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Changing Stereotypes of Black Men - Tyra (Part 4)

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The Tyra Banks Show - ''Changing stereotypes of black men'' (Recorded Feb 17, 2009, WWOR)
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Azora Manelli (1 year ago)
michel(le)obama tranny
Jordan Alex (2 years ago)
Vertigo Dreams (2 years ago)
yeah sure Tyra you didn't push all men black men away. But who did you end up marrying? A white man
Queen Beyoncé (2 years ago)
Because she loves him not because of his skin colour 😒😴
Yon ce (3 years ago)
Calling Barack obama a black man is Black people being ignorant not seeing his as also being half white too... He is Mixed race not one race!
Liana Kenoly (3 years ago)
I understand being proud of your culture and your people, but I am Black, White, Puerto-Rican and Hawaiian and have a complexion that makes you think I'm Colombian. But personally, I love white boys! Blond hair, blue eyes, tall and skinny with a big nose, I am proud of who I am, but I'm also proud of who I like as well. ;)
Kameshia Elsenpeter (2 years ago)
HrtBrKaylz (4 years ago)
I get that guys are not willing to date black women because of the stereotypes and yes sometimes women do fall into these stereotypes but not every black woman is like that.. i think they forget that.. if they have a preference that's fine but don't dismiss someone when you don't truly know their character and this goes for the women as well.. not all black guys are the same.. there is good and bad in every race 
Alpheus Davis (1 year ago)
4LIFE1DEEP1 (4 years ago)
A lot of dumb ass black people thought since Barrack Obama is President racism ended and there is no excuse for black men. Now so many black men are being murder by police officers and nonblack people and Obama, your Hero, is not doing a damn thing about it.
ochuko eduvie (4 years ago)
this show doesn't deal with any stereotypes of black men
oldschoolsinger (4 years ago)
We as Black people are so ignorant to the idea of reverse-discrimination. If a man, ANY man, Black or White had said something like "you haven't lived until you've made love to a White woman", Black people on the show would've lost their goddamn minds. When the fuck are we going to get over saying shit like that? As a Black man that's been with both Black and White women, there are highly sexual Black women and highly sexual White women. There's no difference. It's all a matter of what your personal preference is. 
Sydney O'Neal (3 years ago)
I agree with you, but I don't think you should lump us (as black people) all together on that instance. I and many of my black friends would have been super uncomfortable hearing that! Sounds like one of those creepy guys that has jungle fever lol. 
Kayotic217 (4 years ago)
Ma and pa kettle have their own preferences, and who cares you have to look in the mirror AT the real issue instead of color there is trash in all hue mans
prioritize first (4 years ago)
maybe if everyone dates outside the race and everyone starts mixing, we'll create our own nationality, then we won't have to be all divided into black, Asian, Hispanic, white...just saying its not wrong to date outside your race. and if black men wanna date outside their race, black women should give it try, too, they may like it...
Jazzmine Bustillo (4 years ago)
Honestly I'm half Mexican and Honduran. I like middle eastern men. Mexican guys are just not for me at all.
DaringAura (5 years ago)
Obama's wife is not attractive at ALL, she's kinda ugly not to be mean but its true. these black guys might want to start dating their own race before there race is gone, cause there killing each other more then reproducing.
DaringAura (5 years ago)
You say not only white people can be racist like whites are way more racist, I'd say whites only make up 20% of racist problems if even that. and the rest are blacks and mexicans.
GeniusMusikk (5 years ago)
I think where the anger and resentment in people not dating a certain race is that some do it for superficial, demeaning or hateful reasons. If you are simply not attracted to someone then you're not but if you completely disregard someone due to their race, that is what's aggravating
Booxeen (5 years ago)
Isn't this racist towards white people too? Since apparently those 2 can't date white women and men because they are black? -_- Racism goes both ways, it isn't only white people that can be racist, asian, african, indian and so on, we all can let out racist comments! If they want to date someone other than black men/women, let them... Why can't people start to accept everyone, no matter what color, religious views and sexuality...
