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Good Girls Go Bad (Guy/Marian)

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"(I Make Them) Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester Special thanks at the end of the video--dollsome, this one's for you! I call it fanvid perfection when Lucy Griffiths and Leighton Meester can be featured in the same video. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TweetingKerry
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Text Comments (72)
hope FOWLER (1 year ago)
Perfect song for them! we all know Marian had Feelings for Guy! and in 2x04 She SOOOOO 'Wanted' him! is was plain on her face!
Super Brony (4 years ago)
"Make those good girls go bad!" *Marian Punches Guy* Well guy you can make girls go bad but its not good when then go bad against YOU. LOL guy was nice when she liked him a bit and at the middle of season 3 ;p
PandoraGirl29 (4 years ago)
What is the ep/series were he has wet hair?
bri baby (4 years ago)
PhantomPirate1776 (4 years ago)
Great video! Perfect song choice for them, I suspect a lot of us girls felt that way, while watching the show, lol!
Melonie Carolton (5 years ago)
What about Meg??? He loved her too!
Melonie Carolton (5 years ago)
So funny! Great job!
StarDreamer105 (5 years ago)
What's really funny is that, despite the fact that Guy was constantly after Marion, the only woman who (as far as we know) has actually loved him was that woman in the episode titled "Parent Hood." This just makes it easier for all us fangirls to love him even more.
PolariStar (5 years ago)
*warning: fangirl comment!* Yeah Guy, here I am, right here's another girl who can't wait to be diven bad and mad because of you! XD
PolariStar (5 years ago)
Veritas724, you're really GREAT in editing and compositing videos. Especially in this one. You always make the better choice of special effects, you always put the right scene with the right word of the song and you've got a wonderful sense of rhythm. You get all my *sincere* congratulation and keep on with your good work. ...Yes, I must admit: putting images with music and lyrics you've made Armitage look sexier and yummier than ever. *shameless fangirling*
wordcreatement (6 years ago)
Hilarious and wonderful!
Marion-Galanodel (6 years ago)
Great work! :D What video editor did you use?
Daniel Cerone (6 years ago)
Veritas724, do you still have "The Finer Things: The Andy Bernard Story." That was my favorite video ever! If you could somehow send it to me, I would be great full. Thanks!
Sarah Kesler (6 years ago)
I love it!!!
LibertyJoyification (6 years ago)
Very suiting song and awesome video :D Richard armitage can just make any video good! :')
BlackCousins4life (7 years ago)
Wohoo, I can see it again! I couldn't for some time, some copyright nonsense. What happened?
kaydop (7 years ago)
Caro Hawke (7 years ago)
I <3 this vid lol! (if anyone knows me, I'm CaptainDjaq on RobinHoodBBC on that yuku website.
turandot8289 (7 years ago)
The glove. .... The glove.
adeliago (7 years ago)
Omg! This was so great, I smiled right through it and that smirk at 1:55; He is so hot and charming, I don't get what Marian sees in Robin
JessicaXKayleigh (8 years ago)
4 people missed the like button =O This is AWESOME. I love it!
Irene Swan (8 years ago)
awesome love the song and the vid (Marian and Leighton together make the all perfect) great job
fuusina (8 years ago)
this would be a perfect intro for a show called "Good girls gone bad" staring Guy of Gisborne and Marian of Knighton
BerriesBaby (8 years ago)
This was really fun!
Kyllian Genzmer (8 years ago)
what show/movie is this? i so want to see it!
refgeek (8 years ago)
Great work, especially with timing the clips to the music. You give Guy's badness a shot of additional energy!
ThePhylly3 (8 years ago)
Richard Armitage is why we can't help loving the bad Guy! Great video!
allieye (8 years ago)
I swear if I wasn't already a Guy shipper, I'd be one after this vid! He is so incredibly hot!
AccioLorna (8 years ago)
oh i love this! i feel like its wrong to like Gisborn... but he's just so cool :p
NatashaWNSL (8 years ago)
man that was awesome :D richard armitage aka guy is sooooooo hot!
llMysteriall (8 years ago)
I loved the fact the he wasn't really a womanizer in the series but he can still drive all the girls crazy in this vid lol..I LOVE THIS GUY lol
tugs taks (8 years ago)
what is the title of the song at 2:47???
Gypsycyn (8 years ago)
Great Video making! Guy is so frickin HOT! What kind of software did you use to make this? I need to get better software than I have now.
Wind Dragon (8 years ago)
what movie is this from, or is it the actual video for the music?
