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How to Wear: Maxi Dresses

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Strapless Black Maxi Dress: Forever21 (One shown is no longer sold) http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=dress%5Fmaxi&product%5Fid=2000008686&Page=all&pgcount=25 http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=dress%5Fmaxi&product%5Fid=2000012912&Page=all&pgcount=25 Summer "Formal" Maxi Dress: Necklace- Forever21 Sandals- DSW (Brand: Italian Shoe Maker) Casual Boho Maxi Dress: Denim Shirt- Charlotte Russe Earrings- Forever21 Sandals- Charlotte Russe *Hey Meghan You Look Blonder/Tanner: http://meghanrosette.blogspot.com/2011/05/spring-into-summer-challenge.html Nails- China Glaze Midnight Kiss Camcorder is: Sony HD HandyCam HDR-CX110 FTC: I purchased everything. All opinions are my own & I am not being paid. If you're a company wishing to send me products to review please contact me at my work email at [email protected] Follow me on twitter to request vids, know if I'm having tenchnicall dificultys, and to hear my ramblings :) iPhone Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/iStalkMeghan Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/meghanrosette Tumblr: http://meghanrosette.tumblr.com/ Blippy: http://blippy.com/meghanrosette Blog: http://meghanrosette.blogspot.com/ Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/meghanrosette2 Dailybooth: http://dailybooth.com/meghanrosette Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/meghanrosettte Enjoy! Comment&like&subscribe!
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Text Comments (163)
Gothiczartan (9 months ago)
One sexy blanket.
sourcing catchymarket (1 year ago)
We sell it at 250 USD now on our siteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, check my bioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...................................................................................................
HeyScoutie (2 years ago)
This is just the greatest thing hahahahah. How the times have changed
fantasic avuntures (4 years ago)
Everyone always says I talk very fast and it is a tad overwhelming/annoying. No offense but I totally get what they mean now. I had to stop watching because of how fast you were talking. Slow it down.
fantasic avuntures (4 years ago)
Everyone always says I talk very fast and it is a tad overwhelming/annoying. No offense but I totally get what they mean now. I had to stop watching because of how fast you were talking. Slow it down.
Maria madsen (5 years ago)
so cute:-)
Marilyn Abelon (5 years ago)
So cute....I agree! My summer obsession too! You look adorable.
cyriena22 (5 years ago)
i love love your energy ;)
shazb (5 years ago)
a little more BAM and a little less DAMN
0sCOPE360 (6 years ago)
Rossete :P jeder der deutsch versteht und sich auch gerade einen ablacht daumen hoch :D
Celia Daniels (6 years ago)
love your maxi syle
imarabeats (6 years ago)
Those things are so trashy though, on most women.
jvyl2007 (6 years ago)
If you don't mine, could you say what bra size you are, because I'm a C and I'm not sure if that is big or small lol >.>
TheN3094 (7 years ago)
This was my first meghan video. I love u meghan! :)))))
Francesca Papillo (7 years ago)
what age do you think someone should be in order to wear a maxi dress?
Jess (7 years ago)
You are bloody crazy megan ;) i wish we had forever 21 in australia. BTW ive tried these techs and they work......thanks xx
Lacoux (7 years ago)
haha i liked it when you said large "TATAS"
정하고고 (7 years ago)
@nusaybah215 im 16 and im 6"1 and i rock heels! if i can you definitely can!
gwynneio (7 years ago)
@nusaybah215 Do it anyway if you want to ! Rock it!
Ellisya Aiman (7 years ago)
I love you already!
speedlearner (7 years ago)
You mentioned in the video that it was nice and warm. But what you forgot to mention was how warm it was. What was the actual temperature? It looks like your house is on a hill or mountain. Is that so? And what kind of trees are growing in the background? Was this a spring day, a summer day, or a fall day in the video? And what fabric was the maxi dress you were wearing made of. You shouldn't wear anything uncomfortable.
gfdhlk tjllutr (7 years ago)
are you wearing lipstick in the video? if so, it's really pretty. what's it called?
