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Alessandra Ambrosio’s Final Look IDENTICAL to Kendall Jenner’s | 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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Alessandra Ambrosio's final look is strikingly similar to Kendall Jenner's look from the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Should her FINAL walk at the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show have been a better look? Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SubToHS Get the scoop - Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com/entertainment Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollyscooptv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyscoop Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/hollyscoop Hollyscoop brings you the latest entertainment news and breaks down what's happening with the celebrities everyone is obsessing over, like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and more. We keep you up to date with the latest buzz out of Hollywood.
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Text Comments (55)
Doggo Bork (2 months ago)
Lol what? The only similar things I see are the bra and panties lol, besides from that they look nothing alike.
vtrly (4 months ago)
I know this is old but I swear all they do is try to start shit its really annoying
Melissa Sweigart (11 months ago)
kendell is a joke. Ale is the best hands down
Evelyn Alarcon (11 months ago)
It’s NOT identical tbh
Lotsoflovefromchloe (1 year ago)
Should’ve gone to Specsavers. The outfits are nothing alike
jocone123 (1 year ago)
How stupid is this?
Bd H (1 year ago)
There's only a small difference. One of them is an actual supermodel who can walk and the other thinks she's a supermodel. The only thing identical is the red color. Other than that, you need to re-examine what "identical" actually is...
Jeovana N (11 months ago)
Bd H 👏👏
Elena Giménez (1 year ago)
It's not the same.... come on...
Marcos Carrera (1 year ago)
Queen Ale!
Koyuki Daze (1 year ago)
The only similar thing is the color of the lingerie. That's it. Ale's aura far more beautiful than that jenner girl.
일없다 (1 year ago)
That host looks like Lindsey Elingson former VS angel..
Mary Ravoka (1 year ago)
Not even close 😂
Anony Mous (1 year ago)
SIMILAR?!?!?! Get an eye surgery!
Not so crazy fangirl (1 year ago)
Funny. Really.
Kellyann thomas (1 year ago)
Kendall hands down!!**
Ashley Rose (1 year ago)
Has a similar outfit *Puts “identical” in the title*
Chase Wright (1 year ago)
Not that bad though
Huy Phạm (1 year ago)
someone just need eye check actually
Lumos Adri (1 year ago)
How stupid do you have to be to belive they are identical?
Official Seaside (1 year ago)
Yes I agree the outfit could have been a little more original. My first thought when Alessandra walked out in that red number was that I thought I had seen it before. She is a real legend though and the show won't be the same without her. Crying now.
Rebecca (1 year ago)
A farewell walk down the runway really deserves to have the most spectacular outfit ever seen. Not sure why VS put her in something that resembled something we have seen before. Been there done that. But she still looked stunning.
lenay _superfan (1 year ago)
just because it's red it's not similar
Linda Wetherill (1 year ago)
Alessandra Ambrosio would look gorgeous in a burlap sack, but I also felt that her retirement costume should have been something that reached a whole new level of originality. As soon as I saw her I remembered Kendall Jenner's outfit from last year because they were pretty similar. I will still miss seeing her in the shows. She has always been my favorite angel.
Alex King (1 year ago)
I agree that for her retirement Alessandra should have been given an outfit unlike anything we have ever seen. I don't understand why they gave her one that looks a lot like the one Kendall wore last year. It shared a lot of the same elements. I wish Alessandra had been given the most unique costume ever seen. She is one of the true stars of the show.
Jeovana N (11 months ago)
cheekysena bear they knew
cheekysena bear (1 year ago)
Alex King no one knew she would retire
Jillian Lewis (1 year ago)
WTF they look nothing alike, they're just both red
44vnet (1 year ago)
I noticed how similar these outfits were too- not exactly the same but close enough that I did a double take. I think we will miss Alessandra in next year's show. She is everything!
Samantha G (1 year ago)
Samantha G (1 year ago)
Are you really that stupid? It's fucking Victoria's Secret!!
Stylemealiya (1 year ago)
The only similarity is the red and they actually look completely different
didie didie (1 year ago)
so stupid!!!
Mayera Talbot (1 year ago)
Nothing is similar Kendall can't be compared with Alessandra queen
Jeovana N (11 months ago)
Mayera Talbot true
Mayera Talbot (1 year ago)
She is the queen
james mullins (1 year ago)
You guys are stupid af. Who the fuck comes up with these stupid ideas?? In what universe do these outfits look even remotely alike? 🤔😒 All you wanted to do is use Kendall in the thumbnail to get more views, she wasn't even at the show so why are you mentioning her. 😠👎
realcolataste97 (1 year ago)
Look up the definition of identical please
GOLD DIGGER (1 year ago)
Only difference is Kendall
Ella (1 year ago)
It's hardly identical
Anne (1 year ago)
Who will replace her?
udita B (4 months ago)
Anne,no-one can replace her...
Alexander Ortiz (11 months ago)
Matsuo Miku (1 year ago)
No one
Bd H (1 year ago)
Probably no one at this point because they still have a wide range of Angels working for them. But let's be honest. Alessandra will never, ever be replaced. She's one of the rare jewels that VS will never replace. It's a lot like Tyra. Their spots are only going to be filled. The next person will never be able to outshine and replace them.
clownery (1 year ago)
Not Kendall, GiGi or Bella. Let's just get that straight. Alessandra is a queen and can't be compared.
Jemma Ferraro (1 year ago)

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