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Advance male nipple pumping with 2 size TWIST

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Get big man nipples with two sizes of nipple sucker TWIST. No music, long video. Subscribe and get invited to http://www.datedick.com. The social network for your nipples and bulge. Only for masculine, mature and horny men. By invitation only. Learn how to enlarge your nipples, cock and balls. Meet like-minded bi, gay and straight nipple and bulge men in your neighborhood. Subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/nipplecoach and follow all NippleCoach men's nipples enlargement tutorial videos. WHERE TO BUY? Go to http://www.nipplecoach.com and you will find links where to buy the best and most efficient nipple and pump tools. _________________ Get coached at www.patreon.com/nipplecoach
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Text Comments (319)
Provat Ahmed (6 days ago)
Hey, Thanks for such an outstanding training show... I'm really intrigued! just one questions, May I know the size of these two twist pumps? TIA!
Martin Mallet (8 days ago)
I'll start training my gf now. Thanks for the information
iwanttogrow2003 (16 days ago)
i'm on the max with the small nipple sucker 9 month excercices   i progess  but i want more big tits and why not bigger chest HELP ME PLEASE
Huỳnh Mai Hạ Vy (1 month ago)
want to bite this nipple brother too
AdamMoss14 (1 month ago)
Your nips look like cocks. Can you pee with them and do they need condoms
Paula Texeira (1 month ago)
This is strange. To me this looks like a grown man does this because he likes feeling of little boys penis.
JuggWalker (1 month ago)
Im horny
emmenuel andy (1 month ago)
Walker S (1 month ago)
It now hurts when I get a boner
Sara Jones (2 months ago)
I watch those videos all the time. Long thick nipples turn me on very badly
Squill DX (2 months ago)
Y'all out of pocket
How long does it stay bigger?
Nipple Coach (2 months ago)
Immediately after the pumping it will go back a little and on after some hours the effect will be mostly gone. BUT - if you pump regularly for a longer time (maybe 2-5 years) your nipple WILL STAY bigger permanently. NC
hamada espan (3 months ago)
Gev plez l want
Nipple Coach (2 months ago)
I can coach you on www.nipplecoach.com
mergirl2000 Dunne (3 months ago)
I'm in love with him because I love me a freak
Nipple Coach (2 months ago)
Well - then all is good ;-) NC
Playing Riffs (3 months ago)
So do they stay that shape forever or do they go down slightly? Did you have “flat” nipples before? You are hot by the way.
Nipple Coach (2 months ago)
Thank you. Well - I was alsways bigger and not flat at all. But this was more a problem for me. I was teased and did not feel comfortable even till 30. Then everything change and my complex turned into a fetish. After pumping the effect goes away in couple of hours. But if you pump regularly you will see permanent effects after some years. NC
imanie ponie (3 months ago)
I am perplexed why why would you do that to yourself Do you find it attractive
Nipple Coach (2 months ago)
Oh yes. I feel very attractive and I am. I had never so much fun and partners before my nipples got bigger and more sensitive. NC
Jovanie Juarana (3 months ago)
Where can i buy this, lol 😂
Nipple Coach (2 months ago)
www.nipplecoach.com/buy has my best suggestions for nipple toys. NC
Susan Odonnell (4 months ago)
Nipple Coach (2 months ago)
hamada espan (4 months ago)
L want ths plez halp me ahmad
Nipple Coach (2 months ago)
Sure - I can coach you via video. www.nipplecoach.com
hamada espan (4 months ago)
Wow niec
USMLE world (4 months ago)
Im a doctor. Cant imagine how awkward it would be if i examine you 🤣 #peace
Nipple Coach (2 months ago)
Would it? I sure make an impression at the beach for instance. Some feel strange. Others can hardly control themselves and want to suck them right away. what would you do? ;-) NC
Melissa Pazienza (4 months ago)
brecheret lafeta (5 months ago)
Su Suu (5 months ago)
I won't that
Vanilla Rose Petals (5 months ago)
My nipples hurt watching this...ouch......
Vanilla Rose Petals (5 months ago)
Why would you want swollen nips?
|Xx0T4KUxX| (5 months ago)
This is literally the worst shit ever.
Nipple Coach (5 months ago)
So this is a good thing?
Ryan Nguyen (5 months ago)
is the first pump larger than your areola?
Nipple Coach (5 months ago)
The first pump is about the size of my areola.
Dionysios V (5 months ago)
idol nipples coach !!!
ShinHD (5 months ago)
Nipple Coach could you do a breast pump video and try that
Nipple Coach (5 months ago)
Thank you buddy
Su Suu (5 months ago)
Nipple Coach (5 months ago)
Great you like it
albert contreras (6 months ago)
My pleasure daddy
Nipple Coach (5 months ago)
Thanks buddy
albert contreras (6 months ago)
Damn that's hot..
