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Toby Keith - Beer For My Horses ft. Willie Nelson

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Best of Toby Keith: https://goo.gl/7ewDP4 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/ydEfi3 Music video by Toby Keith performing Beer For My Horses. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 1,902,818. (C) 2002 DreamWorks Records Nashville #TobyKeith #BeerForMyHorses #Vevo #Country #VevoOfficial #WillieNelson
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Text Comments (3706)
Mr. Fakename (2 days ago)
0:56 thats my truck. King ranch!
AncientTech (6 days ago)
I fucking love Texas.
TheDanhenk (8 days ago)
And a "apple" for Willie Nelson!
Haylo Troutman (8 days ago)
I love this video so much! When the movie Beer for My Horses came out, I just knew this was the plot of it. I really wish they would have done something with this.
Eddie Rudolph (11 days ago)
While I liked the movie has it was, I think this would have made a better plot.
Nate Wiggins (12 days ago)
TiKToKNathan (12 days ago)
Why does this not have more likes.
Nathan Thompson (16 days ago)
I remember the first i hear this song I was almost a teenage but I love this song because I love drinking this songs like this
hunting and fishen (17 days ago)
I love my country songs
Gaetano Bravemodem (18 days ago)
up now on ,,,sorry guys ,,my himn ciaoooooooooo rangers!! love you all
Vortigan (22 days ago)
I would pay to watch a full tv series like this
Heather Forman (23 days ago)
cool song
Anyone wanna go round up Kavanaugh with me?
TennesseeBoy13 (1 month ago)
Lol. “If a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass.”
adam chapman (1 month ago)
Had this song in my head all day
Outdoorsy Queen (1 month ago)
He made those high heels work
Carrie Bowlen (1 month ago)
I haven't heard this song in a long time! I love this song!!!!
CEOkiller (1 month ago)
Kavanugh's victory song!
Joseph Paul (1 month ago)
Wine coolers for toby
I want to take a shot with these men before they're gine
Tel Cahow (1 month ago)
I love the end when billy pulls out his 6 shooter and has that old country boy grin Edit: Idk the actual name for the gun thats just what my daad used to call it
a S (1 month ago)
They should've all arrested eachother at the end for drunk driving.
Jayde Hall (1 month ago)
This is pretty much all a huge excuse for Toby to call Willie dad.
ItsNoahScott (1 month ago)
2018? Anyone
experimenter19 (1 month ago)
1:39 to 1:51 is my fav part of the video
CantBeLikeEveryone (1 month ago)
Still one of the best videos ever lol
Brandi Marie (1 month ago)
Love this song and I love that they had Corin Nemec in the video! 💕
Tara DeWert (1 month ago)
Criminal in office and Willie Nelson is on OUR side now, I declare this a Liberal song.
Mr.Classified 600 (1 month ago)
black lies matter
Theodore Misc (1 month ago)
That stupid pre st
grant lafontaine (2 months ago)
Bra I remember this was my song back in then
Zaracha Stellaris (2 months ago)
One of my absolute favorite songs
Bryan Hanson (2 months ago)
likes that old cowboy gun in this video looks like a colt from those john wayne movies could be could be .
Ocean Country (2 months ago)
RIP Gramps
MUETZE198 (2 months ago)
heck guys do a whole pilot episode
Matthew Harris (2 months ago)
howdy Toby i love your videos and i like your music and i fan of Country music ya are a amazin ya funny I love your songs i love it
Amy Grimes (2 months ago)
Corin Nemic, we called him Corky growing up. He was my first "real" kiss.
Danny Koo (2 months ago)
Tobey Keith played this song with a music video in the background at his concert at the Hard Rock just last night
Katherine Hollada (2 months ago)
we need justice like this NOW!!!!
mitchell hobbs (2 months ago)
Audiohipster (2 months ago)
Willie ...everyone loves you that will inherent this planet! and so does the Great Energy... sorry bad boys you loose! Thanks for the smiles, laughs & tears. Buford
Tanisha Carter (2 months ago)
Haitian country lover😎
Derek Guffie (2 months ago)
Still enjoy this song!
Michael Dennique (1 month ago)
Lord I could not stop laughing at Mr. Willie Nelson's punch lines. Love your music Mr. Toby Keith Cheers with a beer
Nicholas Waldman (2 months ago)
Toby Keith could not catch any “bad boys” Jesus....
Walter Hale (3 months ago)
This song is prof that modern Courtesy Music has lost it's way.
Philip Sztark (3 months ago)
I just found out Willie Nelson wrote Crazy made famous by Patsy Cline.Toby Keith is garbage
Julia Shields (3 months ago)
Just the best!!
Basard100 (3 months ago)
JONAS QUINN?!?!?!?!?!
Martha Mann (3 months ago)
I agree....deal with the crime, right on the spot! Way too much " hand smacks" and not enough punishment!
john 3:16
JXMV (3 months ago)
3 mins of bs leading to prostitution and child.poenagafhy
RAID3R63 (3 months ago)
Willy Nelson's verse is how it should still be answer for the crime no insanity pleads death for death
shaun william (3 months ago)
he makes an ugly woman lmao #realmusic and i am a rapper!
