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Text Comments (231)
jose soriano (6 hours ago)
I have one hard bump in the middle of my chest is that weird I got it recently
Xanity Bizzle (2 days ago)
I have one and I’m scared I’m gonna die and I’m 11 turning 12 in 2 months Someone please reply!!!😢
Chase Nederostek (1 day ago)
it’s ok. you are going through puberty. every male has that when they are going through puberty. you are perfectly normal and healthy. i use to have them too. they will stay with you for a little while, but will eventually go away. hope this helps. :) 👍
Kim Seokjin (10 days ago)
there is a white thing under my nipple and it hurts when I thouch it....is it bad?
Daquan Avakin (16 days ago)
I have a lump in my right nipple and im 12 im scared
Well fuck
Nbaedextr - (1 month ago)
I heard it was a part of puberty but I feel like I don’t believe it and I feel like I’m going to die😞
ImagonWagon (2 days ago)
Me to bro im just thinking how much more days i have :((
Carnage (1 month ago)
I got gynecomastia in puberty now I'm 21, always got a lump in the left, it never growed but there are now a lot of this lump in different positions. In the right there is nothin. That's what it scared me.
HarzYT (1 month ago)
Guys No Need To Be Worried It’s Apart Of Boys Puberty It Can Be Hard Soft Or Rubbery I Have It Now I Got Really Scared But Now I Know Not To Be Still Go See A Doctor Just To Make Sure!
miz (10 days ago)
+HarzYT I just looked it up and it said that usually cancerous tumors are painful to touch...but so can cysts. Some things such as lipomas which are not cancerous do not hurt and tend to move around when touched.
HarzYT (10 days ago)
+miz mine hurts when i touche it thats a good sign that it hurts if it dousnt hurt u need to get it checked out
miz (10 days ago)
Thanks man, I have the same thing... It doesn't hurt, it moves around if i touch it but the lump bit itself is kinda scary. Getting it checked out really soon though so yeah should be fine but fingers crossed.
Hans Landa (1 month ago)
I’m 21 and have all the symptoms the video first described before it went into “other symptoms”. Noticed the lump a month ago(size of a corn kernel) and now it is about the size of 2 corn kernels. Not sure what it could be at this point
King A (2 months ago)
I already got a bump in my left and right side nipple when I was about 12-13 now I am 15 and have only one on the left side
max stricker (2 months ago)
Who else only has a lump under one of there breasts? I'm 12 and I'm a boy ?
SeanGamer19 (9 days ago)
Honestly it scares me
detin4tor plays (25 days ago)
Me also
Imthe Famous (2 months ago)
Stop drinking soda .
Imthe Famous (2 months ago)
You are acidic if you have this.
Josh Boi (2 months ago)
True true, I woke up and I found out that I dissolved my bed.
radio blitz heys (3 months ago)
Im 13 and i Have played basketball and i was elbowed can i have the disease?
BooliBoo (3 months ago)
I'm freaking out bro I have a lump under on of my nipples and if I press it clear nipple discharge comes out
realme fan (3 months ago)
I am boy and having my to nipples like inside a ring is it a dises or age of adolesence 13
Tentacle sama (3 months ago)
Guys I keep seeing ppl saying how the lump is under their nipple.. But mine is on the inside my nipple, is it breast cancer? ;-;
Wilfredo Ramirez (2 months ago)
Same thing buddy.
Paiton Jenkins (3 months ago)
Oh my breast is hard rubbery and it’s red and lumpy
FazTazTixx (4 months ago)
Pheww lump under nipples just signs of puberty. i'm 14 year old boi and actually thinking i'm going to die soon😗😅
AK 6ix9iทє (1 month ago)
Fck i am 16 and i have one
Justin Akers (4 months ago)
I freaked out when I was 12 or 13 too. A lot of kids do that age. That’s usually pretty normal. Has something to do with puberty. I’m now 24 and feel a lump that’s different than it was when I was that age. Just on my left breast. I’ve had swollen gland like giant pimples half an inch under the skin in my armpit. I might need to go to the doctor. Shit.
