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Beach Cottage Home Tour // Before & After!

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Come join me on a tour through our little beach cottage. I'm sharing lots of before and after footage of the remodel as well as a back story on how we scored our house! UPDATED HOME TRANSFORMATION : Board and Batten Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MzV5u5iNug&t=1s To see more inside my home (with better footage!) visit my home decor playlist here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LihhWRdkYA8&list=PLJCGz9cFKqoMy6qH2mNtASLFXUTcvVtII SUBSCRIBE for new videos 2-3x per week! Find me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/ashlyncarter/
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Text Comments (870)
Rosalind Kincannon (6 days ago)
Beautiful and cozy
Cloudy Avenue (12 days ago)
My name is Ashlyn too :)
Muhamed wandawi Shakir (12 days ago)
Thesis Australia 🇦🇺
Kimber Lee (13 days ago)
Beautiful kitchen!
Emilia Chidester (16 days ago)
This is La Jolla where I used to live, I'm extremely good jealous.
Mikki Mack (27 days ago)
too much talking too little control of camera spanning/scanning over kitchen too fast
Sweet Tee (1 month ago)
I simply adore a clean white palate approach to kitchen decor. It's is so aesthetically pleasing.
life gratitude (1 month ago)
I love the story behind how you aquired the home, I did the same thing, same story, I rarely hear of others having the same story. God blesses us in so many ways!
Yidris Sucre (2 months ago)
Beautiful! I love it!
A. Sch. (2 months ago)
I'm getting seasick. Thanks for sharing.
saher Khan (2 months ago)
Artes da Fa (3 months ago)
holly fullerton (3 months ago)
House goals! Bedroom goals! Bathroom goals! Literally everything is goals. I can’t wait to have my own home and design it and such😊
Jen B (4 months ago)
Literally one of my favorite videos of all time on YouTube. Your house is #goals! I know you have changed it since this vid, (and I still love it) but I had to comment about it! Xoxo muah
Karl Rosenbaum (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us viewers. I love an all-white house with a touch of color here and there. Your children are so adorable. God bless all of you and your wonderful home.
Mary Pop Hins (5 months ago)
Très très très belle harmonie et atmosphère pour cet intérieur. Vraiment félicitations. Aussi par précaution je mettrais des caches prises dans la pièce familiale, surtout vers l'angle jeux de vos filles si charmantes. Bellissime continuation à vous.
Cie Oflove (5 months ago)
Travis 👍🏼
Estelle G (5 months ago)
Beautiful home thank you for sharing xx
G G (5 months ago)
Lexi's Mommy (5 months ago)
Beautiful! Can you please tell me the name of the tile you used in your backsplash in your kitchen and where you  purchased it?
Southern Joy (5 months ago)
What a beautiful home and family, thanks for sharing!
Pam Taylor (6 months ago)
Absolutely love your gorgeous home. Your husband was so smart to deliver letters to older home owners. Excellent idea in a tight market. The quartz countertops are the bomb!! So much better than granite. There's a quartz out currently that is the closest I've seen to looking like real marble. Yet without the hassle. Can't wait to update in a few years and try it in my home. In the family room, I've seen people add Ikea cabinets and put filler pieces in and add a countertop to give the space more storage and give it a built in look. That might help hide the toys. The transformation is incredible. Your probably going to get some offers to buy this house after seeing this video. You have such a great eye for design. I love everything ❤ Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous home. God Bless.
Dally White (6 months ago)
I subscribed!! I love this house tour it’s so unique and beautiful!
Michelle Connolly (6 months ago)
Literally the PERFECT home! layout, decor and I'm in love with the backyard 😍 I bet the previous owners are wondering why they didn't utlilize and enjoy the space while they had it. Your surrounding neighborhood is a dream too, might be watching this again and again like a a 10 minute vacation
Natalie Russ (6 months ago)
what a beautiful home great job..I have been to Oahu Hawaii 7 times and my fav place in the world
A v (6 months ago)
Where did you get the backsplash
A v (6 months ago)
Felicity Ray Self (6 months ago)
Love how you ALWAYS give credit where credit is due... your house is lovely and your family is adorable.
Heather D (7 months ago)
I love white too your house is beautiful!!!
latridic (7 months ago)
This is absolutely gorgeous but the camera was spinning too fast! But your home is so beautiful and your family also.
