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From the "Full Cold Moon" compilation released by Heartworm Press / Deathwish Inc. Available everywhere digitally. www.coldcave.net www.theheartworm.com Lyrics: Beaten 1979 Smash the outside Terminate world See my virgin halo running round I own this town High in flight Bursting cloud I wrote this as my plane was going down Going down down down down Depressed skull Fractured thought A milky paragon of excess heart Excessive heart Desert Death Nile Life Stand in front of a heater, tell me it's hot It is hot Beaten 1979 My name kisses cement Thinking of a friend in the hurricane now I was that And now am this We were then And now we are now That is that Doom Doom Doom Your lover is looking around the room Time to go
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Imbrecht emmanuel (4 months ago)
Imbrecht emmanuel (4 months ago)
Extra cold cave j adore
Nan (9 months ago)
Amazing music
Hungry Aliens (2 years ago)
The solina line is so rad
Dante Palomba (2 years ago)
One of my favorites!!!!
diced94 (4 years ago)
Ian Curtis...
noxiki (4 years ago)
Ah, I took that photo! Such a memorable night, thanks again for playing Montreal last summer. :)
Justin Cunningblam (4 years ago)
steppy,love it
im1filtr (5 years ago)
love the outro

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