Perfectious YT (4 months ago)
what is this i just feel it something is inside of my nipple like it was an period inside of it like a ball what is that mean its like normal but on my other side i dont have one
gg wp (3 months ago)
Same here did u get rid of it?
Camron Onley (5 months ago)
If your 12 years old you will have a bump because of puberty
K k (3 months ago)
Leihnard B. Bartolo (5 months ago)
I have on my top of my nipples a skin lump and its have pain
Ştefan Miron (2 months ago)
same,,, u know what it is?
Joe Schmoe (5 months ago)
All you kids freaking yourselves out, relax. You have gynecomastia. It's the enlargement of glandular tissue behind the nipple because of high testosterone. When testosterone is too high the body converts it into estrogen. The balance of testosterone and estrogen becomes out of line and estrogen binds to the tissue behind the nipple causing the gland enlargement. Happens in most males during puberty. Most of the time goes away. If not it is still harmless.
Ninja (30 days ago)
But it’s rubber and it moves around in my left nipple
klm flyer (2 months ago)
did you study medicin?
Victor Ryba (2 months ago)
Joe Schmoe ur definitely a scientist
SnM Vital (5 months ago)
My nipple is In and its not out like the other one but my familly said its normal... Cause im still growing i just turned 14 and i live in philipines. Does this mean i have a breast cancer? My Nipple is in ward. Please answer
Plss answer I a push my nipples and it hurts a little but I'm not tired its been 5 days and I don't see any rushes or redness am I alright?.... I'm scared
+IXaji hey this is my 2nd account BTW I'm 14 .ty
IXaji (5 months ago)
Are you lost In the world? Like me? Same n how old r u btw? Im 18 n i passed puberty time ago but if u 12-13 dont worry bout it... maybe i have problem
BoKuTo (6 months ago)
For Everyone who age 12 like me, don't be scared I BEEN on checkup last month and the doctor said its just a part of puberty.
SeanGamer19 (9 days ago)
The fact that they said that I develops on one breast scared me
Mr.Johnn (18 days ago)
I'm 10
EXODUS GAMING (1 month ago)
I needa check up too!
Zumbo Numbo ツ (1 month ago)
I hope I don’t have cancer I don’t have any of the symptoms but the first one that say pain in only one that that happened to me once before and went away in like 3 weeks or less
Joe Schmoe (2 months ago)
+FrostyTeamGaming Gameplay's/More I'm 28 years old and went through the same exact thing in highschool just to reassure you. You'll be fine. Update us when you get back from the doc.
SUB0Dante (6 months ago)
My Dad said its signs of puberty around the ages of 12 and more. It goes away fairly fast. If it doesnt you should check it out.
The Aussie Hunter (5 months ago)
xd DarkDante Fortnite Battle Royale thank you i was scared
escoebeen lit (6 months ago)
Welp im fucked i developed 2 lumps when hitting puberty it then went away then the lump developed on my left nipple and im 16 now
King A (2 months ago)
escoebeen lit same thing did it go away ?
Morgan Truman (6 months ago)
I am 13 and I have the exact same problem and my ankles ache and I'm tired constantly I am going to the pediatrician and I think I have breast cancer
Shane Olarte (6 months ago)
im actually 17 but i still breast lump on my left breast it's making me anxious beside my left breast is not in the same my right, left breast is higher than the right breast
yogesh timilsina (4 months ago)
Same problem dude and i am 16 .I think this is symptom for maturity although we should have test done😑😑
Dharitri jaan31 (6 months ago)
Plz help same condition ....is it breast cancer😭😭😭plz reply
gary murphy (6 months ago)
Shane Olarte I’m the exact same man, by any chance when you squeeze it does discharge come out?
gary murphy (6 months ago)
Shane Olarte I’m the exact same man, by any chance when you squeeze it does discharge come out?