Megan Henderson (7 years ago)
where are u from???:) and i love your personality!
jackie riekert (7 years ago)
i love how your like "haha that was funny"
aisham (7 years ago)
I think losing the necklace and replacing it with some braided bracelete would make it more casual.
Rhiannon Ashlee (7 years ago)
@meghanrosette ha this makes me laugh, i've had people say i've copied beautycrush on one of my videos and she is my friend too and i just think omg people get over it, there are more than one version of a video and every guru is different and bring something else to their video x
Jnortsify (7 years ago)
I just ordered a camelbak Meghan! I'm so excited for it to arrive!!!
katster1880soccer (7 years ago)
@marianalovesu she talked about that in the vid...
Ali (7 years ago)
lol um when you wear heels the actual length of your body and legs doesn't change so putting on heels (below the hem of the dress) won't make the hem be up at your calves!
Mariana Caldera (7 years ago)
Can a short girl wear maxi dresses? I'm short only 5 ft and I like they'll make me look shorter
Alyssa Telo (7 years ago)
@BIARS11 sounded like sarcasm because she accidently deleted the end of the video :)
Hailey Braida (7 years ago)
i don't think maxi dresses would look very flattering on me but i love this video! (:
Lily Marie (7 years ago)
LOL 4:06
Alexandra Baird (7 years ago)
omg THANK you. You totally gave me the courage to wear one! Thank you!
Bia Sardinha (7 years ago)
i didn´t inderstand why she said, of course i deleted the end. Can someone please explain? :)
Mychannel (7 years ago)
Hey Meghan You looked so pretty in this video, (even though you look absoutley gorgeous in every video.) You are so funny and crazy and i love it and YOU!
Amber Thorlton (7 years ago)
haha 4:06-4:09 :)
Kathleen Unson (7 years ago)
Your skin is pwetty. :3
stainedinyou (7 years ago)
How about wearing maxi dresses/skirts when you're short AND you cannot wear heels? Still possible?? :-) xoxo♥
glam0it0up (7 years ago)
I N L O V E with your hair.<3
risingwater (7 years ago)
I just bought the most gorgeous printed maxi dress! Loooooooooooooooove!!
Chelssy Vasquez (7 years ago)
you always sound out of breath, but amazing video :)
Chloe Nicole (7 years ago)
@moeskatekun What?
MsRosalieMarie (7 years ago)
@meghanrosette as long as u checked it with her and she truly doesnt care
glowshimmerglow (7 years ago)
Yay finally someone with a big foot like me!!!!! I couldn't help but notice the "10". I'm a 10 too. Yay!
SheIsMaria (7 years ago)
u remind me of Joss Stone :)
Niral (7 years ago)
@MsRosalieMarie chill your balls
MsRosalieMarie (7 years ago)
wow. way to copy meganheartsmakeup...
Georgia Papadopoulou (7 years ago)
omg just take a breath would you? you gave me a headacke.
Clarissa Williams (7 years ago)
@Neta303 you can use foxy curls from bed head. It actually works!
Amie Mariah (7 years ago)
oh meghan how i love you and my videos, you make me laugh, your vidoes are super helpful and ur insanely pretty! <3 i must get a maxi dress NO! you made them look stunning! :)
Kristen Howlett (7 years ago)
@xFantasyxExperimentx newfoundlanddd, our weather is absolute SHIT
Nat L (7 years ago)
jw how tall are you?:)
Whitney Nixon (7 years ago)
-___- i want to just snatch ur hair off ur head! ahah no seriously i want ur hair!!!ahah
Lindsay T (7 years ago)
I am 6 feet tall! ;) I love maxi dresses too but I always have to make sure they're long enough or else I look extremely stupid. Haha.
Lindsey Hughes (7 years ago)
ah i love it <3 i just got a floral maxi from F21 a few weeks ago and i really want to wear it now :)
kitty2catt (7 years ago)
@SweetCaroline432 i know! i've been looking for one too!
ArushiDutt (7 years ago)
you love those gold shoes don't you? haha
Jada K (7 years ago)
@meghanrosette im still trying to get over the fact that u replied to me!!
