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Doom Mission 7 All Collectibles (Secrets, Collectibles, Data Logs, Runes, Elite Guards, Drones)

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Doom Mission 7 collectibles locations (Secrets, Collectibles, Data Logs, Runes, Elite Guards, Drones) All gameplay recorded with - http://e.lga.to/360gametv This guide shows you all Collectibles Locations in Mission 7 "Argent Facility (Destroyed)" in the game Doom (2016), There are a lot of stuff to collect in this game. (Secrets, Collectibles, Data Logs, Runes, Automaps, Elite Guards, Drones). Mission 7 has 6 Secrets, 4 Elite Guards, 1 Argents Cell, 2 Runes, 5 Data Logs, 2 Collectibles, 1 Field Drone and 1 Automap. Some of the secrets also count as ingame collectibles, so in total there are 20 collectibles in Mission 7. All Collectibles are immediately saved, you do not need to reach the next checkpoint. Some Collectibles are collected in a sequence without new starting point 00:09 - Data Log #1 - Baron of Hell II ( Monsters Baron of Hell) 00:20 - Secret #1, Collectible #1 (Cacodemon Model Rageguy) - Ingame Secret #4 00:56 - Secret #2 (Classic Map Doom II Underhalls) - Ingame Secret #6 01:25 - Elite Guard #1 02:11 - Data Log #2 - Calm Under Pressure (Environments - Argent Facility) 02:28 - Rune #1 (In-Flight Mobility) 03:00 - Secret #3 (Ingame Secret #2) 03:00 - Elite Guard #2 03:41 - Automap 04:31 - Data Log #3 - Samuel Hayden II (UAF Personnel - Samuel Hayden) 04:47 - Elite Guard #3 05:14 - Data Log #4 - Mancubus III (Monsters Mancubus) 05:40 - Secret #4 (Ingame Secret #5) 05:40 - Field Drone 06:12 - Secret #5 (Ingame Secret #3) 06:12 - Rune #2 (Armored Offensive) 06:52 - Argents Cell 07:20 - Data Log #5 - Cacodemon II (Monsters Cacodemon) 07:35 - Secret #6, Collectible #2 (Baron of Hell Model Patriotguy) - Ingame Secret #1 08:03 - Elite Guard #4 Doom Collectibles Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuGZAFj5iqHeHs_9TXd7oStSiedGf-Bap Website: www.360gametv.com My partner: http://e.lga.to/360gametv Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=360GameTV Twitter: http://twitter.com/360GameTV Donate (Paypal): http://bit.ly/1JySiRV Achievements / Trophies Historian Find all Data Logs Every Nook and Cranny Find all Collectibles Hot Swapper Acquire all weapon mods Thorough Shopper Complete all Challenges for a single mission. What Else Ya Got? Complete all Mission Challenges Tinkering Fully upgrade a Praetor Suit category. Overclocked Fully upgrade all Praetor Suit categories on a single campaign run. Argent Fiend Fully upgrade Health, Armor, and Ammo capacity on a single campaign run Argent Overload Fully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo capacity A Gift from Beyond Earn a Rune The Circle is Complete Earn all Runes Momentum Shift) Upgrade a Rune
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Text Comments (110)
Peter Oscarson (2 months ago)
A Doom without demons is so much easier, but oh so dull.
doom8589 (2 months ago)
that stupid rune kept glitching on me. I kept randomly not letting me move forward or turn..stupid bugs.
Goicea Mihai (3 months ago)
Great video, mate, thanks.
PoooOoooH (4 months ago)
ty bro
Hungry Jonas (5 months ago)
Secret 3 was a pain in the ass. Don't know how they expect a regular gamer to find that during a normal playthrough, even if they are secret hunting, especially when the drop has to be so damn precise. Cheers for the assist on that one.
N1ght W0lf (1 month ago)
I got the automap so I knew where to look. Then I deducted that it must be a trick fall due to the in-flight mobility rune you literally just got.
