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Cold Cave - Confetti - Pitchfork Music Festival 2011

365 ratings | 49906 views
The New York new wave outfit braves the festival heat in leather. Subscribe to Pitchfork TV so you don't miss any new content: http://www.youtube.com/pitchforktv For more videos from Pitchfork TV: http://pitchfork.com/tv/ Like Pitchfork on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pitchforkmedia Follow Pitchfork on Twitter: http://twitter.com/pitchforkmedia Check out Pitchfork on Tumblr: http://pitchfork.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (60)
sobershoegazer (1 year ago)
3:13 best moves ever
bestial Tormentor (9 months ago)
Les See those shuffle skills
bestial Tormentor (9 months ago)
sobershoegazer hahahahaha
FuckItDad (1 year ago)
regularjon (1 year ago)
This doesn't really have anything to do with this video but why isn't my fucking internet working properly?
Preparing ForSHTF (1 year ago)
I was turned on to this by Minnesota Public Radio's "Marketplace," 13 January 2017.
Carlos Balli (2 years ago)
I feel so good on the outside ......😎
bradfeige (2 years ago)
This is the only video that I've ever known to NEVER load for me (on YouTube). No worries, I'll be seeing this live in less than 2 months
Arman Bagramyan (2 years ago)
Waiting for the stars to align There is a restless raincloud in my mind Heavy eyes fixed in the middle of the room And you're looking for a point to all that you do I feel guilty being alive When so many beautiful people have died I never thought that we wouldn't rule the world I always think we will I keep my fist clenched still Oh, I'm coming When you see me you should run and hide It's important that evil people look good on the outside I know the stars will align If not tonight then some other time Sleeping off the shade in the back of a car I tried to get away but the car wouldn't start I may never get it right My chemicals may balance in some other life I never thought that we wouldn't rule the world I always think we will I keep my teeth gnashed still Oh, I'm coming When you see me you should run and hide It's important that evil people look good on the outside You look so good on the outside I feel so good on the outside
Sean Walker (2 years ago)
American Nightmare was perfect, this is perfect. Fuck yeah
Nintendodo64 (2 years ago)
Dominick Fernow is too happy in this video. It makes me uncomfortable.
alelx jines (8 months ago)
wtf i never realized that was him until i saw this comment
Adriano Vaz (10 months ago)
It's like he's about to or just killed someone backstage
Sir Benjy of moon (1 year ago)
i was thinking that too mr prurient cracking a smile is weird
Anna αθηνα (2 years ago)
He is the proof that singing is not about having a great voice but about knowing how to sing from the heart.
Joshua Hale (2 years ago)
Wesley's great, i wish i could see them live
Hallowell Carew (2 years ago)
Dom is the world's greatest dancer :)
Der Blaue Reiter (2 years ago)
Really cool sound, so different of the usually pitchfork garbage
peterpanmannnn (3 years ago)
This is a wreck, damn.
u pasha (3 years ago)
it looks way too hot for those leather jackets.
Jack's Film Orchard (2 years ago)
it is...maybe its a summer leather?? Did you think of that XD
ghost van gogh (3 years ago)
leather is a life style..
Stuie Malan (3 years ago)
The setting was all wrong. These guys are a club/nighttime band.
Jack's Film Orchard (2 years ago)
+Evan Drane true but gotta make that money though.
Evan Drane (3 years ago)
+Stuie Malan i was thinking the same
FC INTERN (3 years ago)
@KxK96 you're an idiot, more than idiot. read about Cold Cave and then write any comment here.
veganxbones (3 years ago)
You never know what's someone is like on the inside. Looks can be deceiving
Dee mozz (4 years ago)
shawn kane (4 years ago)
that other guy flaunting his two hands
nopeekingjon (4 years ago)
new band to open for NIN?
leonarbe (4 years ago)
this is karaoke
Roger Baker (3 years ago)
I heard this shit for the first time today.  I thought it sucked so bad I had to do some research.  That's what happened when a schmoozer gets his ego stroked too much and goes straight to the top.
Leandro Gámez (4 years ago)
The singer could play the guitar easily...
disasterhead (3 years ago)
+Leandro Gámez mean :(
Jack's Film Orchard (3 years ago)
+sickninjamonkey dang..
sickninjamonkey (4 years ago)
The singer was born with just one hand, he tends to keep it hidden under his jacket.
zach dontknow (4 years ago)
from american nightmare to this..
R K (7 months ago)
Don't be a 'hardcore bro'
Özgür Kaynak (4 years ago)
This amazing.
josue guevara (5 years ago)
Ian Curtis?
afterstars (5 years ago)
Because he is high
KxK96 (5 years ago)
that was harsh, i'm so butthurted over an opinion in Youtube, imma go cry in my basement, you hurted me dude :( ! (sarcasm)
Mc66654 (5 years ago)
You're just ... lame. Trying to get on a dude doing something way cooler then you . Fuckin idiot. Anyway, I still like this band
AelfBeat (5 years ago)
Love you Wes. Haters can't read purity when it hits them I guess.
NempholyErrormoa (5 years ago)
This band was not supposed to play daytime shows lol.
KxK96 (5 years ago)
The keyboard/synth dude is just.. lame. I mean, what a fucking idiot. He's enjoying the music but.. headbang? Seriously? Anyway, I still like this band.
Fyodor Haneke (5 years ago)
can please someone tell me why he is showing hes tatoos
Casualtees Printing (5 years ago)
haha word
Dan Novak (5 years ago)
Is that tattoo the Deathwish Inc. logo?
KidTheTV (5 years ago)
KidTheTV (5 years ago)
why does he have to show us his lame tattoos?
KidTheTV (5 years ago)
Brian Vu (5 years ago)
brokenupbeat (5 years ago)
they're fucking amazing. this also reminds me i cannot wait for the new shocking pinks release.
Jeremiah Hall (5 years ago)
what the fuck?
noizyme (5 years ago)
Dat shoulder, lol.
Michael D'Amour (6 years ago)
Fernow's smile is weird when you know Prurient. ;)
Y2Kevo (6 years ago)
Karaoke Cave
MyMOSHU (6 years ago)
Nice festival

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