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360° Topless Girls Parade! #FREETHENIPPLE | Venice Beach VR

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On August 23rd, a large crowd gathered to show their support for equality, marching to #freethenipple in Venice Beach, California. This 360 video gives you a chance to see everything that happened at the parade, as well as the beach drum circle that happened afterward. Make sure to share this video to show your support for August 26's Women's Equality Day! Enjoy the ability to choose your own view. Take a minute and look all the way around you, as well as up and down. You are in control of the camera, and thus your own personalized experience. This experience was powered by Experience360°. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE for all the newest and hottest E360° content, coming to you fresh weekly from our studio in Los Angeles. Experience360.tv @Experience360VR
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Text Comments (55)
The Legendary (1 year ago)
funny how they are all protesting to free the nipple but most of the women have their nipples covered
Jai-M VidZ (1 year ago)
This is probly new orleans in burben street
Corrine Johnston (1 year ago)
Experience360 (1 year ago)
+Corrine Johnston hi!
Ar V (1 year ago)
Experience360 (1 year ago)
+Ar V 😂
moved. (1 year ago)
Troy Dwyer (1 year ago)
"Freest country" ha no
Experience360 (1 year ago)
+Troy Dwyer #sotrue
Ariel Viedma (1 year ago)
This person records with a potato
Michael D (1 year ago)
there was a place where chicks took of their tops and i didn't have to throw dollar bills at them damn it i totally missed it
COSMIC GAMER & Music (1 year ago)
Larry Pierce (1 year ago)
Suazo951 (2 years ago)
get a job ya bums!😄
Riley Buneta (2 years ago)
love your but it is not love
Kool Kev (2 years ago)
who created this parade?like...why😕
Troy Dwyer (1 year ago)
Guys can be topless why can't females?
Troy Dwyer (1 year ago)
Why not?
Sweet Escape (2 years ago)
Nothing beats sexy models and good music
EXPO (2 years ago)
What kind of camera do you use?
Experience360 (1 year ago)
This is shot with a Freedom 360 rig with 6x GoPro hero 3+ Blacks. :)
Ariel Viedma (1 year ago)
EXPO potato
Ahmed Essa (1 year ago)
Experience360 (2 years ago)
This was a Freedom 360 rig!
seven tenn (2 years ago)
te jareceng etatehh
Prof. Expedito Arantes (2 years ago)
Hi, how you had put the logo on the base of the vídeo? amzing
stryderzer0 (2 years ago)
Great, Now I can get a full Panoramic view of a bunch of crazy Feminazis
Razor Gaming (2 years ago)
1:15 is that a spaceship? It flys rapidly fast. Might be wrong
Razor Gaming (2 years ago)
It's just a plane tho xD
Razor Gaming (2 years ago)
+im a lama :D SHIT!!
Just Chill (2 years ago)
that aliens dude, there coming for the uliminati we are going to DIE RUNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Razor Gaming (2 years ago)
Theres two
Slava Leonov (2 years ago)
in this video i saw fat guys with tits instead girls
Slava Leonov (2 years ago)
там походу мужчин с титьками больше,чем баб
Kun Lao (2 years ago)
hello very good video. What camera do you use? Thank you!!!
Chase Acker (2 years ago)
So....does that mean we should have a thing for free the dicks?
Carl Kirby (2 years ago)
d a n k L i e s (2 years ago)
Chase Acker breasts aren't sex organs.
Arch Yeomans (2 years ago)
If you really want to freethenipple then NYC is the place, not Venice, CA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_F16pg2mXA
360videowow (2 years ago)
It's very goood)))
Hakan Baydar (2 years ago)
fckin hippies
Experience360 (2 years ago)
+Hakan Baydar thanks dude... :)
Hakan Baydar (2 years ago)
+Hakan Baydar cool vid though
Rahul Rajbhar (2 years ago)
404 nipple's Not found
Cherry blues (2 years ago)
Rahul Rajbhar That's a good thing
if i wanted to see topless girls i'd just watch porn not these people
jonny xx (2 years ago)
+Retired Pencil Sharpener And yet, here you are....
Experience360 (3 years ago)
Freedom360 F360. Joergen makes the best there is! :) @freedom360
Sharul Brutal (2 years ago)
Mah Mahmudin (2 years ago)
Experience360 (2 years ago)
Yes, make sure to adjust the settings, as the video can go all the way up to 4K. :)
Angel Loaiza (2 years ago)
hd quality??
Jason Miller (3 years ago)
what rig are you using to shoot the 360 video?
kill dANo (3 years ago)
Why stop at being topless? They should just argue for nudism.
VR Pill (3 years ago)
Airplane.gif - Direction, Venice Beach

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