Czesnek (1 month ago)
I found it just fine. In one of the demon horde encounters you can see the power up from distance.
TheNoNoX (5 months ago)
Nice vid', keep the good work.
Timmothy Ames (6 months ago)
I missed the first doomguy at the very start. Is It possible to get back to the beginning? Seems like it's impossoble
Patrick (6 months ago)
Elite guard 2 wasnt that hard if I even found it on my first playthrough without using any guide lol and you can get to it from the side too (hard to explain where exactly)
Rumdžiga Nesermidookna (10 months ago)
always missing one or two secrets xd
Jesse Beech (10 months ago)
Yo these videos are perfect, no talking no extra shit just exactly what you’re looking for
360GameTV (10 months ago)
Green Bow (11 months ago)
Thanks for the walkies.
Ed Garcia (1 year ago)
Longer part but Thank you, it helped me get everything
spaghetamine (1 year ago)
secret #3. MIND = BLOWN
Danny R (1 year ago)
Many thanks again. Now my problem here is getting the 5th upgrade from the combat rating.
HANG_DOWN_STANKY (1 year ago)
solid thumbs up on your videos thank you
ojideagu (1 year ago)
5:20 in this section the Pinkie Demon ran into the hole so I didn't have to fight him lol
Spookbumps (1 year ago)
Thx fam
BadLemon (1 year ago)
Seriously the elite guard 2 was made by fucking psycopath
Borbali (9 months ago)
You can jump to it from the ledge on the bottom actually.
Daniel Griffiths (1 year ago)
theres a data log glitch on this level, i collect all 5 but when i go on level select to this level, i only have 4 logs! what gives?
- MCMLXXXIX - (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for these videos
DiamondDan1589 (1 year ago)
your videos are simple, clear, and concise. thank you for not filling it with BS commentary
Pr0style (1 year ago)
only thing i'd change is i'd show the map when you show a secret. just show us where you are exactly
360GameTV (1 year ago)
DJ R (1 year ago)
Advice plz anyone, What's the most efficient way to complete the Combat Challenge in each level??
Pr0style (1 year ago)
depends on the challenge. if there's a time and you don't have alot of time to kill an x amount of demons, i'd shoot them instead of glory killing
DJ R (1 year ago)
More glory kills the better? Or use more guns and explosions ?
Corrupted King (1 year ago)
Fuck I always miss the Classic Map and I can't go back.
Jian Lim (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work good lad
Brandon Lazere (1 year ago)
I wish everyone did videos like you do yours. Havn't missed a thing, very easy to follow. Gonna be playing the Division next or COD Ghost or COD AV played them on 360 not Xbox one. or Batman AK....Skyrim special edition ...alot of choices. Have u done all collectables etc. for any other games?
360GameTV (1 year ago)
I have a lot of videos online (1690 atm). Just use the search function on my channel or scroll down the playlist to find a video / playlist for your games ;)
Jessi Jinx (1 year ago)
Really don't like the Pinky demons in this one. Much prefer Doom 3's Pinky demon even though this one is the one from original Doom.
ZMan1471 (1 year ago)
solid snake stops terrorists doomguy stomps demons but you sir are the real mvp i tip my hat to you
PopsAblaze (2 years ago)
thanx again
TheRabbitFear (1 year ago)
If you miss the classic map you can go back fairly easily without restarting First look for the circular tank thing closest to the walkway that's half buried in the cliff, jump on that then go straight ahead and hug the rock then get the gauss cannon and fire it at your feet then double jump onto the rock platform from there jump to the walkway go through the facility until you get to the broken pipes jump on top of the broken pipes then crawl straight ahead look to your right and jump on the 2 small beams then jump on top of the big thing above the pipes next aim for the platform on the left side get a run up jump then jump again right before hitting the platform and you'll grab the railing so now you're back at the start and can unlock the classic map
Czesnek (1 month ago)
This takes too much time. Just finish the mission normaly and then restart. Once you get the secret you can just exit the mission from the main menu.
