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Steel Panther - Gloryhole [Live in Australia] [Proshot]

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Proshot footage of Gloryhole from All You Can Eat, live in Australia. Enjoy! All rights to Steel Panther, Open E Music, Kobalt Music. 2014
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Text Comments (65)
Agu Monta (19 hours ago)
0:51 "She must have grew up with her dad" HAHAHAHAHAHA
Phaedrus25 (14 days ago)
Never realized until now how on. fucking. point. Stix is on this one. These guys are more talented than most of the rest of what you're listening to.
Leah Doyle (5 months ago)
1:50 lmao wtf was that! hes like fuck off bro
Matt Wilson (1 year ago)
Paul Dylan (1 year ago)
check this shit out😂😂😂
Junglist360 (1 year ago)
I blew my load before I got to the gloryhole?
CW04 (1 year ago)
Awesome. Think this is my favourite song by then.
Lauro Neto (1 year ago)
Damn. What a great freakin song for such a moronic lyric.. what a waste..anyway, its kinda of a shame, but it sounds awesome.. cant say no more about it.
Topsy Kreets (1 year ago)
1:52 fuck you, go on your fucking own mic dude!
Junglist360 (1 year ago)
Best advice ever: You never really know who suckin' on the other side. *cries*
cem vural (2 years ago)
Satchel took the mic from lexi. Wtf
Draggo 2012 (2 years ago)
I saw them live in Laredo TX with Judas Priest.
Reality Check (2 years ago)
Caleb Bartlett (2 years ago)
as a guitarist, it fucking sucks that there is only one guitarist in SP cause I am forced to learn Satchel's solos and some of them are fucking difficult!!
Dave Niezby (1 year ago)
They aren't difficult. They just take practice.
hotgab328 (2 years ago)
while using a RC-30 loop station, and this have 99 channel memory .... and satchel use two setup the asshole !!
Sohail Mushtaq (2 years ago)
This is some serious band
METALLICA :p (3 years ago)
This is just sick
Christoffer Lindgren (3 years ago)
Got damn he sings great!
icommentonsome (3 years ago)
the joke @ the end LMAO!!
César Contreras (3 years ago)
"There you g--! Goddamn you to hell. Goddamn you to hell" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Epic...
jmuhlenbruch (4 years ago)
Musically speaking they are serious musicians. I saw Ralph and Russ (Mike and Satchel) in Sacramento 10 years ago in the Atomic Punks VH tribute band, they are very cool guys. But clearly they are poking fun at the excess sex and such of the 80's, a time in which they obviously indulged. I think what they are doing is frickin' brilliant. However, I think some of the vocals are sampled. There are places where I hear the lead vocals doubled an octave lower, and nobody at a mic.
JdS (1 year ago)
jmuhlenbruch I actually think the vocals are all live. If you look around on youtube you'll find that both Russ and travis (satchel and lexxi) are great singers in their own right and they both have experience as lead singers in previous bands. Being the skilled musicians that they are, singing in harmony is a walk in the park for them. The talent combined in this band is ridiculous.
Juilz Valeri (2 years ago)
You sure its not just satchel/lexi in the back?
Matt Allen (3 years ago)
+Aleksander Vedvik well obviously you haven't seen them live in person. They continually make jokes like that, he wasn't being serious
Aleksander V (4 years ago)
Satchel said at thend of the song that 70% of the vocals during the song were live(referring to that Ralph was the only one actually singing), clearly you didn't catch that... xD
hizzhd (4 years ago)
hizzhd (3 years ago)
Just backing vocals of satchel isnt playback
Remco187 (4 years ago)
5:12 and on, woooowwwww, blows my mind !!!!!! Blow my load at the Glory fuckin' Hoooole!
Vincent Deschenes (4 years ago)
Why do girls always wanna show off their tits and be cock teasers even in public? It's pretty fucking annoying and stupid.
Owen Carr (1 year ago)
Vincent Deschenes I mean it's not really that big of a deal. Plus it was steel panther that was telling them to show they're tits anyway
Fission Mailed (2 years ago)
+Some random guy I wish I've been
Uncomfortable penguin (2 years ago)
Have you been to an actual concert? It's breast central.
Fission Mailed (3 years ago)
+rocknroll029749 do you even know where you are? :D
Clorox Bleach (3 years ago)
I know I'm a guy too it's just disrespectful
drheim1 (4 years ago)
is this really live?? if thats the case they sound AWESOME!!!
salamango81 (3 years ago)
Yes live fucking awsome top musos they use sequence parts on some tracks for keyboards etc
Tony Dean (4 years ago)
Best sign at 2.15!
MonitoYoyo (4 years ago)
The F*****g Masters!!!!!
Pedro Maues (4 years ago)
1:54 Why Satchel always treats Lexxi like shit? He's on lead guitars, ok, but he doesn't need to be such an asshole with his band mate
Unskilled Slash (1 year ago)
because according to satchel lexxi is “fucking stupid and that’s why he plays the bass! it’s only got four strings!!”
Matt Wilson (1 year ago)
Pedro Maues you know that satchel is a character and so is lexxi
CW04 (1 year ago)
Pedro Maues I agree! Go watch some of their other live shows too! He still does it! I for one don't know what sachel has against Lexxi.
greg hudson (2 years ago)
+Pedro Maues it's part of the act bro
Pedro Maues (3 years ago)
+TheHeavyMetalJunkie I know them since 2010, seen them live and shit... The point is not "joking is bad, don't do it", their act is great and that makes a difference, the point is that THIS joke at THIS moment doesn't help them musically because they could have 2 backing vocals, like the original version at this very same moment, instead of just Satchel's. LISTEN to the original version. Michael sings the chorus, Satchel sings a tune below and Foxxi sings a tune above. THAT'S the point.
pscarc (4 years ago)
i fkn love these guys  and I am married and NOT gay!!     I     love  'em!!!   My wife wants to bang 'em!!
Feel Lord (3 months ago)
Get a divorce while you can then. While your dignity's still there.
DereMemo (4 months ago)
Well i got bad news about your wife
Νicklaus Makane (4 years ago)
HAHAHAHA LOL! he took lessons from rob halfrod, his throat is wide open now.... hahaha
JagodeFan96 (4 years ago)
where did you get this ???
TD Ashton (4 years ago)
It comes with the deluxe version of the physical album or the iTunes version. 

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