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Underwater girls

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Girls having fun underwater.
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A Addxc (18 days ago)
Dylan Holm (23 days ago)
Deliciosa tetas
s s (26 days ago)
Very good ass I like it
ibrahim harkous (26 days ago)
C'est super 👅😋👅
Tony Mango (28 days ago)
That swimwear is quite unique and rather appealing you bring out the best in that swimwear very nice very very good video
Tony Mango (28 days ago)
That must be the nice ass section
ARLO999 (1 month ago)
I'm coming back as a shark...
Sexy hairy armpits HOT (1 month ago)
The only thing missing to her perfection is lovely pubic hair !! Just like Kyla Cole !!!!!
Cockney John (1 month ago)
Let's just be TOTALLY clear here - and this is an honest comment - Women should NOT have ANY hair below their necks.
Markos Louiz Kambauvas (1 month ago)
Delicious Ass !
jeannot pastafgoul (3 months ago)
Magnifique vidéo 👍👍👍
Tony Bucks (3 months ago)
0:47 bang them all in the butt
Mario Aldama (3 months ago)
Hermosas sirenas!!
Marcos Verissimo Galindo (3 months ago)
Tarzan (4 months ago)
So beautiful!!
Tom (4 months ago)
Woman in the water fantastic and very very best and good FANTASTIC sub 💦👩🔂🆗😘
la combinacion perfecta del mar la musica y las chicas <3
Km Anso (4 months ago)
I like it the music 💔💃🎤💕🎤💃💔
The Crow (5 months ago)
Beautiful An Amazing Video ✌😎
Bill Schauberger (5 months ago)
Great hair and wonderful glutes on the young woman at about 2:25.
Евгений (5 months ago)
His suck dicks very good
Suva Line (5 months ago)
seven Yuanyuan (6 months ago)
🎲看美女露🎻私密视频➕微信hot5383🎗🎗方法让规范形形色色的h d y g
John Jelks (6 months ago)
》》 Pork - the other white meat !!!!
Tom Thumb (6 months ago)
I love slutty women and there are a lot of them on YouTube.
13thBear (6 months ago)
Why are these women so overdressed? Doesnt make sense.
Victor Stepanov (6 months ago)
Oh, yes, it is beautiful. Just beautiful!
Victor Stoker (6 months ago)
And not one of them has a big nasty flabby fat ass thank goodness
Jeff Dahlgren (6 months ago)
0:00 to 3:24 dat ass
Craig Kaschan (6 months ago)
Crap music and lacking gaps and pubic mounds. Yeah I am 12
Craig Kaschan (6 months ago)
Stephen Cook I know enough to get me in trouble. They are just teasing and why is this recommended for me.
Stephen Cook (6 months ago)
Craig Kaschan hush, young’n....you don’t know nothin’ bout nothin’.....
Dirk Diggler (7 months ago)
OK little girls in panties is fun .....as long as there old enough and there not my daughter. underwater twerking is awesome!!!!
enjoy tv (7 months ago)
ko tao
Lino Veiga (7 months ago)
Nice video, good song, hot babes, warm water, wish I was there wherever that was.
Paşa Paşa (7 months ago)
Maine made (8 months ago)
Ho,w with fish
Mike Suchocki (8 months ago)
Love to play underwater.
Mike Suchocki (8 months ago)
Totally sexy hot babes.
Красивая съёмка ! Underwater girls - super !!!
Мне не понятно, будто это дамы носят купальники типа стринги - залазит и в писю, и в попку ... . Хотя ... о вкусах не спорят ... . Без купальника не нужно - и в морской воде, и в речной воде, плавает всякая гадость ... , и без купальника попросту не обычно .... , неправильное ...
Genrietta Onary (7 months ago)
Купальник залазиет в писю и попку ..... не , не нравится . пускай лучьше вообщем без купальника тогда однако чтоб никто не лицезрел ......
Michael S (8 months ago)
Beautifulllllll video
Ride Red (8 months ago)
Why is it all I hear in my mind is valley girl talk, Omg like I just want to live on vacation. Can you afford me?
Lyle (8 months ago)
Nothing but teasers
Lyle (8 months ago)
Hey you wanna make this video better? make the girls swim NUDE
Samuel Perrel (8 months ago)
Amei meninas. Muito muito
Alexsander Dinho (8 months ago)
delicious sexiest girls underwater bikini sexy
Alberto Abarzua (8 months ago)
This one is a keeper. Must have been a great day where ever u guys went.
Вода - великолепна. Райские места
Edmond Goodfinger (8 months ago)
Nothing in this video I want to see. I know I wouldn't have posted a video like this.
Robert Roman (7 months ago)
Dario C. (8 months ago)
That piece of... Fish.... 😱😱😱♥️♥️👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
Frhr.Eber (8 months ago)
yogi endra (9 months ago)
U.S.A. (9 months ago)
Guylain Barthet (8 months ago)
Gordon McCoy (9 months ago)
To be a nice mermaid it helps to have a fine ass and great tits...!
Solimero (9 months ago)
beautiful video, I'd like to watch my videos. Thanks :-D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChGqrh8bCRqDbUIdHOHhNmw?disable_polymer=true
MajorTom (9 months ago)
Nice looking but there's ALWAYS a price to pay for that. Just depends on whether you're prepared to pay. ;-)
David James (9 months ago)
The worst part was when it ended abruptly.
Revertino Tse (9 months ago)
Joseph Burnside (9 months ago)
JosephA W (9 months ago)
Sooo! beautiful!
Bandit one (10 months ago)
0:15 yummy ass
marco torres (10 months ago)
This video is so beautiful
Juan Carlos Valdes (10 months ago)
Ok, where was this and how come I wasn't invited? haha!
cris melos (10 months ago)
Esta muy bonito para bucear, donde sera?
Scott Cooper (10 months ago)
Lose the music....
Rude Rodriquez (10 months ago)
Sweet...Sweet Hottie's
Kiyre Murphy (10 months ago)
wulfe man (10 months ago)
Alberto Abarzua (8 months ago)
Nice seafood buffet😁
Mark P (10 months ago)
THE only way this video could possibly be any better is if I was there!!!🔥😛🔥🔥🔥
SS Standartenfuhrer (5 months ago)
I was there let me have your handle and you can join us next time but make sure are fit I mean fit there's a lot of night work .
알바트로스 (10 months ago)
fortnite gamer429 (1 year ago)
fortnite gamer429 (1 year ago)
Weekend Pirate (1 year ago)
Good edit. Check out our South Florida Outdoor and Fishing Vlog Channel if you get a chance!

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