AirDeLisi (3 months ago)
Holy crap this worked, thank you so much man. People should upvote this comment as much as possible so it stays up.
Sansukanaka (4 months ago)
my man! or woman
HANG_DOWN_STANKY (1 year ago)
TheRabbitFear Damn I restarted the damn thing oh well its a fun stage but thanks
Pinga (1 year ago)
Yes. This tip pleases me.
Janez Krnc (2 years ago)
oh THANK you for writing which secret INGAME secrets are. Noone does that.. Like and sub.
Destroyah340 (2 years ago)
Missed the classic doom level, anyway I can get back up to that area if I'm on a different part of the level?
Kanaletto (2 years ago)
Be advised: that method it doesn't work on the argent tower. That level locks up in mid walktrough, so you cannot backtrack after going up the tower.
Pro Ishaan Puri (2 years ago)
Yes, you can do back-tracking. What I usually do is reach the end of the mission and then watch the guide.
sweiland75 (2 years ago)
1:44 I am having trouble crossing that gap
Horcomdev The third (2 years ago)
Nice video.
Erratic Knights (2 years ago)
for the armored offensive rune i got very lucky on my second run (the final enemy charged me from behind the first time and insta killed me because i had just killed the hell knight), the final enemy charged at me on the top walkway area where it ended up running itself into a hole, and i was like "Luck, the way i roll".
Серёга (2 years ago)
Нормальное прохождение, одобряю
bueman12 (2 years ago)
Elite guard 2 gave me so much rage just trying to find the dam thing.
Levin Hardin (2 years ago)
That first rune is impossible these dumbass things Ruin the game
ubertoaster99 (1 year ago)
Did most of them first time, but I played games back when they were hard.
Anthony Williams (1 year ago)
i failed it a total of 180 times.....i try to run every mathematical scenario possible trying to figure out the best way to time the jumps....there is just no freaking way!!!!! i get as far as 8 or 9 relics, and i always come up with the same time
TheRabbitFear (2 years ago)
First is so easy, the second is a lot more difficult. Having a hell knight AND that fat thing is just unfair, the fat thing takes ages to kill
Pablo Zayas (2 years ago)
Try to do as few double jumps as You can and it'll probably do the trick
Jonny Charlton (2 years ago)
the Rune trials are good
Micheal Wilcox (2 years ago)
You've done well in showing the map so everything is easy to find. I'm enjoying the content, I've been using your videos for the past six levels, I'm on the seventh one now. This game gets drastically more difficult with every increase of difficulty. Hurt me plenty is a cake walk compared to ultra violence. I intend to beat the game on every difficulty, but will require some serious concentration.
Bohanny Liv (2 years ago)
Just the type of collectible videos I enjoy. Short and simple edited proficiently thanks.
JeMeSouvienPu (2 years ago)
Best guides , keep it up mate!!
VAbloodlustMP (2 years ago)
The best part of your videos is you don't have commentary, None of this "hey guys its XxunfunnypersonxX " your videos are straight to the point. Keep up the good work!
theshotclock (1 year ago)
I'll check it out.
surfingsuicune (2 years ago)
I wish more people would cut the bullshit theatrics and just play the game like this guy. We have enough Markipliers on Youtube as it is, screaming to amuse their 10-year-old fanbase.
VAbloodlustMP (2 years ago)
If he added commentary i wouldn't have subbed or commented on his videos at all , he/she appreciated the comment that's all that matters.If you think i called him a loser that's only because you thought of it that way. Dumb ass.
360GameTV (2 years ago)
Ecnoel (2 years ago)
no retro map there ?
Mauro xbox n4s83 (2 years ago)
...danke... 👍🏻
Piter432 (2 years ago)
Hmm, does the Underhalls map fragment isn't reversed in this mission? Because I can't remember this fragment leading in that way.
Ancient Warrior (2 years ago)
Ok the Elite Guard 2 was insane and I'm glad you showed how to get out of there.