Nipple Coach (6 months ago)
Thanks buddy
cigarmandallas (6 months ago)
Hot fucker I’d love to have a nipple play session with you brother
cigarmandallas (6 months ago)
Nipple Coach done my profile on date dick is cigarmandallas
Nipple Coach (6 months ago)
That sounds good. Sign up for www.datedick.com
L Lm (6 months ago)
I love u!
Nipple Coach (6 months ago)
thank you
Bebars Bebars (6 months ago)
HERNAN TOBAR. (6 months ago)
Quiero comprarlos
Nipple Coach (6 months ago)
Compra aqui www.nipplecoach.com/buy
Kelwin Candido (6 months ago)
Nipple Coach (6 months ago)
Why not?
HD Freez (7 months ago)
He probably sits in a chair all day watching judge Judie and plays with his Hershey kiss nips.👍
Nipple Coach (6 months ago)
Good idea. I should try.
Jairani Maharaj (8 months ago)
I might sound like a real pervert on saying this, but I would love to suck and lick those nipples. I sure do hope they can spit out some milk.
mergirl2000 Dunne (3 months ago)
I'm sure he's strictly for the pussy and not for the Dickey
Nipple Coach (6 months ago)
Well - many men have this fantasy. it's ok
buddy West (9 months ago)
I don't know if the quality of the baby teats here in Australia are thicker and have less stretch than the ones you are using or I am just piss weak, but I cant stretch them enough to get over my nipples.
brajam L.V (9 months ago)
Algún método para dejar los pezones erectos por 3 horas o mas
MISTYMAN2001 (9 months ago)
Nipple Coach (9 months ago)
Thank you. NC
Frieza the Daddy (10 months ago)
wait a min is that you *MONAKA-SAN* ?
Nipple Coach (9 months ago)
Maybe he is using nipple suckers secretly? :-) NC
Enrique Arambula (10 months ago)
Que rico para chuparselo super riquísimo el peson mmmmm que rico 😋
Nipple Coach (9 months ago)
Gracias amigo. NC
Chris Canale (9 months ago)
wow awesome thanks bro😘💋✌️💖
Nipple Coach (9 months ago)
Your welcome. Thanks. NC
raiden58237 (11 months ago)
Hey there I have a few questions about this. 1) Is it ok to use these nipple twisters with pierced nipples? 2) Does it hurt in anyway? 3) How long does something like this last as in an hour, a day, etc? I wouldn't want to do this to myself and then have to go to work the next day with them. I like to keep this kinda thing private personally. 4) Any tips for a beginner?
Nipple Coach (9 months ago)
I sure can answer all your questions at www.patreon.com/nipplecoach. As long as you fit in the device you can pump with piercings, yes. NC
Nipple Coach (11 months ago)
check out my coaching at www.patreon.com/nipplecoach Quick answer. Silicone suckers take even bigger piercings. No pain necessary. Some hours, a bit the next days. wear thicker shirts of you want to hide your growing nipples. Regularly 2 x day x 20min
3Bよるは (11 months ago)
I found a GIF of you with two dudes *ahem²*.
boyeon rhee (11 months ago)
Julia Franco (11 months ago)
I am traumatized....here I am looking for a real review of this product for nipple correction for breastfeeding and I find......THIS.....
larenzo hudson (10 months ago)
Omg I’m dead lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nipple Coach (11 months ago)
sorry :-) But isn't it great. What is a medical tool and a fetish toy in one? Its a very unisex toy and still vanilla.
3Bよるは (11 months ago)
You do you but ewwww
BDEinz (1 year ago)
Is ther a way to make the areola wider? Mine are like penny sized, and would like them to be quarter sized. Is it possible?
BDEinz (11 months ago)
I see. What a shame. My nipples are fine, but my areola are kinda narrow. When they get erect or when it's cold they become tiny, like smaller than a penny.
Nipple Coach (11 months ago)
Pumping will make you areola bigger but your areola will turn into your new bigger nipples. That means if you just would like to have a bigger areola and keep the nipple as it is, this is not possible with pumping.
antivenam (1 year ago)
3:23 tehe the nipple looks like a small penis
stateniland (1 year ago)
where can one get the "rubber teats"? thanx joey
Nipple Coach (11 months ago)
Chuck Melonie (1 year ago)
Any videos where I can see your nipples getting sucked on?
MarQui Jae (1 year ago)
I wanna suck on those nipples 🤤
___Sleepy__ _ (1 year ago)
Over time wouldn’t this burst the nipple?
Nipple Coach (1 year ago)
Dragonite :3 not really 😉 but this is an intense exercise you could only do as an experienced nipple pumper. I got waterblisters from overpumping but never got injured. Just do what feels comfortable.
Makayla King (1 year ago)
You y
Kiwi Styles (1 year ago)
Booga Boss (1 year ago)
For some of us males, the left nipple is almost like a penis enhancement when its licked and sucked on when about to have sex..
A. Nelson (1 year ago)
Can you tutor me I want to have Baby Bottle Nipples.........
