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Classic Beach Style Cottage Tour

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This is a tour of a classic beach style cottage. I hope this tour gives you interior design and decorating inspiration for your house project!. Enjoy and let me know what you loved best :-) For more interior design ideas subscribe to this channel and also visit my Instagram page @coastalhamptonstyle INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/coastalhamptonstyle/ ABOUT ME: I am Susanna.T 🦋Lover of “All things Home” 🦋Coastal + Classic 🦋Italian born 🦋Living on the Gold Coast (Australia) 🌟Collaborations Welcome🌟 SOME OF THE BLOGS THAT I AM FEATURED IN PORTER DAVIS: http://qld.porterdavis.com.au/inside-prestige-oxford-home-cape-cod-world-style-interior/ PORTER DAVIS: http://qld.porterdavis.com.au/create-hamptons-style-home/ SCYON: https://www.scyon.com.au/case-studies/builder-designer-how-to-nail-the-hamptons-look/ NATIONAL TILES: https://www.nationaltiles.com.au/diy/blog/kitchen-tiles/hamptons-coastal Music: 1 - Mothica - You Will Forget Me (TRAILS Remix) https://soundcloud.com/mothica
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Text Comments (4)
Lisa .Always.Learning. (6 months ago)
Who is the house designer please?
Susanna T (6 months ago)
Lisa .Always.Learning. Hi there! The house is by Porter Davis Homes 💗. Thanks for watching!
Wynstan'sMom (9 months ago)
Hi Susanna. Thanks for the tour. The house is just lovely, simple and elegant. I agreed with you about the kitchen sink. Can't figure that one out...not functional and not even a great aesthetic. I also agreed about having glass in the shower. If you want to go glass less than it seems like the room should be all tile or stone. What was your daughter's favorite part of the house? I'm guessing the little water pond feature. That's secret gardenish!
Susanna T (9 months ago)
Wynstan'sMom Hi there! Thank you for watching along! I did love the house it was beautifully done, however to make it more my style I would have changed a couple of things (but we all do that to make it our own don’t we!). You are right Elena loved the water feature and she said she also loved the pantry 😂 (she knows the most important place in the house😝). I appreciate you subscribing and keep a look out for new home tours!❤️

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