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Coniston Old Man Ale By Coniston Brewing Company | British Real Ale Review

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philip walker (1 month ago)
Coniston Brewing Company Beers are really good. The only downside to the bottled versions is that they are brewed many miles from coniston, in south stoke, Oxfordshire. So in effect different ales, different water etc. Great review as always Simon.
Vojtech Fryc (1 month ago)
all of their beers are really spot on. Bluebird Bitter is great on cask, not as good in bottle as they make it elsewhere (though still one of the best bottled bitters. ) their stout and IPA are both really good as well. If you're ever in cumbria you MUST visit the black bull inn. beer selection is stunning, fantastic brew pub.
Dog's Window Brewery (1 month ago)
Tidy sounding beer
keysrandom (1 month ago)
I love a good ESB. My favorite style in the world, really.
METALITHrevetments (1 month ago)
That looks like my kind of beer....glad to see that you're back and drinking a nice traditional bitter. I know that the super IPA's are all the rage anymore and I realize that I may be in the minority but I just can't get into them.
Andy Wilde (1 month ago)
My claim to fame with this brewery, I used to work at the same place with the daughter of the head brewer.
mike yates (1 month ago)
I was sat outside the Black Bull on Friday watching the Tour of Britain and enjoying a Pint
MAFIA EDITZ (1 month ago)
Aaron Mcintyre (1 month ago)
Hope you enjoyed the Norway trip. Looked amazing.
Richie Mckie (1 month ago)
Back to basics ey, I like it.

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