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07 - The Game Feat. Drake -Good Girls Go Bad

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(The R.E.D. Album 2011 exclusive)
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Text Comments (612)
Carson Redden (17 days ago)
like the ninja turtles love pizza,,,
Isaiah Harrison (18 days ago)
Who’s here because of Kevin Durant instagram?
Ryan Muthui (23 days ago)
Damn felt Dreezy's verse
MrHouserobot (1 month ago)
Добре, че е Явката, тая песен конечно направи малко гледания
Jerrell Copeland (1 month ago)
Generally speaking of heavenly woman and farther shine grind
Jerrell Copeland (1 month ago)
Sexual behavior charming beautiful delicious reckless driving I know we all know
A Blackbeauty (1 month ago)
Nene Williams (2 months ago)
Still listening 2018
mnnysoad (5 months ago)
this is j.cole's voice. -diamond*
damon lolly (5 months ago)
I Was In The Summer Before I Hit Grade 8 When The Red Album Dropped ✊💯
Matthew MARTIN (5 months ago)
Love u for this song
KingDoms Kingdom (9 months ago)
Forgot how dope this album was, the shit got scratched in my glove compartment so wont play no more and threw it away. Good old youtube to the rescue.
Demetrius Lewis (10 months ago)
Sounds like old Drake
jun hak guy (19 days ago)
cuz this is old drake
chicanobilly (11 months ago)
rayshawn howard (1 year ago)
I remember Natalee Holloway she disappeared in 2005 at the age of 18
Chica Lagrow (1 year ago)
For ALL the lost daughters...
Monietti (1 year ago)
This song is horrible. I only like the beat. The Game ain't that bad but someone like Spider Loc or Snoopy Blue. Those are real lyrical geniuses. Drake is TERRIBLE!
Tong Vang (1 year ago)
Fathers Day <3
Preston Miller (1 year ago)
So there seems to be a fake ass nigga to concerned about sexual orientation and trolling. if you so fucking smart and know music then you would realize there's a difference between hip hop and rap dumbass in hip hop Drake is the shit and apparently you haven't seen none of his freestyles and by the way Jay z has good taste and that's who put Drake on in the first place and talk shit about women cause they got work done you close minded bitch ass punk ass nigga it's because of pussy niggaz like kadeemspade that women feel like they need that shit in the first place cause he a punk man if you was in front of me I'd slap you like the bitch you are Bruhh that was the most ignorant shit I've ever heard bitch ass nigga
Who here cuz of Joe Budden
J. R.Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Jamel Griffin (1 year ago)
This was the joint back back when I was 20
Jon Czyzyk (1 year ago)
Damn I didn't know it was possible for The Game to even go any more notches in my book.But he sure did for giving a shout out to my boy Steve McNair!RIP Air McNair!
Der Engelritter (1 year ago)
fuck drake _I_
Eduquiles (2 years ago)
"...she a little too carefree, In ten years whos paying all that theraphy?! hmmmm nigga NOT ME!" pure fire, thats why you gotta love him
Derrickmichial Thomas (2 years ago)
my nigga Game!
bacon filps (2 years ago)
Fucvk kanye!!!!!!! up and down syndrome looking ass
Mark Johnson (2 years ago)
Nice track
Adolf Hiter On a 'Roo (2 years ago)
haven't heard this song in a long time. nice change
j50t (1 year ago)
TKingsOfKingzT. (2 years ago)
You can't tell did jake did not understand this song in the topic of it game wanted to respect the good women in the world and in the hook it says don't make the good girls go bad over right after drake messes with a bad girl he goes to the good girl which he clearly wants to turn the good girl out thus making her bad, the opposite of what game wanted to do in this song
Barton Adrian (2 years ago)
its called a inuendo....its supposed to be two diffrrent views
GRIMM ZEUS (2 years ago)
reminded why I do like game
drizzy snapped on this
Baylen Miller (2 years ago)
Kind of a predecessor to Bryson Tiller's Don't. Great song
bush king (2 years ago)
shit go hard
Jacob Guillaume (2 years ago)
Misael Rivera (2 years ago)
I make the world stop for a second put up the leaf with shit on it then can still call trash
hollis murillo (3 years ago)
drake fucked this song up game killed it i like drake but he fucked this song up
Thomas K (3 years ago)
drake spazzed
Der Engelritter (1 year ago)
drake sucks
Jimmy Tompkins (3 years ago)
Hate drake. But like his verse a lot. Musics great when your not a straight hater...
