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Cold Cave - Believe in My Blood

184 ratings | 20605 views
http://www.coldcave.net http://www.facebook.com/COLDCAVE http://www.twitter.com/coldcave23
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Text Comments (13)
ELE's (1 year ago)
Can't get enough of this track!
AelfBeat (1 year ago)
Wow. Some dumb comments so far. Respect the Cold Cave!
Bradford Meahaw (2 years ago)
fav cold cave track wish he would make more like this
Dante Palomba (2 years ago)
The lyrics are great!
SloreTactician (3 years ago)
This may be the only picture that exists of Wes Eisold smiling.
Alejandra Cardoso (3 years ago)
Jack's Film Orchard (3 years ago)
holy shit!!!
Lon Garrick (3 years ago)
selena gomez and zedd stole your song
rayliam80 (5 years ago)
Depeche Mode came back from the dead?
Nicholas Roberts (5 years ago)
stop thinking about kids rollerskating perve. song is brutal and cold. love it.
Leona Heidern (5 years ago)
Very gorgeous.
NMEofNWO (5 years ago)
Please if you wanna keep playing music from the 80's, keep it hadcore because all I see is kids rollerskating to strobe lights to this music.
batboy (2 years ago)
what's wrong with that

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