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Jeff Makes Good Girls Go Bad

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Jeff The Killer Tribute.Song is Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship.Also I don't own anything and Enjoy!!!
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itspurplewolf (3 months ago)
Shit well I'm going to hell 😨😩😖😖 you know what I'm no fangirl devils don't fly
Amia R (3 months ago)
Everyone is crazy! I love Jeff just as much as all of you but I'm not a crazy bad fangirl...... 😂
gacha doulrifral studio (4 months ago)
Violetta Rouge (4 months ago)
hi person A lot of people do,, but personally I feel like it might not be,, the safest idea ? But hey! Who knows,, you do you <3
sweetie shy pie (6 months ago)
Here come the fan girls
Violetta Rouge (6 months ago)
Awe thank you!!
sweetie shy pie (6 months ago)
Np and the editing was awesome
Violetta Rouge (6 months ago)
sweetie pie Oh Sweetie, the fangirls came and went, I'm just lowkey proud of my editing so I leave the video up. Thanks for checking it out tho!
Track 44 (8 months ago)
this this is why we cant have nice things
Violetta Rouge (6 months ago)
Track 44 Yea pretty much
Tommy Romas (1 year ago)
Love it and Jeff as Finn and smill dog as Jake the dog. But I still love it
jeff the killer (1 year ago)
Daddies little girl need to say goodbye to daddy and come with me SHHHH GO TO SLEEP
HuniePopLover696969 (1 year ago)
No wonder his fangirls are crazy and violent
Alayna Roseland (2 years ago)
cool I really love this song and it goes great with Jeff
Violetta Rouge (2 years ago)
XD Thanks and I thought so to.
Sandra Ruiz (2 years ago)
jeff make me bad😍😍
Amia R (3 months ago)
....... Woah calm it lady I love Jeff just as much but I'm not a psycho fangirl
Violetta Rouge (2 years ago)
He does for a lot of us I suppose.
Sandra Ruiz (2 years ago)
love song ❤
Violetta Rouge (2 years ago)
X3 Thank you.
Abby (4 years ago)
Violetta Rouge (2 years ago)
You ok there bro?

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