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DJ Self Power 105 Brand Nubian Interview

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Xzyro the Leyo (9 days ago)
I'm new to Brand Nubian'z music and I love them All ready.
Jdubb III (6 months ago)
god is us God ALLAH
king esseen (1 year ago)
Are they talkin' about Diamond at 4:53?
Esteban Rincon (1 year ago)
"Lord Jamar is God Allah Derek X is on the flex Alamo is good to go Sincere, the god is in here" -Grand Puba
Christopher Davis (1 year ago)
dj gwinn looks like penny and carmelo fused
Christopher Davis (1 year ago)
dj self sorry
dreamfaith7 (2 years ago)
Where is Grand Puba?
SHAO 73O (1 year ago)
It's weird I've seen interviews with Puba and Jamar and no Sadat, there's often 2/3 of them in an interview.
when they say 'math' people may think black guys are studying mathematics like trig, algebra, number systems, etc. like some intellectual sh1t.
king esseen (1 year ago)
Supreme Mathematics is actually the essence of Trig, Algebra, Set Theory, etc,.. And Supreme Math is actually more intellectual than those because it teaches the science of creation, & the Supreme Being Black Man & Woman who were actually the founders of all mathematical systems in existence to be understood by all.
SHAO 73O (1 year ago)
It's Supreme Mathematics though I guess.

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