Mary Joy (9 years ago)
^o) :P
MaryDownpour (9 years ago)
This was so awesome! It fits them XD
DaniC (9 years ago)
Great song and great editing. Perfect combination. He has some great facial expressions. Even the best of gals would have a hard time resisting him! :)
Okamiobidala (9 years ago)
Jaime R (9 years ago)
this is genius!! keep it coming :D
februarysongawake (9 years ago)
I know! I just finished the final episode an hour or two ago, and I cried! But I'm glad I watched the series, I've been recommending it to my friends! :)
cobb829 (9 years ago)
ah, I can see why you'd do that then.
VeritasProductions (9 years ago)
Originally I was going to do that, but it became a bit *incestuous* and I just wanted some good fun without much of an ick factor. Although some of those shots of series 1 Guy with mullet extensions gave it a bit of an ick factor, but you know...
VeritasProductions (9 years ago)
VeritasProductions (9 years ago)
:D Thanks!
VeritasProductions (9 years ago)
Well, Armitage is HOT HOT HOT so the video was just capturing that :D You know I stressed a ton over this editing, so that really means a lot to me! Thanks so much
VeritasProductions (9 years ago)
Aww thanks hun! Glad you liked it
VeritasProductions (9 years ago)
Thank you!!
VeritasProductions (9 years ago)
VeritasProductions (9 years ago)
Thank you!
VeritasProductions (9 years ago)
Aww wow, that's so awesome! I'm glad I (sorta) got someone into the fandom, even though, sadly, it's ended now :(
cobb829 (9 years ago)
great vid! I would have liked it even better if you had put some more Isabella in there b/c in a sense, Guy did kind of make her "go bad"! :-)
Corey Iwasczyszyn (9 years ago)
luv it... lol 2 of my fav songs xD. Guy/marian <333
val (9 years ago)
Didn`t even need to watch the entire vid to know it would be going to faves! Kerry - FAB! I miss this couple so much and this vid was so HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!! And you really brought out some of your best editing here again! Just too good! 10 stars and obviously faved! :D
mrstilney (9 years ago)
OMG I finally was able to watch it and it's sooo good :D Adore every second, favourited :D
februarysongawake (9 years ago)
You should know that I've started watching Robin Hood because of this vid. Well, technically, I've started watching Robin Hood because of Richard Armitage. But, you know, this vid started it. :)
Lotjeknorrepotje (9 years ago)
Hi Kerry! I don't know if you read all these comments, but I just wanted to make clear that this video rocks!! :D I never really liked this song, but GOODNESS! It so works with Marian and Guy! (well.. it does in your storytelling :p). Jep, the beats and the clipmanipulations were genius sometimes! Great vid hun! This is definetely a cheer-up vide indeed XD. Loved your thankslist on the end too. So sweet! :) Take care hun! BIG hug, Lotte.
cornishbluepixie (9 years ago)
Brilliant. Perfect song choice - amazing editing as ever. Loved it!
Skye Sweetheart (9 years ago)
Perfect editing, great quality, awesome couple, and a funny cool song! Could it get any better?
Tatablp (9 years ago)
Loved it! Guy is so hot!
GorWo4ek (9 years ago)
i don't like this pair so much, but your vid is really cool! good quality, pretty song, thank you +)
Kelly Foster (9 years ago)
That was excellent, you have done a great job, well done 5* playlist and shared
HeathDances (9 years ago)
Wonderful job Kerry! One of your best! :-)
L Champlin (9 years ago)
Excellent! I really love the scene around 1:00 where Cowboy!Robs and Co look up and it cuts to Guy. Hilarious! And oh yes, Guy's hot enough to make anyone go bad!
Carolyn Dorr (9 years ago)
Great video!
shhylady (9 years ago)
Ok my second try to comment. It seems youtube didn't post my first. Wonderful video. I really miss Guy (and Marian). 5* and playlisted.
Equinata (9 years ago)
Bloody brilliant :)
MissKirbyHood13 (9 years ago)
That was really cool and funny at the same time :D:D Great Video!!!!!!!
lmivroman1 (9 years ago)
Great song! This was a creative idea for the video, too!
lolilie (9 years ago)
Uhhh, sneak *peek.* Gosh, I'm lame ;P
lolilie (9 years ago)
UM. YES! I am absolutely rethinking my opinion of tv simulator! I liked the "shadow-ish" overlays. They fit really well throughout and were extra-fab during the last 30 seconds or so. I also thought the fast-forward/sped up bits were brilliant! The sneak peak did not do it justice! Definitely 5 gazillion stars and faved! :D And thanks for the thanks! Promise that will never stop vidding Guy because you, my dear, are the Queen of all things Gisborne :)
LorienGaladriel (9 years ago)
This video was so amazing! Very sexy, great editing, great timing. Indeed, perfection!
Samantha Brick (9 years ago)
Can I just tell you how much I love you for using this song? haha. Great job darlin. The beats were perfect :)

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