Almudena T (7 months ago)
Joyce Smith (7 months ago)
adorable babies
L Gary Adams (7 months ago)
Beautiful renovation!
Bridget Lotoft (7 months ago)
Your home is really nice! How do you keep it so crisp and clean with children? You give me hope! LOL
AJem Roberts (7 months ago)
Very beautiful home
Tammie Currie (7 months ago)
Geez I love this, y'all did a great job!
tee6611 (8 months ago)
Why did yo you disable the potty training vid comments..... is it because some ppl may disagree that you have your naked child on camera..........
digital cassette (8 months ago)
Bluewren Reilly (8 months ago)
It would have been a lot better without dialogue and a more expert video maker. Sorry but never good to lie. The home is lovely by the way.
yosomata (8 months ago)
Wow you did a lot of remodeling. Looks great!
Cassandra Williams (8 months ago)
I love how you envisioned it and turned this house into a beautiful cozy place!
Judith Montesdeoca zerpa (8 months ago)
Very very beatifoul !!! 🍒🌼🐬
Arielle Hansen (8 months ago)
I'm your neighbor in PB! Your house is so darling. Wonderful to see a cliff property to be so well loved and taken care of!
Arrhythmia Amarth (8 months ago)
Шоб я этак жил...
Like your home but video captured badly
A- De Amor (8 months ago)
I loved it!!! Your baby girl is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ashlyn carter (8 months ago)
she's 2 1/2 now!!! ah!
Sweettee beautiful (8 months ago)
Your home 😍😍😍
ashlyn carter (8 months ago)
thanks girl!
Angela Ayala (8 months ago)
I love your story of acquiring your family home. What a beautiful family you have.
Anna _ (8 months ago)
Your house is breathtaking. I feel like i can feel the ocean breeze!
ashlyn carter (8 months ago)
Anna De thank you Anna!
Sally Clay (8 months ago)
I love the light in there.
Sachi Hernandez (8 months ago)
Beautiful home, great taste luv the white furniture
Simmy Horwitz (9 months ago)
wow the transformation that you did here is amazing. when you showed the "before" images my jaw kept dropping! so well done!! beautiful home.
Marilyn Sitaker (9 months ago)
I love the results of all your hard work by you and your husband. Great family home! I also have lots of white furniture and agree that slipcovers make it a practical choice. (Ps I love your living room chairs, they are just the right scale and have a touch of elegance but not too fussy)
Greenish Katie Cleans (9 months ago)
So pretty!! Have you ever thought of using a wicker clothes hamper to store kids toys? I’m definitely going to invest in a few. Lol!🤗💗
FitStyled (9 months ago)
WOW! Ashlyn, it's amazing! You're so talented at seeing the final picture, too. I think that's hard to look at a before and see the after sometimes! And adding on the deck is such a good idea. You have great taste and vision! The hutch, the flowers on Florence's wall, the VIEW, and oh my gosh, the backsplash!! I LOVE the backsplash. Gives me ideas for my own house! We moved in to our dream home a couple months back and I did an empty house tour recently (we have the marble floors, too! So fun!). So happy for your fam to have your dream home! It's so inviting and beautiful!
Kathleen Bradfield (9 months ago)
How sweet they think that god gave them this home.
mizzchrist (9 months ago)
Love your home. Thanks for sharing.
Monica Molina (9 months ago)
beautiful 😍 . Remember that Jesus Christ loves you and he want to become your only savior of your soul
MsA Lopez Bard (9 months ago)
Wonderful after. Your house is full of ideas I could apply in mine. Hugs from Buenos Aires Argentina.
yuri love (9 months ago)
Beautiful house i wish, The lord could bless me with a house like your but i'm thankful for the one i have for now 🙈 he know what i need 🙌😃I love white too
lucy2426 (9 months ago)
Love your video! Your teeth are soooooo white. I used to work at dental office, I think that's why I always notice white teeth. Anyhow it great to hear you give God all the glory for what he has blessed you with!
Margaret Mojica (9 months ago)
I love a kitchen with white cabinets.  That is one thing about the See's chocolate shops that I like, the white walls with a little blue and white porcelain decorations.
Susan Velez (9 months ago)
It's beautiful I got dizzy though lol. Gosh I'm a 56 year old homeowner single mom and I don't know how people can afford to do what you did to your home. It is just stunning. Your children are beautiful. I'm a new subbie si I'm catching up
Beatriz Chastine (10 months ago)
You have a beautiful home. I love the mix of vintage and modern.
