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Speed tooling, Squoosh.app & more! (Chrome Dev Summit Top 5 Recap)

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Chrome Dev Summit 2018 was a huge success! In this recap, Timothy Jordan reports on the top 5 announcements from Chrome Dev Summit. 1. Performance budgets and updates to speed tooling Since 2011, we’ve seen sites use an average 8x more JavaScript - the site performance bottleneck now often includes the CPU. Using a budget metaphor is a useful tool to help keep resource spending under control. Additionally, the Chrome team has brought in a complete refresh to PageSpeedInsights. 2. Squoosh.app It can be very challenging to build complex web applications and keep them fast, fluid and lightweight. But there are tools and techniques available now that can help. Squoosh.app is a demo app that showcases techniques and technology available that can help make a complex experience smooth. 3. Web.Dev Moving away from providing guidance through walls of text, we’ve taken the approach of short, snappy guides providing support for developers. 4. Project vis bug Project vis bug is a new Chrome extension thinking about design on the web. 5. Closer collaboration with Web Frameworks Frameworks made a lot of important performance improvements in 2018 - amplify their impact by helping design various APIs - including the Scheduling API - offering 200k in funding for improving performance best practices in frameworks If you missed the livestream, you can find all 22 awesome sessions in this playlist → https://bit.ly/CDS18-Sessions Read more about the speakers and the sessions on the event website → https://bit.ly/2AA1R87 Subscribe to the Google Chrome Developers channel! → https://bit.ly/ChromeDevs1
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Text Comments (15)
Sinn - IT mit Emotion (8 months ago)
Ahmed Farag (8 months ago)
Google you are the Masters, thanks 👍
Rajeshkumar Arumugam (8 months ago)
Topic 6 😂😂
Student Sekhar (8 months ago)
Amos Dinh (8 months ago)
Those webtools always have an error were they cant analyze the site
Kerron (8 months ago)
You had one task Jake
Nadeem Shaikh (8 months ago)
I feel like we would see more chrome dev summits than Android dev summits in the future
Nerdy Teachers (8 months ago)
This is nerdy sweetness! Grabbing Visbug RIGHT NOW!
Timothy Jordan (7 months ago)
So cool, right?
mike cataldo (8 months ago)
The cake drop was my favorite part.
oon arfiandwi (7 months ago)
so what's the story going on?
Vlad Macovei (7 months ago)
Although it looked staged Jake seemed rattled by it. If it wasn't staged props for the improv.
awesome tools :)
Smakosh (8 months ago)
your new lighthouse tool gives different scoring than the one on the devtools.
Saurav (8 months ago)

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