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Bubbles bubbles underwater pool GIRL breath holding drowning

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the video is a simulation. Fake
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Prince Hasher Mangondato (3 months ago)
I know this is fake cause when your died, you go all floppy and dont breath however she just did an bubble from her nose (No offense please) and you dont breath when your died so its fake thes still out there liveing and breathing :). Oh and also she might secretly come to the surface for air sence theres a stop motion thingy. So shes still alive so im happy shes still alive cause ill hate when people die in videos
Cosplaygurl 2007 (4 months ago)
I will try this in reality, FOR REAL!
Silica (4 months ago)
Gachagirl Lunime on someone cute I hope
Akiara L (5 months ago)
This Is Fake Because When She “Drowned” The Air Bubbles Where Still Moveing In Her Nose So It’s Fake
Moj1989 (1 month ago)
Congratulations! You've been proven utterly incapable of reading the Vid's description. Think before you comment.
ItHypedLilJina ツ (5 months ago)
What happened at 0:59?
Fofa Bogari (5 months ago)
Help her
Jimin Park (5 months ago)
Is she dying or what
desman wahyudhi (5 months ago)
I love watching Thio video
Destiny Jones (6 months ago)
What was that in her nose
Potato Yummy (5 months ago)
Destiny Jones There Called Air Bubbles
Kristina Ellis (6 months ago)
She’s taking CPR.
desman wahyudhi (6 months ago)
Is it drowning or not
Me TV (8 months ago)
once you start breathing the water is when it starts getting graphic
pug Chan (8 months ago)
WELP. How is that holding in drowning?
Kimura Dojo (8 months ago)
What the fuck is this shit??
Vegas knights (8 months ago)
U forgot to add farting in the title 0:40
Marco Bermundo (8 months ago)
Vegas knights yea it sounded like farting
Make one more but this time the eyes are closed xD
JFG_patfa85_YT (9 months ago)
Its this real
Akiara L (5 months ago)
Tappa bort Gubben sweden 2008 no
izzuku midorya (9 months ago)
I hope sandra could do that if i told her
Agony Of The Punisher (9 months ago)
тупая пизда тупа делает мама, прекрасно нахуй
cupaxx (9 months ago)
I'm gonna have nightmares today
DREGLASH MASTER (9 months ago)
Breathing Girl Is UnderWater De Nude
DarkPanther TV (5 months ago)
What is going on here? You guys having a conversation?
Adriana Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Bing Nova (10 months ago)
And that’s how you drown in 1:17 seconds!
Tattletail x fnaf (10 months ago)
She looks like she lovin' it
fyfyfuf Ududfn (10 months ago)
Красиво делает
Tattletail x fnaf (10 months ago)
She dumb if she holding that camera I'll be peeved
Aorikai Builds (10 months ago)
Don’t record idiot help her
DarkPanther TV (5 months ago)
You just got fucking thrashed my man
izzuku midorya (9 months ago)
Aorikai Builds ばか
Underwater (10 months ago)
the video is fake.
she was died
Diana Zaghal (11 months ago)
Olivia Myers (11 months ago)
Yep she 💀 R.I.P. person
Vivian Cheung (11 months ago)
I don't understand this video.
Marco Bermundo (8 months ago)
Uh your right this vid is so stupid
Vivian Cheung (10 months ago)
Sara Dbz I didn't mean that literally. And no, she isn't dead... You can see the air bubbles in her nose moving.
sara Dbz (10 months ago)
Vivian Cheung she trying to hold her breath then dies
Afizah Razali (11 months ago)
I am scared while i look at she😣
Viniya Murry (11 months ago)
CB77771 (1 year ago)
Drowning is a beautiful death... i want to...
Slash Mighty (3 months ago)
She means water is beautifull and we should be thankful to have it in our lives.:)
Lethia Page (4 months ago)
Um these bubble sounds are super relaxing... they are nice and bloopy and high pitched like the underwater sounds when I would swim in the city pool as a kid...diving for stuff we put on the bottom and swimming from the diving board to the shallow steps or the ladder. I wanted to listen until I fell asleep but the video part was morbid as hell and I can't unsee it. Now I'm like 😳
Cosplaygurl 2007 (4 months ago)
Luv your comment girl!
Silica (9 months ago)
Vivian Cheung t-that doesnt mean its not cute!
Adriana Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Sonic Drowning
donald henson (1 year ago)
she's Beautiful
Noora Queen (6 months ago)
She looks creepy
Spirit Tail (10 months ago)
Dylan Duncan (1 year ago)
Is she dead?
izzuku midorya (9 months ago)
Kookoo Bunn bunn yup
Yoongi Moodling (9 months ago)
Dylan Duncan yes but it’s a simulation
Spirit Tail (10 months ago)
No cuz u can tell it's just a clip slowed down to look like it
Viniya Murry (11 months ago)
Ya is she?
Brande Lemke (1 year ago)
Dylan Duncan wut is se ded i hope noy
Underwater Guy (1 year ago)
0.28 - 0.36 she really looks as she choked :)
izzuku midorya (9 months ago)
Butterfly Toast it said in the description
Floral Vileplume (11 months ago)
Vivian Cheung thank goodness!😌
Vivian Cheung (11 months ago)
Purple Squirrels She isn't drowning. She's just thrusting her head forward to make it look like she's choking. If she were drowned, she wouldn't be moving...

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