MsLisalisa24 (5 years ago)
SMH I am black so please hush and two Negro simply means black. Please look up the etiology of words in different languages please
Eve Jepsen (5 years ago)
i think sister just isn't attracted to black men, why else would she not date them in general...
Eve Jepsen (5 years ago)
there is strong and there is bossy...there's a difference...
Eve Jepsen (5 years ago)
what connie isn't transgender woman in a mans body???she could have fooled me...why them black women be trippin trying to tell brothers who to date,. its just wrong ጌጋ sista,ጌጋ
Eve Jepsen (5 years ago)
you cannot use that word like that...sounds almost like the' n word', n word...you can say 'that negro be trippin', but not 'by a negro'...ok?...you sound totally white supremacist...hello...hello houston...don't cause a problem...
Fidia Rahman (5 years ago)
I think that professor won every single argument and debate in his life
roger8654 (5 years ago)
Obama described himself
MsLisalisa24 (5 years ago)
Dummy where did I say in my response that "all people are like this"? I am a product of interracial dating. The only thing I said was that if a black man doesn't want a black woman that's fine and I support his decision. If you weren't to busy playing "save a life" then you could comprehend my response correctly please do not say anything else to me
Lily T (5 years ago)
the beauty behind interracial dating is that it suggests that we can look past race, but when people do it because they hate their own race... there is a problem here. I married outside my race but I would go back and still date people from my own race or people of any race, because it's what is inside that matters. When you say all ___ people are like this, you are doing everyone a disservice. And you will likely rub your bigotry off on others, and the world doesn't get better that way. Be open
Lily T (5 years ago)
My mom taught me to not allow myself to get serious with a man who wont respect me. She told me to ask questions that really gets down to someone's character. Many men don't like to be probed like that, but that's how I ended up with a good man. That man feels strong women treat him like a little boy, then don't act like one. A great women will speak wisdoms, and great men will listen, show respect and wait for their turn to speak and share their wisdom. But that guy doesn't have any.
Jayson S (5 years ago)
"Whatever floats your boat, float with it."
MsLisalisa24 (5 years ago)
Look if a black man doesn't want a black woman then that's fine and I support his decision . So stop downing interracial dating. The best ive ever been treated was by a white man not a negro
MsLisalisa24 (5 years ago)
Anais Evans (5 years ago)
i wish people would just love someone for who they are, not their skin colour.
Taylor Jolly (5 years ago)
and so do White women and Mexican/Hispanic...Whats your point?
Nicole M (5 years ago)
Just because you had a bad experience with a race or ethnicity doesn't mean they are all like that. Maybe you should have a better judge of the persons character before you write people off as bad & then you'll see that not all black people are the same.
Tay L'wrenn (5 years ago)
This man is so stupid not all black women have an attitude and some white women do...It has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with an individuals personality and upbringing...I'm a white woman and I have what most men would consider "an attitude" which I believe is really just standards. I know what I want, What I deserve and how I should be treated. And if your not acting right and not treating me with the respect I deserve that when the attitude comes out.
CarodieCaro (5 years ago)
black women have a attitude problem
TheLadyFrodo (5 years ago)
Amen brother.
Just102Me (5 years ago)
Why should he date black women?? Because he's black.. I don't think that's a good reason.. But he shouldn't discriminate by color, it may be his perfect woman is black but because he closed the door for black woman he will never meet her but also his dream woman could also be white.. I just think you should keep your option open and don't choose by color but by what your heart feels.
BrayenBeatz (5 years ago)
the 2 white girls on the back dont look happy xD
So Done (5 years ago)
It was insulting when that man said "you've never made real love until you've made love to a strong black women" that is just hurtful, now i know he was just trying to have that other guy see that black women are beautiful too but he just went to far.
fae489 (5 years ago)
lmfao yoo the white boy who stood up in the crowd and was asked has he ever made love to a black woman before had me crying when he asked tyra "well what are you doing" idk why that was soo funny to me but best believe i kept rewinding that part
Jahnaye (5 years ago)
The guy who wrote the book kind of reminds me of sinbad is that weird??
