARE who's sucking. . .
clownnookie (4 years ago)
Such a Glorious Hole!
krosebury (4 years ago)
Anak Baiharn (4 years ago)
The font make it looks more hilarious .
Lorve (4 years ago)
praise the gloryhole !
Mk86 Gaming (4 years ago)
The glory hole!!!!

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