Connie Carroll (10 months ago)
Beautiful home 🏡😇💜
Your home is so beautiful and may God bless you.
Fouziya Chougle (10 months ago)
Lovely house 😍
EverythingGlamorous (10 months ago)
my god before was ugly i love how you remade this daaaamn that bathroom before had me in tears
Jasmine Orchard (10 months ago)
Very homey feel and cozy and close but still spacious. The in closed outdoor areas gives a spacious feel. There’s a lot of love in that home and that’s what makes it look so rich 😍😍
Sharilyn Kal (10 months ago)
pretty home but I got a super headache from the spinning of the camera.
kitty briones (10 months ago)
So beautiful you did an amazing job love every part of your house and you have such a beautiful family God bless
Yolanda Mendez (11 months ago)
Quedo hermosisimo
Joyce Patterson (11 months ago)
I just watched you for the first time tonight and loved your relationship with the Lord. Bless your heart. I signed up for your channel too, partly because I also love your gentle spirit that comes through. May God continue to bless you. Thanks for sharing Him and honoring Him!
emptyshoppingbag (11 months ago)
Your homebis beautiful
caroline_fashion_style (11 months ago)
Very nice video. I'm french and i have see a detail. In the wall of your child'bedroom, "aujourd'hui" take an "u". Ouups. Aujourd'hui =today. 😉🇫🇷
Sharon Lord (11 months ago)
Very inspiring and beautiful! I love how you and your husband wrote the letter asking for the consideration if owners may want to sell. That is so novel and I'm going to remember that. I'm though trying to sell mine so hope someone will write me the letter! :-)
Berliz Gonzalez (11 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your home with us, it's beautiful! Love your view!
Melissa Mabe Dixon (11 months ago)
I randomly stumbled on your channel (I was watching a flower arrangement video since I'm thinking about doing my own flowers for my wedding but I live in San Diego too!! We just moved here in August :)
Terrie Martin (11 months ago)
Very lovely house. Got dizzy with the camera though.
EverSoSophi ! (11 months ago)
Great home. I love the master bathroom vanity.
Raihaan Akra (11 months ago)
Wow its all white i really lovs white
Mel Pratt (11 months ago)
Lovely, Bright, and Beautifully Happy looking Home! Peace and blessings to you and your family!
BlackDawg (11 months ago)
Stormeyworld (1 year ago)
Your kids are so cute! And I really liked how you transformed your house. It's very nice and cozy. I love beach houses! One day I will live in one...just might have to be outside of California! 🙂
Sheila B (1 year ago)
Ashlyn, you have been so blessed with a beautiful, cozy, bright, airy and spirit filled home your family will love for years and years. Bless you and your family girl ❤️🤗🙏🏼
Pam Murphy (1 year ago)
Wow, what a transformation!  Beautiful!
deezie (1 year ago)
Your home is beautiful. I love the front door wreath made from oyster shells, would you mind telling me how you made it or where it was purchased? I live at the beach also and have tons of oyster shells and would love to make a wreath like that one thanks so much deezie
Trace S (1 year ago)
Paint Colours please!
saga2828 (1 year ago)
beautiful house!
contact y (1 year ago)
Nice home! Could I know what the wall colour is ?
Claire Watson (1 year ago)
WOW!! My dream home!
Phylicia Leak (1 year ago)
You guys did such a good job. Your home is lovely
Otis Spunkmeyer (1 year ago)
Ya ya ...get on with it already.
snipergang (1 year ago)
You did SUCH a good job on the renovations! Looks lovely
ohaitherehello1 (1 year ago)
blah blah blah god blah god blah. No one cares.
Marsheila Weatherford (1 year ago)
Beautiful home. Can you share your front door paint color please
ashlyn carter (1 year ago)
I'm so sorry! It was a random pick at home depot one day and I don't remember! :(
Perfumaphilia (1 year ago)
Such a beautiful renovation! I love your aesthetic, thank you for sharing.
Megan Anne (1 year ago)
This house is bomb. Very very beautiful!
foxybrown555 (1 year ago)
God blessed you with a beautiful home. Love the changes you made.
Chriscelia Edwards (1 year ago)
Very beautiful thanks for sharing

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