Dennis Regan (3 months ago)
Justice is the one thing that should always be.... nuff said
Konstantin Donner (3 months ago)
I would love to give you Willie in your in your rattie grimlen ear and give you a Nelson to cover for your oldies music.
Dylan Shramko (3 months ago)
I'm getting serious Red Dead Redemption flashbacks
Gay Cop (3 months ago)
We need drunken horses
Mark Guzick (3 months ago)
Whiskey for my MEN, Beer for the Horses. -)
Xhioso (3 months ago)
Is that Jonas Quinn? looks familiar
Katherine Cox (3 months ago)
It is. I busted out laughing so bad when I noticed lol
Hailey Reaves (4 months ago)
Take me back to when country music was actually good and sounded like real country music. 😩
Randy Barrientes (4 months ago)
Good combination great country music music..
Wilmer Day (4 months ago)
The Doc Jay (4 months ago)
I like the song. It is pretty cool. The video, it is a touch better. It shows potential for Toby and Willie to make some great movies together. They did one. I really do wanna see Tobe in more movies. It is a good song. But with these two it fucking has to be.
Joe Witzke (4 months ago)
2018 AnyONe?
J. Gona (4 months ago)
Zombie Hall (4 months ago)
Is it too late for a medal head to enjoy some country? This is pretty good!
judy hansen (4 months ago)
Psypher Veritas (4 months ago)
Jim Phoneykins (4 months ago)
Jonas Quinn
Fubar AlAkbar (4 months ago)
Beats the hell out of Fortunate Son. I've found my new 4th of July song.
Sandra Brown (4 months ago)
Hell yeah please Willie Nelson run for president
Georgia Smith (4 months ago)
Kick some A $$
John Peraro (4 months ago)
why your country f**** you all the time but they call you up and need you but they f*** you at the same time tell me some crazy s***
John Peraro (4 months ago)
when you think you're retired you're not retired too damn lie
John Peraro (4 months ago)
this song is my wife life
Keith Dizinno (4 months ago)
This song is 15 yrs old. ☺
Frankene Limtangco (5 months ago)
roze Scott (5 months ago)
I can't be that f****** bad Willie Nelson still alive but I mean I mean marijuana
Hee Ok (5 months ago)
i love your movie beer for my horses that great movies Toby Keith i watching last night
Don Gray (5 months ago)
What are y'all thinking be honest now,do y'all think they got the midget laid,or what... Oh excuse me I'm supposed to say little people, nevertheless I wonder if his salt ass got f***** during the making of that video..I wonder how that little man felt with that six foot two long-legged drop dead gorgeous blonde straddling his ass, and I'm here to tell you if he had a boner we would never know it,and neither would she bet your ass when her panties hit the floor he was sounding like Kermit the frog screaming hold on baby,and let me get my tiny slong out..hell some of them tall girls prefer short guys though,,because they can f*** and suck at the same time...... They can come on over to my place because he didn't hurt it none,and as a matter of fact you can't even tell he was never there. Bet your sweet ass Daddy would knock the bottom out of them bags I keep them gorgeous ladies doing what they do best dripping and bitching a little lower now to the left faster harder no that's not the right spot oh my wrong hole....
Thomas Hibbs (5 months ago)
John Thimakis (5 months ago)
Cool film clip. 🐎🥃🕵️🔫
Allen Reeder (5 months ago)
Had to do what he had to do. And wear some pantyhose after touchin' (dad's) ol' guns :') I'd take that last shot too haha
Ol' Willie knows how to make a song great. If I ever met him I'd probably be nervous 'cause he's one country sonuvagun
Play this when putting the Klan in their place. Sounds good to me
SUTTY BUDDY (5 months ago)
What are you 6 or something?
Lynsi Nicholson (5 months ago)
Song starts at 0:55 😉
Jeffrey Read (5 months ago)
Would love to go but just don't have the funds and am not able to travel right now. sure wish I could see one of Toby Keith's Great shows. He is the greatest
ben fairfield (5 months ago)
Matthew Kennedy (5 months ago)
I love this song
Barbequed Bun (5 months ago)
The reason the world is at this stage with crimes is because the government took religion out of school. When religion was still in school sure there were still crimes but at least way less rapists and school shooters. But like willi said the whole world is going to pot.
Les Brown (5 months ago)
Love the drum work here.
Art McIntire (5 months ago)
Awesome song for thirsty Thursday
Tori Smith (5 months ago)
I Adore This Song And Music Video
Kielord 21 (5 months ago)
I love how he called him dad
Kielord 21 (5 months ago)
I love how he called him dad
Nathaniel Smith (5 months ago)
Good music video. Adds substance to a good song and together the video and the song are perfect.
Doominatrix (5 months ago)
Willie Nelson is so damn badass.
Shaun Stewart (5 months ago)
I love all of your songs
Shaun Stewart (5 months ago)
I love all of your songs Grayson

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