Raymond Felton (19 days ago)
Tylos shut the fuck up bitch
Tay Notez (1 year ago)
Razvan Constantin STFU !!!
Der Engelritter (1 year ago)
I skipped his verse,fuck Fizzy Fake,he doesn't deserve to be in a real G track,he only knows to fuck the songs up,he can't rap for shit
victor martinez (2 years ago)
Exactly!! People limit there self so much it's sad
Toney Robinson (2 years ago)
you guys know drake can rap
Goran Marjanovic (3 years ago)
Still fire
Amisi Malic (3 years ago)
she care free, who gon pay four all her thoerpy.here coz drake am out
jr smith (3 years ago)
damn havent heard this song in a minute drake killed this
mvrice jr (3 years ago)
Hell yeah man that's why when i heard the new 100 track I'm like ahh man she did it again lol
Lance Kangethe (3 years ago)
Drake wasnt so bad, had some nice bars and catchy flows, great song all round
James Ivory (3 years ago)
The games first verse was dope but drake destroyed the whole purpose like fr could u do one song where you ain't talking about fucking girls
aprilsuxxx (1 year ago)
Exactly!!!! He missed the she point!
Adam Cox (2 years ago)
Wow smh
Brad Gillespie (3 years ago)
+James Ivory dumbass
Javarius Hodges (3 years ago)
The song is about girls tho smh lmao
Lord Metaphors (3 years ago)
The same niggas who go online and write hateful shit on YouTube about rappers, are the same ones who act like groupies when they see them in person. Get a life
ksean st.peter (3 years ago)
Like fr bro lmao
Jurian Westra (4 years ago)
This song is very underrated !
Maurice dewitt (4 years ago)
Hell Yeah, this album is underrated!!!
Kadeemspade (4 years ago)
I bumped the track, and just skipped Drake's verse. Game is a Dope artist tho
Darrin Frasier (1 year ago)
Drake haters get no bitches 😂😂
victor martinez (2 years ago)
Drake bodied That tho lol
Kadeemspade (2 years ago)
+Toney Robinson​ Who the fuck is Drake, some fucking Jewish white boy from the middle upper class suburbs that tries to be hood? "Started From The Bottom" what?... He grew up with a pool in his backyard, and he came from an Upper class upbringing!!! My mother grew up dirt poor, and they had to find creative ways to scrape together a living, and now she's living in a house, has a car, and has everything that she and the family didn't have when she was a kid! Thats what I call starting from the bottom and making your way to the top! SO HOW THE FUCK IS WHAT HE DID, STARTING FROM THE BOTTOM!?!? How the fuck am I supposed to relate to a FAKE ASS NIGGA!
Toney Robinson (2 years ago)
why do yall keep hating on drake
Kadeemspade (2 years ago)
+Moneyminty I forgot you even existed. Lol I moved on. I thought you did the same honestly.
Hector (4 years ago)
drake kills the song tbh
JOHNNY Cruz (1 year ago)
Kadeemspade who gives a fuck about tupac make room for da new generation
Preston Miller (1 year ago)
wow in the closet bruhh
Kadeemspade (3 years ago)
+Moneyminty​​ I'm gay bcuz I'm not willing to wife up a hoe, and fuck bitches who look like Trannies, and fuck with fake bitches who pretend to be sumthing they are not? and bcuz I'm not a thirsty nigga like you?
Kadeemspade (3 years ago)
+Moneyminty​ bro Iggy Azaleas ass aint even that fat. I seen way better. Plus she's fake as shit. She pretends to be this hood bitch and pretends to be black when shes just sum white girl from australia, and raps all this hard trap shit like shes about that life when she is not. K. Michelle is a hoodrat plus I heard she got a stink pussy. Nicki Minaj is a hoodrat, her voice is annoying, her whole body was made in a factory, and she's fake as fuck and she aint this hood bitch that she claims to be, and she stole her whole style and swagger from Lil Kim and takes credit for it (amd thats why Kim dissed her). she is nothing but a gimmick. That doesnt sound like 'Bad Bitch' material to me. And I already explained Amber Rose. 
Moneyminty (3 years ago)
+Kadeemspade Never defended anyone. Called u out on ur gayness and u cant handle
charliebly (4 years ago)
the moment you realise the game wrote drake's verse. 
Toney Robinson (2 years ago)
stop it
Om R (4 years ago)
andrei Olteanu (4 years ago)
+Om R and ninja turtles and pizza=))
Om R (4 years ago)
Game writing about Milhouse and Lisa? Ehh I doubt it.