Young Future (5 years ago)
well I'm a black girl. And the only thing I go to bed with is my Phone :S
Jewel Ramlochan (5 years ago)
i think people look all they lives and never find that special someone so they give people hope but in reality its different
That Deplorable Dude (5 years ago)
Monkey face? You ignorant S.O.B I hope your not black, cause I would really have to cut you up.
VHS Junkie (5 years ago)
That is so dead on. Respect.
TehBrackShiip (5 years ago)
Why does he keep licking his fucking lips lmfao.
Grenadian Candy (5 years ago)
i love the Dr guy!! he is great!
raymond gilliam (5 years ago)
This is for Andrew Reyes your race never did nothing for this country you low wage working bean eat'en faggot mexican's was know wear to be found in civil rights era never stood for nothing I'm in calI. S.f. look Me up u Faggot yeh I'm black & I'm proud nasty ass wet back tb vd aid carrying imbred mother fucker go fuck yo mama. Mickey mo SanFran.
hottnessfarra (5 years ago)
Oh god us black people can goes on and on about the sexes. Black men can talk about the weaves, attitude, and bitterness. Black women can talk about the jail, the kids, anger, blah blah back and forth... We got issues. Period.
ese oriayo (5 years ago)
Ok thaks for clearifying. Sorry for the use of "hate"
ese oriayo (5 years ago)
Why do u hate asian men? i guess you arabian?
Alarice (5 years ago)
Everyone's allowed to have preferences in race. Like it's cool if a black man prefers white women because he thinks they're exceptionally beautiful, or even white men prefer black women for same reasons. Some people are just that way, and interracial couples are beautiful to see. However, I do agree that it's a shame and unfortunate when their preference is just to avoid negative stereotypes of the opposite gender from their own race.
Jamaican Queen25 (5 years ago)
What you doing?? LOL
IVY C PF (5 years ago)
let be honest we dont know what happens behind close doors all we know mchelle is slapping her husband around we dont know lol
RactupusRex (5 years ago)
I've dated girls of many races and for medating black women is easier. We usually have more in common. White women are aight too :) but I picture myself marrying a black woman
detroitsbest (5 years ago)
i don't know many women in detroit want thugs, hood like a mud lol, and they run from educated good guys or cheat on them i been a victim time and time again :(
Jamaican Queen25 (5 years ago)
I Love that man!! He is soo intelligent, articulate.. just everything!!
goduxunike (5 years ago)
I find it funny how they talk about each other as "brothers" and "sisters"
goduxunike (5 years ago)
_ The Gatekeeper_ (6 years ago)
most women do that dumb shit
flamefleir (6 years ago)
kinkyafrogirl93 (6 years ago)
are you a lesbian?
jane doe (6 years ago)
I like the professor. He is like a rapper spouting philosophy
flamefleir (6 years ago)
jinny bikini (6 years ago)
I must have been smoking something to think that relationship would have worked.
jinny bikini (6 years ago)
It's almost like he expected me to be this mouthy, angry moody type of person that wanted something from him but found out that I was quite the opposite (cool, calm, collected and didn't care), so he started to find things that were wrong with me (in his opinion). Mind you in those two months we broke up twice. To this day I look back and think how stupid I was to have even agreed to go with him on a first date.
jinny bikini (6 years ago)
I understand how Ja'net is feeling. I am a foreigner of African origin. I tried dating an African American man and it was one big disaster.He also claimed he was a pastor/deacon. He did not cheat but brotha came with big issues; ex- issues, baby mamas, u name it!. To the point he would start picking out my flaws and picking me apart. I felt like he was set on destroying my self esteem. We dated like 2 months on and off ( yeah 2 months is a really short time to date on and off!)
demonte durham (6 years ago)
once you go black never go back
Amber Robinson (6 years ago)
Dr. Dyson is so smooth!!!! Next president after Barack's second term???