DEREXII (7 months ago)
I have a lump under one nipple and im 14.. Im scared as hell. I stay up at night wondering if i have breast cancer. I think about the doctor telling me that i have a month to live, freaking me out. I wanna become a BMX pro, not die at such a young age. I still have more than at least 60 years to live.. :( possibly
Christmas Cookie (6 months ago)
Bro its puberty I also have that ur second nipp will have that soon too
fox fox (7 months ago)
Your over reacting bro
Osama Akbar (7 months ago)
As same the others I am 13 under my breast there is a lump can you give us a solution to remove it please!
Heimerdinger Is OP (7 months ago)
oneil henry (7 months ago)
I have a lump under all 2 and I'm only 14 I'm scared
Aamir Dar (5 months ago)
Going through puberty changes dear
XxStingxX mater (7 months ago)
Okay so I have lump under my nipple and hurts when I press down on it someone give me feedback please ?.
The Trik Crew (1 month ago)
I wouldn’t worry about it because I read that it’s because boys that are going through puberty release too much testosterone and then it turns it into estrogen I think and then that like connects to the glandular tissue making it bigger it normally goes away but if it doesn’t then it is still fine it’s just a part of puberty
Merix (6 months ago)
I have the same im 14. Im scared..
Eetswa tc (6 months ago)
XxStingxX mater same here I don’t know what to say/think
Florence Manzolim (8 months ago)
Thanks god i thought i have breast cancer
Health Apta (8 months ago)
BoKuTo (8 months ago)
on my right nipple I feel A Hard thing And when I touch the other Nipple I don't feel anything I'm 12 is that Normal?? I'm scared I thinking that my life will be short and also I'm I ran out of breath easily, but I thinking it because on I smell to many Smoke and Ciggarets?? Pls answer my question
Scooba.ss (5 months ago)
Don't worry bro I have I'm 12 I thought it was cancer as it was in one and it's hard and it's puberty
Ricardo roblox (7 months ago)
Same im 12 and i have a lump under my left but on the right i dont have it
CallMeAk (7 months ago)
Omg this is scary because when i play ball i run out of breath fast as hell
cookie monster (8 months ago)
I have the same problem
Squishy Stump (8 months ago)
I have an appointment to have my left breast scanned, right under my nipple there's this weird bunch raised spots and it hurts. I already had cancer once and I don't know if I can do this again if that's what is.
Justin Akers (4 months ago)
Squishy Stump Jesus dude. Good luck. I just found some lumps and it fits the description. Never been diagnosed with cancer or anything and I sure as hell hope not too now. I should go to the doctor more often. Too bad I’m not Canadian. Health care ain’t cheap
Olaf .K (8 months ago)
The problem with me is that I have a hard lump in between my chest like underneath my chest in the middle, there is a lump that is hard but dont feel and bad things doesnt hurt nothing but im tired from time to time, is there anythig to worrie about pls reply, the lump is in bestween my chest like in the middle but its underneath the lenght of the chest like underneath the nippels if that helps its in the area of where the forst 6-pack muscle starts little bit lower there pls?
Devil Dog256981 (1 month ago)
Thats part of the rip cage bro everyone has it it just feels bigger if your skinnier
Kill me Now hehe (9 months ago)
I see a lot of people in the comments freaking out like me, and I just have to say, did anyone have a shock when it said lump?
SeanGamer19 (9 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
+Ethan Lawson same, makes me feel better that there's someone else
Ethan Lawson (4 months ago)
Hel* yeah! I'm 14 and I was flipping out entill I asked my dad, he said it was puberty, relief!
