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Underwater girl

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Girl exploring a shipwreck
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marsenmoon (12 days ago)
OMG sooo yummie
Donald Henson (1 month ago)
For a blonde she sure is 😍Beautiful and Gorgeous Love ❤️ the video it’s Awesome 🌹🌹🌹
3 Hitter (1 month ago)
Joe Young (1 month ago)
Super awsome
Wowww.... !!! Ship to big!
Ay Yıldız (2 months ago)
Waw süper girl
Я бы ей вдул! Красава! Я кончил....
Luis Garcia (2 months ago)
She is so pretty 😍😛
Geraldo Silva (2 months ago)
Sereia maravilhosa.
Edward Branca (3 months ago)
Oh my God. I wish I could rape her and strangle her to death. I'd strangle her while she is trying to get away and I am shooting scum into her pussy. I'd feel her struggle to avoid my killing her. I'd love to fuck her hard and to death while I'm making her die.
Jeep 4low (3 months ago)
Underwater boobs ,lol. Very nice
Styve Cormier (3 months ago)
Виктор (3 months ago)
Она походу завести движок пробовала)) А завела меня сучка.
Doug Antonucci (3 months ago)
How does she stay under with those huge flotation devices on her chest? :)
Tony A (3 months ago)
Weight belt, large and heavy weight belt...
Rich Diana (3 months ago)
Easy to hold your breath with that pair of lungs.
Roberto Salinas (4 months ago)
Que mal video.... toda precionada que tanto ase en el mismo lugar lancha tan orrible más bien es basura,,,
007tallguy (4 months ago)
Олег Пупкин (4 months ago)
Хорошо подмахивает кормой русалка когда плывет, зачет и сиськи зрелые
montanadoctor (4 months ago)
Waste of video time.
Rude Rodriquez (4 months ago)
OMG! Sweet...Sweet Peaches 🍑🍑
Gmanjay (4 months ago)
Fann (4 months ago)
DaBoogie (4 months ago)
Well that’s nearly 2 minuets Ill never get back..
David James (4 months ago)
How does she stay down with those large "flotation devices" attached to her?
Ben S (4 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing, then noticed her weight belt. No way she could sink without it.
Drakk Drakk (4 months ago)
Тема сисек не раскрыта.
97warlock ismyname (4 months ago)
That is one Fine women!!
diver dave (4 months ago)
??? why is she wearing her weight belt inside out >>>> I would love to eat her butt
Андрей А (5 months ago)
Ernest de Zavala (1 year ago)
what a lovely underwater mammal
Marko man (1 year ago)
Interesting research
Sexy Girl with hot body and boobies )
David Moore (1 year ago)
are you looking for pirates treasure??
Yummylook.com (1 year ago)
Very sexy!!
John Do (2 years ago)
Let she explore the titanic next time bruhh
blkngld12 (2 years ago)
Does she do a show where the girls get to come out and play
Razor Steel (2 years ago)
After 39yrs, Ms. Bisset's position as 'fantasy snorkeller" is finally overtaken by this Babe of the Deep
j man (2 years ago)
Dave50 (2 years ago)
какого хуя ты понимаешь в технике, мандень козуляста?
Uw wick (2 years ago)
real nice...look so comfortable...
Rosalie Moonlight (2 years ago)
nice video! check out mine swimming video! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4gm2kXwX5U
Ed G (2 years ago)
007sergiusergiu (2 years ago)
Very nice video!!!  Check my first experience with GoPro .  (PS: 2 videos  😛 ) If You Like The Video.... Please  <<"LIKE" "SHARE" "SUBSCRIBE">> For More
AquashowGirls (2 years ago)
Nice body!
J C (4 months ago)
Nice butt, too!
peter wilson (2 years ago)
a lovely, busty mermaid...
daniwetto (2 years ago)
phantastique girl and very good holding breath
underwaterbubbles (2 years ago)
Looks so much better bare faced.
Wayne Jones (3 years ago)
DELICOUS girl!! How deep and WHERE is this Wreck? Any ID?
christian navarro (3 years ago)
this women is hot nice body looks good underwater
christian navarro (3 years ago)
this women is hot nice body looks good underwater.....
christian navarro (3 years ago)
this women is hot nice body looks good underwater.....
christian navarro (3 years ago)
this women is hot nice body looks good underwater.....
jak888111 (3 years ago)
nice pair of lungs !
Dave50 (3 years ago)
her real name Brittany Leighton Gartner
DJ Hostetler (6 months ago)
deef40 are u sure
Simply Jeff (3 years ago)
Please tell me there are more videos of this girl!
vince065us (3 years ago)
Very athletic.
Lorox Makevids EXTRA (3 years ago)
LOL, the girl is like, "Uh, ew, why r u making GoPro vids of me?"
uw652 (3 years ago)
high beauty
PJBubbles (3 years ago)
Damn girl, you are fine!!!

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