TheWanskiz (6 years ago)
What a joke
Bria Hall (6 years ago)
>fucking ass idiot LOL what?
mjdc2505 (6 years ago)
I don't have no problem or complaining about people marrying/dating who they want! You should tell yourself to shut up you fucking ass idiot.
devilshomie (6 years ago)
Honestly date whoever the fuck you want. Every race has women and men that are assholes so don't say oh insert race is awful because someone broke your heart so I'm gonna date outside my race but don't condemn me for dating who I want to date regardless of race or gender.
Bria Hall (6 years ago)
Nah people just date whoever they want and if thats the case thats none of my business Idc what others do in their life. :T
Papa Collabo (6 years ago)
Nothing to say? you know I am right. White boys love their white girls, Latino men love their Latina women. the same for Asian, but black men hate black women and black women hate black men. Black men get few dollars, their rush marrying white women that they always fantasize.
Bria Hall (6 years ago)
Bria Hall (6 years ago)
Not true at all.I rarely hear about it here.Actually I know some white men and an asian woman who would never date in their race. Its a preference and everyone should respect it.Race doesn't exist anyways. :D
Bria Hall (6 years ago)
Ikr I'm going to date whoever no matter what xD
Bria Hall (6 years ago)
People can date whoever they want shut up
swlovesvegans (6 years ago)
racist against his own race. Lame
mjdc2505 (6 years ago)
Obama married outside his race and alot of Black people adore it like it's a real Black relationship.
wallysk (6 years ago)
lmao that teacher is amazing
China M (6 years ago)
Please look up the definition of "racist".
Morgan Rast (6 years ago)
Because the Tyra show interests me? and why do you care what I do with my life? Why are you on these videos?
Fantasy Paladin (6 years ago)
1:33 thats BS. other races do that shit to. yeah white girls are a bit more easier and slutty, but thats doesnt mean black women arent worth it.
Morgan Rast (6 years ago)
skinnycarrotchan (6 years ago)
A 'true' siter? what the heck does that mean? black women come in all shades and all kinds of personalities.
El Gray (6 years ago)
People need to stop looking at ppl skin color and guessing their personality. That's idiotic and small mindless at it's best.
El Gray (6 years ago)
Richard is an idiot
El Gray (6 years ago)
what is a true sister?
Morgan Rast (6 years ago)
OMGtaffy (6 years ago)
That sweater was pretty effin ugly...lol !!!!!!!
Taylor Rose (6 years ago)
who goes to sleep with there fist balled,that is uncomfortable.I take up the whole bed when I am sleep no balled up over here LOL :)
Morgan Rast (6 years ago)
I don't care what the race, all women are very strong and independent now. I will not let anyone walk all over me. Absolutely not.
Rogelio Caro (6 years ago)
To the girl: it's not black men that are the problem, the problem is where ur looking for them or who U choose! If ur frm the hood nd are pickin up hood guys don't get mad at all black men because the ones u chose did u wrong! Be responsible enough to know that u deserve a good man whether black, white, asian, latin etc. Don't be done with black men, be done with lowlife assholes!
Rogelio Caro (6 years ago)
To the first guy: Not all black women are the same, i can understand how u might think that bcuz of how the black women were n YOUR neighborhood but there are a rainbow of different personalities in every race! 2 othr guys : AGAIN, not all black women are the same. U can't combat him stereotyping by saying he just can't handle the strength in black women! It's just as bad to cover a stereotype with another positive stereotype than it is to use the original stereotype.
Tina Woolfolk (6 years ago)
that black president thing is tried and dumb and im black he aint here to help me
Tina B. (6 years ago)
exactly u cant go anywhere without a guy talking about our asses!
Tina B. (6 years ago)
By the way i'm black and my friends tell me i act and sound white
Tina B. (6 years ago)
I hate that! I was told that I'm not allowed to be gothic because all black people are supposed to be ghetto, fat, and they listen to rap.

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