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Spring Haul: Forever 21, Victoria Secret, Guess | spreadinsunshine15

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**In case you were wondering, this was filmed BEFORE I dyed my hair ombre :) --------------------------- Want more of me? _______________ *Subscribe to my VLOG channel: http://www.youtube.com/throughmyeyes1515 *Want to send me a letter? Draw me a picture? I'd love to receive it! PO Box 360556 Melbourne, Fl 32936-0556 *MY STORE: http://www.freewebstore.org/Spreadinsunshine15/index.aspx?pageid=1707424&clear=1&preview=1 *JOIN ME ON LOCKERZ: http://lockerz.com/u/spreadinsunshine15?ref=spreadinsunshine15?utm_source=LN&utm_medium=H&utm_campaign=CLundquist *Instagram: spreadinsunshine15 *Twitter: https://twitter.com/CourtneyLynne15 *Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Courtney-Lynne/222643277799359 *Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/basketchick1515/ *Companies wishing to contact me can reach me at the following e-mail: [email protected] *Wanna chat? Need advice? E-mail me: [email protected]
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Text Comments (31)
castilloalejandra61 (5 years ago)
The forever 21 in Modesto is 3 stories
Erin Denton (5 years ago)
My birthday is the 27th:)
My_Boys_1D (5 years ago)
Your birthday is the day after mine! :) Go March Babies!!!!!
Ruby Centeno (5 years ago)
OMG I saw that live shirt from forever21 on tumblr!!
sharon jiko (5 years ago)
My birthdays march 20th!
lcskja44 (5 years ago)
You're so pretty!(:
xflashyx (5 years ago)
Does anyone else from Australia think she looks like Dani from The Block All Stars?
medulla (5 years ago)
Hey is forever 21 a USA owned store? just curious cuz I've only ever seen it in Japan so i thought it was a Japanese store- that store was massive! I live in New Zealand, we don't have most of the stores you mentioned except Guess. :) i like ur vids btw
Allison Ou (5 years ago)
i think you have a great voice
srose881 (5 years ago)
You are so pretty and your videos are great !
Articulate Al (5 years ago)
You could try turning the bandeau inside out and cutting off the tag!
Cassandrababe (5 years ago)
you have a boring voice ~
J A L (5 years ago)
My birthdays march 27th :)
Julia Nicole Beauty (5 years ago)
so you know you get the 10$ off and bandue even if you didnt get a credit card..
J A L (5 years ago)
Zebrachicc7 (5 years ago)
You should do a meet up one day at the Florida Mall :)
Haleykiss (5 years ago)
Yes, agreed :)
Msurbanbeauty12 (5 years ago)
What area of Florida do you live in? I live about an hour away from the Florida mall! Most beauty guru's live in California, and I just started posting video's, so it's cool to see that someone else lives near the same area as me c:
Isabelle Danen (5 years ago)
we have the same birthday !
leopardgirl314 (5 years ago)
eye tutorial??
porkio192 (5 years ago)
OMG! We have the same birthday!! hahaha
TaraMichelleZ (5 years ago)
I went to the Florida Mall a few months ago and it took me 3 hrs to get around Forever 21 and 3hrs to get around H&M they were both huge lol. Best mall I've been to in a while though. Too bad it is 2 1/2hrs from my house or I would go more often.
ColorfulKacey (5 years ago)
Has leather bag. "Obviously this isn't real snake still so animal lovers don't get mad at me"
Sean Williams (5 years ago)
missvanfashion (5 years ago)
I'm also in love with your bag!
Kayde Virabouth (5 years ago)
My birthday is march 25
Alexis Diamond (5 years ago)
My birthday is march 26 th also:)
meganallison93 (5 years ago)
i'm goin to Florida in a few weeks. Can't wait for forever 21! Don't have one in my province.
Mary Lastname (5 years ago)
hey courtney...
blehh (5 years ago)
Your hairs so pretty Courtney:)
Haleykiss (5 years ago)
LOL. I know what you mean about the F21. The one in Vancouver BC is HUGE. 2 stories, and it just stresses me out HAHAH im like GAH, get me out of hereeeeee

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