Tessa Weyrauch (7 years ago)
Olivia Rae (7 years ago)
Your hilarious a little more bam and a little less damn
Madidances (7 years ago)
I really enjoy your opening with the music and name and everything :)
ZoeB94 (7 years ago)
Your teeth are SO white! And SO amazingly perfect! Wowwwww i'm jealous.
Nets (7 years ago)
How do you keep your hair curly with no frizz and still moveable? I have curly hair but I have to use a significant amount of product for it to not look frizzy and to define the curls. But then its not as flippy and moveable as yours :(. HOW do you get amazing hair like that?
GlamourGirl287 (7 years ago)
@OliviaMakeupChannel me too and idk why!
Olivia Frescura (7 years ago)
when I clicked this I thought it was a meganheartsmakeup vid for some reason!
Aspyn Ovard (7 years ago)
Dea S. (7 years ago)
I love how people are like maxi dresses and bright colors are huge this summer..... uhh they are huge every summer
Cyra B (7 years ago)
I always forget how long your hair is. and then when you do a video like this where I can see all your hair...I'm like WHOA. long hair. and then I miss my long hair.
Anninan Watton (7 years ago)
heyyiaaa i have 2 pattern maxi dresses and I'm really short and i love them im going on holiday and i cant wait to wear them!! my sister is really tall and she wears pattern maxi dresses and they look really good on her to :D xoxo
what does Zomg mean?
Rynel Luo (7 years ago)
@TwinkleTheDog11 she said in the video 5 foot 8
Delaney Black (7 years ago)
You are so pretty! Thanks for the tips on maxi dresses! They were helpful! :)
Alicia Qin (7 years ago)
loving the 2nd look with the denim shirt. really suits you :)))
AznChick518 (7 years ago)
you're so cute!
Seanee Lefferts (7 years ago)
waycool4555 (7 years ago)
Your backyard is beautiful
Emelie (7 years ago)
I'm 5'3 but i'll never find one that fits me, im a bit curvy and short.
Gabrielle M (7 years ago)
Thestarrycherry (7 years ago)
Your natural hair is shooo gorgeous girl!!!I wish i have naturally wavy hair too:)
Anja (7 years ago)
I love maxi dresses !
sadie mcdade (7 years ago)
What lipstick are you wearing? it's sthuper pretty
ShineBright (7 years ago)
im 5'8 and skinny, so i dont have balls to wear maxi dresss cuz i look like a bag, it doesnt give me any curves haha
Emily George (7 years ago)
let's switch hairrr?
lengend1111 (7 years ago)
she talks so much shes out of breath, breaaaaaaaaath
MissLocosueno (7 years ago)
I love you :)
Kendi Kirimi (7 years ago)
a little more bam a little less damn :P
nickjonasluvah (7 years ago)
Do a CopyCat videooo! (:
Shannon Downey (7 years ago)
Girl, stop deleting your form spring. You're going to be at account 18 by the end of the summer!! :P
Vlada Sedova (7 years ago)
how tall are you? (: it looks great on you!
julaai (7 years ago)
you should wear a braaa if you have big tatas.....
Jamie (7 years ago)
beaglechen (7 years ago)
boo for short girls :(
Trixie Bowden (7 years ago)
you are one of the prettiest people i have ever seen! i recently discovered your videos but you are easily one of my favorite gurus. you are also hilarious! you make me happy when im down! dont stop! xoxo
MojoTana (7 years ago)
when you said ta-tas, I DIED laughing. love you meghan!
lcalotes (7 years ago)
taa taaas
Irene T (7 years ago)
@SabrinaCouture16 it is very easy to recognize real hair! Her hair is very naturally waved at the end just like the top :) stunning hair she has!
Sam (7 years ago)
yay thanks so much meghan! so helpful!
Christina (7 years ago)
"the pop of color makes it a little more BAM, and a little less DAMN!" haha
Ivy Doxtader (7 years ago)
Hey Meghan, I want to start a new beauty channel but i cant think of a username?!?! My name is Ivy Cecelia and i love film making, photography, fashion, beauty and summer time! Please help if can, Thanks!

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