NoT A SecOnd SliMeBaLl (4 months ago)
bf2098 (4 months ago)
Chronic coughing, neck pain, headache
ET_Forever V1 (9 months ago)
Will a 16 year old get breast cancer? I'm afraid rn
LEE gizzle What’s estrogen
LEE gizzle (3 months ago)
Its puberty it devolpes lumps do to hormones mostly estregene if your estrogen levels increase then you want lumps in your nipples do do puberty
Health Apta (9 months ago)
Yes, they can get
sabka bhai marsh mello (9 months ago)
In my one breast feels something is in and feel hard all symptoms found in.me
EXODUS GAMING (1 month ago)
Mines left and all the symptoms are right!😭 i don wanna die ye
BoKuTo (8 months ago)
marsh mello I feel hard thing on my Right nipple
Essam Issadi (9 months ago)
my left nippel is bigger than the right one!! do i have cancer please tell me I'm 14 and i already have my left nipple bigger than my right one please answer me what does that mean
Oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
What was the outcome of this, I am the same please respond
YellyHaze (6 months ago)
Essam Issadi (9 months ago)
Secret Only no i have two
Secret Only (9 months ago)
Essam Issadi what I mean is do you have only one testicle?
Essam Issadi (9 months ago)
Secret Only please answer do i have cancer!???
- (10 months ago)
I think I might have this.. I have 2 lumps under both my nipples which aren’t vissable from the outside outside, and it hurts when it’s touched
Johnny Wassy (3 months ago)
KSI ARMY I’m 14 and I have it, I’m scared shitless, i have no problem asking about it, but I think it’s just a puberty factor, so I’m not worrying my head off...
Zainab Saibu (4 months ago)
Me too
Ethan Lawson (4 months ago)
Me too
Bop Animates (4 months ago)
Its gynecomastia
IXaji (5 months ago)
haydenwardq i seem to have this on under one nipple n it hurts when i touch it, not too much but i can feel the little pain, did u check any doctors with it?
whusky (10 months ago)
Im 15 years old and this is not a joke.im male and i have something under my breast nipple.it feels like i have something under it and its swollen for like 1 year.is it something i should worry about?should i go to a foctor and take a look at it?
whusky (10 months ago)
van nie are you sure?
RPC Vlogs (11 months ago)
How to get rid of it?
Health Apta (11 months ago)
Will post the same
brody allard (11 months ago)
I'm 12 I got a little lump under one of my breast. I'm a boy. I cant stop thinking about it. I feel like I'm gonna die! I'm crying so hard
Nathaniel Ford (16 days ago)
Gameplays &OtherStuff what if you are 17 though 🤷‍♂️
Rock abhi (18 days ago)
Thank god beacause i too think that it is a breast cancer. But now i can feel free as from all your replys .i once again thank to you all for clarifying my doubts
Rock abhi (18 days ago)
Me too
John lloyd Tagalicud (18 days ago)
I'm 16, and I think I have one here in my left breast😢
Baron Smoot (28 days ago)
Omg same
Muneer Ahmed (11 months ago)
I am 13 male me too have same problem
ServedSki (10 months ago)
Me too dude
Health Apta (11 months ago)
Please get test done
Alex Labtan (11 months ago)
Plss answer me, begging you,, i cant help thinking of breast cancer😟😟
Victor Ryba (2 months ago)
Health Apta lol thats encouraging
Health Apta (11 months ago)
Dont worry, just get your test done
Alex Labtan (11 months ago)
I am experiancing a lump on my breast, im a boy, only 15 yr old,, is this also a sign of breast cancer?
Calv3rton Beta (8 months ago)
Im just 14 im really scared
Nikko Rod (10 months ago)
Alex Labtan im a filipino
Nikko Rod (10 months ago)
Alex Labtan i think i have this too, i'm 17 and i'm really scared of going to the doctor and scared of dying
Alex Labtan (10 months ago)
Yolo bro messenger😃,, Giane V. Labtan is my acc. Name,,,, which country are you from?,,
whusky (10 months ago)
Alex Labtan instagram?messenger?
Mg Telel (11 months ago)
Can this happen to child age 12 like me
Alex Labtan (11 months ago)
Mg Telel of course☺,, it even happen at the age of 8😢
Teo Sandell (1 year ago)
Holy fucking shit. I might have breast cancer
Car Lover 101 (1 year ago)
How do you get rid of it?
Health Apta (11 months ago)
We are putting the video very soon

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