MrScarykat (4 years ago)
love it
Da'Vonne C (5 years ago)
where all the realist out there if you think drake part whack you must not be a fan just a hater drake went in as always men lie women lie numbers don't
Isaac Dawson (5 years ago)
shuut up
G12OST (5 years ago)
Best drake song, and it ain't even his song
Kadeemspade (5 years ago)
My Nigga Game is Hard As Fuck! Drake Fuckin SUCKS!!!
Kadeemspade (5 years ago)
Naw my Nigga GAME Made this a Hot Joint. Drakes Verse was Corny, and Cheesy Just like Everything else he spits.
Ross McDonald (5 years ago)
so we don't need to respect girls at a 1? ok, fugly bitch
Damien Seidler (5 years ago)
Came here for The Game
bumbum21000 (5 years ago)
if you think that drake part is the only good part then you're not listening to the song
Kamal Banks (5 years ago)
Drizzy owned this song... I'm only hear for drizzy
Spixce (5 years ago)
the game is awesome
Davoi Sims (5 years ago)
Davoi Sims (5 years ago)
they both were raw but drizzy murdered this shit.
Hicham ZAKARY (5 years ago)
siiiiick floow THE GAME is the BEST
AsiRuhBesiktas Kartal (5 years ago)
respect the game
Kon (5 years ago)
I love yo ass like the ninja turtles love pizza.... Best Line Ever....
SuperBlack1337 (5 years ago)
true dat
959LC (5 years ago)
your actually fucked .
bryanguedes55555 (5 years ago)
your fuckin dumbass
bryanguedes55555 (5 years ago)
drake made the song shit
959LC (5 years ago)
Drake made this song.
inkk13 (5 years ago)
The game picked the wrong rapper out of Toronto, should have gotten camo, cheffie, ckavidy or if he was free, heartless.g. maybe then the game would still be respectable rapper. fucK this garbage I'mma throw on some OLD game and forget about this new shit thumbs down my comment if you like new music, pussholes.
Rešo (5 years ago)
What the fuck happend 2 tha Game? Maaan, keep it gangsta, you ain't lyricist. Keep rappin bout them impalas, bitches and Dre.
Anthony Espinosa (5 years ago)
Michelle Hernandez (5 years ago)
I don't get the part where he says eww basketball wives blah blah blah 1. YO girl aint prettier than ANY of them 2. Gloria?? really , he just said that cus of his friends , almost all the girls more attractive them her 3. This song should be talking good things about girls , NOT BASHING ON THEM MY comment doesn't really make sense cuz im kinda bashing too , but im just trying to say the song would us been more likable to me if he didn't say that line
Fatos Kaba (5 years ago)
So you wont listen to the drake feature that has Nas on it? Or the one with Jay Z? or how about Eminem? Or Kendrick Lamar maybe? Wait Bun B. I got a million of em. Everyone hates Drake but their favorite rapper loves him.
lex van den biggelaar (5 years ago)
great lyric!
SuperBlack1337 (5 years ago)
hahaha exactly my thoughts!
Chris Grant (5 years ago)
morris hawkins (5 years ago)
drake and game both r good rappers
Zack Saccocio (5 years ago)
Shame shame. Keep missin out then
Marv (5 years ago)
drake was decent on this
Dennis Lopez (5 years ago)
Album better than Jesus Piece!
TheBeatAlien TBA (5 years ago)
wit some girls that say they model's , but mmm i don't believe em :P
cameron zero (5 years ago)
R.E.D better than JP
Daisy Flores (5 years ago)
except drake though
J0sh92 (5 years ago)
Anybody think the beat to this song is sick af?
Arthur van eeden (5 years ago)
Or you could just both NOT suck The Game's dick.. regardless ?
Mario Mares (5 years ago)
Id Would But With A rubber.Lol jk
shaun (5 years ago)
the only way i would suck his dick is if he never raps again and gets rid of all of ymcmb
Angii Morris (5 years ago)
drizz drake best flow in the game . < period
iputmywillieinyourmo (5 years ago)
tuscanbeez (5 years ago)
griermandown8 (5 years ago)
in ten years whos payin for all that therapy mmm...nigga not me lmao I laugh everytime at that shit
tuscanbeez (5 years ago)
I was being sarcastic! lol!
KYsherm (5 years ago)
do you really find that series of bars that impressive?
Baylen Miller (5 years ago)
drake killed. good track
Marvin Straight (5 years ago)
stop thinking that, know it's true
Ramzeis777 (5 years ago)
Lol You are the definition of 'hater'.
Kray _ (6 years ago)
only song i will listen from Game. Just because Drake is in it.

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