SoundwaveZabuza (2 years ago)
Man, I jumped down so many times to try and find that hidden room down below. Thanks for that, especially using the pole and the corner edge as a reference.
EdBlack (2 years ago)
do you know how can i earn all the battle weapon upgrade-points in this map? i'm struggling to earn the fifth, i managed to get 4 but and i just can't get the last one, it's the only level that i can't get all the 5 upgrade points, are there any hints to earn them easier?
ReticularTunic7 (2 years ago)
so do i need to kill the demons in the far distiance in the first part of the level
SoundwaveZabuza (2 years ago)
+EdBlack I got all 5 like mid game. Only because I couldn't figure out where to go, so I was running across pipes into areas and jumping down to platforms etc. Had to finally look up a walkthrough. I had to get up to a platform where the first hologram is near the first rune. I didn't go there originally because I thought it just had ammo. Lol. But I keep doing gory kills and chainsaw kills like crazy which boosts it quite a bit.
360GameTV (2 years ago)
+EdBlack no problem, is my "job" (ok I cant not really life from this channel^^ )
EdBlack (2 years ago)
+360GameTV yeah, worked bright like a gem! i could finally get the fifth point, thank you very much, you're da man!
360GameTV (2 years ago)
+EdBlack no problem, as example, you remember where you find in this mission on your first visit (mission 4? I think) the super shotgun? (its also a secret) in this area / path to the area are some enemies and you will never go this way if you follow the story :) or the start point from mission 4, the first elite guard collectible from mission 4 etc pp :)
Shamelesscritique1 (2 years ago)
anyone know the deal with the "knowledge is power" challenge on this level? collect 3 data pads or some shit...I have no idea what I'm looking for lol wait nevermind it's glitched or something...I've already collected them but the game didn't count all three.
SavageBreed (2 years ago)
Thank you again for your time and guidance, very much appreciated! That secret 3 elite-guard 2 was ridiculously positioned. And those Rune challenges can be wearisome, as well as some of the loading times. I thought we lived in an accelerated technological era...don't have time to wait while there is killing to be done! Lol!
zombie cracker (2 years ago)
+360GameTV great video, thanks for not doing a bs "HeyOo guys it me"(insert jackass name)
360GameTV (2 years ago)
+Zombie E2U thanks for watching my vids ;)
Clinton Thorkildsen (2 years ago)
Great job on these guides. very thorough and fast.
Markus M (2 years ago)
Frank Zito (2 years ago)
Sehr gute Guides...Vielen Dank :)
AssassinOfGames (2 years ago)
Last mission I will do tonight, Thank you for releasing this video early
LGNDRY DOLPHIN (2 years ago)
Thank you for these videos, they're really useful :)
777 (2 years ago)
these videos are just a goddamn blessing
Jonathan Richmond (2 years ago)
Awesome guides, bro. Danke.
Cameron Smith (2 years ago)
richard stephens (2 years ago)
awesome next mission will be working on this now sleep well haha
360GameTV (2 years ago)
First: p It's 3:30 here in Germany and I need now really my sleep.n8!
mitchcraft (2 years ago)
Same problem here, what gives? EDIT: replay the level and instead of following this guide just play the level looking everywhere for more enemies and you will get it before the end of the level. It also helps build up upgrades for ruins etc by replaying a level and doing the required things to upgrade them.
ReticularTunic7 (2 years ago)
+360GameTV hey dudue i have a problem, i vam get the last upgrade point, i collected all the elite gaurds did all fhe runes, marine guy toys, all sectrets, argent cells and challanges and collectible includinv killing all the enimies i encounter during the mission and yet the last upgrade point isnt working. am i doing sething wrong ?
360GameTV (2 years ago)
+Starkiller21Nikki werd ich ;)
Starkiller21Nikki (2 years ago)
Nice me too. I'm a German Girl. :) Keep up the good Work.
360GameTV (2 years ago)
+Starkiller21Nikki yes :)

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