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Question #1: Men's Nipples

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Attention youtube brood, riddle me this! Why do Men/Boys/Guys have nipples? That is what i want you to tell me!
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sidewaysfcs0718 (9 years ago)
well nipples arent completely useless ...they are an errogenous area ..even in males ...
Haldir1970 (9 years ago)
@sidewaysfcs0718 We kind of all start out as female - it is only the process of androgenization (while embryos) that make embryos male. Nipples make us mammals - in males they are essentially vestigial.
overwelmingodds (9 years ago)
I did it in one take because quality was never my biggest concern.
ajbauto (9 years ago)
hate when people have to cut their videos every 5 seconds because they can't think of more than 1 line to say how many hours did it take to make 1minute.
sidewaysfcs0718 (9 years ago)
The answer is that as embryos men and women have similar tissues and body parts. If anything the embryo follows a 'female template'. That is why nipples are present in both sexes. so for a small time ..before we are born ..we are ALL female ...
mytubegasm (10 years ago)
omg ive been wondering the SAME THING!!! :O
overwelmingodds (10 years ago)
I just wanted to address all of your possible concerns but as you can see like all of your previous comments, this did not have a point. See you around the bend.
overwelmingodds (10 years ago)
Three comments were not necessary in most cases one will do but in this instance i would have been happy had you not left s comment at all. And regarding your first comment again, i don't feel 'inferior to others', i am at least level with them if not superior. Finally, why the hell would you actually seriously answer my question seriously??? Use some wit, make up something funny and original, don't give me science, science is boring.
overwelmingodds (10 years ago)
Hey Oberonian. You caused just a little bit of offense which is weird because i usually enjoy negative comments. Anyway i looked on your page and i am now satisfied that no matter what you say at least i am not a forty five year old Australia with a backwater channel and piss poor videos. I hope this was helpful. Oh and no offense for what i said earlier regarding your you tube channel.
Oberonian (10 years ago)
If you are troubled greatly, you could have them surgically removed or tie tight rubber bands around them and after a while they should drop off. I hope this was helpful. Oh & no offence for my earlier remark.
Oberonian (10 years ago)
Secondly, to your question, that could easily be answered by a simple internet search. Men and women have similar body parts and tissue and as a matter of evolutionary efficiency or convenience, their embryos follow that of a female template. Then the male hormone (due to the Y chromosome) produces the growth of the penis and testicles. And this process does not occur until after the nipples have already appeared. Hence why they stay.
Oberonian (10 years ago)
Firstly, "Moses", no offence but, I object to your statement of us "small people on the internet". Just because you feel the need to perhaps fill a void in your life by putting pointless self-indulging videos on YouTube, does not make you inferior to others that may stumble upon it while searching for silly vidoes. No offence though.
overwelmingodds (10 years ago)
You are right, it is pretty darn cool! I laugh at the people who laugh at Scarlett Johanson because i like her face - does that sound weird?
cheeya9000 (10 years ago)
You started out as a chica. Same with your junk. It's just stretched-out, modified ladybits. *scratches head* I have a way with words that I will never understand.
overwelmingodds (10 years ago)
Speak for yourself, I think i would look brilliant with man boobs.
overwelmingodds (10 years ago)
I was worried that i had received my first completely factual and serious comment but you made up for it at the end so disaster averted.
catrific (10 years ago)
youre weird. <3
Erin Biel (10 years ago)
uhm, to torcher your fellow men by giving them "purple nurples"? idk, thats my best guess.
tuckerjames24 (10 years ago)
They're our "man" bobbies. We really would feel left out if we didnt have them, plus they are sooooooooo DAMN sensitive, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah!
Thee_jmarie (10 years ago)
Hah! That question is to remain a mystery... *in deep thought*... AnnaBanana:)

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