A. Nelson (1 year ago)
If I get any ?'s I will C U about it.....
A. Nelson (1 year ago)
A. Nelson (1 year ago)
George Andreas checking that out right now.........
Nipple Coach (1 year ago)
A. Nelson I can coach you how to do that on www.patreon.com/nipplecoach
Richard Smith (1 year ago)
makes my dick hard watching. I need to start pumping more and using different sizes
marky mark (1 year ago)
I'm loving it!
Frank Arvelo (1 year ago)
Excellent Big Nipples
Dusk Cypher (1 year ago)
why... just why?.........
AtomicPickle1 (1 year ago)
Dusk Cypher - because these people are degenerate low life scum
Stinkywinky CSGO (1 year ago)
david walker (1 year ago)
follow this guys method and you will not be disappointed
Maxid RKO (1 year ago)
What the fuck did i just seee yukk
Larsky1010 (1 year ago)
Wow! Beautiful work!
david walker (1 year ago)
they are so big,I have just ordered the gear to do this to my pierced nipples
Finn (1 year ago)
What the fucking fuck have I come to
AtomicPickle1 (1 year ago)
Finn - You have come to an area of pedophiles and sexual degenerates who should be locked up
Francois Pelikan (1 year ago)
They are too big for me-not the whole wart with nipple but only the nipple-
Francois Pelikan (1 year ago)
I want to see the smallest/thinnest rubber snake bite nipple suckers
James Lu (1 year ago)
Thanks for making these videos. Love the results. Wish I could please those erotic nipples;)
Snipezzi (1 year ago)
wtf ?!?!?!?!!!
chespokotota (1 year ago)
dood this is totally fucking gay!
AtomicPickle1 (1 year ago)
chespokotota - Thank you, these people are total pedophiles and sexual degenerates who should be criticized and locked up in jail.
MaxWell TV (1 year ago)
I me wet now! Very nice mmm!!
Finn (1 year ago)
MaxWell TV ur fukn weird
Nipple Coach (1 year ago)
The Creeper block (1 year ago)
Do you ship to philippines (a.k.a South East Asia)
Joseph Pecson (6 months ago)
The Creeper block contact me, have you tried pumping?
Nipple Coach (1 year ago)
I am not shipping myself. Please try Amazon.
aj Rios, (1 year ago)
I wonna bite thoes nipples
kerkdejerk (1 year ago)
What should one do when developed nipple blister? To pop or not to pop?
Nipple Coach (1 year ago)
Doesn't matter much. You can try to push the water back in. But I would maybe stop for the day when it happens. It won't happen over time when you nipples are more used to the suction. Good luck. NC
JeriatTrix (1 year ago)
Very Nice Love My Nipples Pumped ~
Nipple Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Kill me (1 year ago)
Why would you ever want your nipples larger? I don't know why, can someone fill me in?
Kill me (1 year ago)
George Andreas oh thanks I guess?
Nipple Coach (1 year ago)
First its a size fetish. But more important it makes your nipples more sensitive. Other men feel embarrassed with big nipples. But then - some women with bit tits too. Fetish for one - turn-off for another one.
Eduardo Zabaleta (1 year ago)
George quiero mamar esos nipples.mmmmm
Eduardo Zabaleta (1 year ago)
George quiero mamar esos nipples.mmmmm
Eduardo Zabaleta (1 year ago)
George...que uvitas.
Atiq Pedro (2 years ago)
excellent I love it
Nipple Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Edward Corvi (2 years ago)
Thanks for the advice. Yes, cannot over pump. Only half to two thirds way is best. Larger twister is a bit larger than I would want. Need to find a smaller one or use snake bite for my smallest. Nipple teats broke a part. Did not get sturdy ones. Anyway. Sure and steady I will proceed.
Nipple Coach (1 year ago)
I agree. I whish they would have smaller twister. I find the "small" ones already pretty big. If you want something with a really small diameter (which would be great to "just" lengthen the nipples), you should look here. https://thickwall.co.uk/shop/nipple-pump-cylinders/nipple-pump-cylinders/ They have the best and smallest nipple cylinders. You would still need a hand pump to operate them. I have them and they make quite a difference.
Edward Corvi (2 years ago)
How long to do each step including the teats for a beginner. Just ordered all three parts from Amazon. Excited to start.
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Hi Edward. Great to hear that you are starting your new hobby. You will be amazed and like the results - I am sure. As a beginner it is best to take breaks every 20 minutes. Get out and rub your nipples. Then you can go on. I would suggest (if you want to have the best results) to do 2 session each day. One in the morning and one in the evening. 20x break 20 min break 20 min for each session. So in total 2 x 1 hour. You can put your nipple suckers on when you enter the bathroom, brush teeth and prepare breakfast. Then again when you come home and watch TV. With such y daily routine you will get great results quickly. Just don't overpump. You cannot really hurt yourself. But you WILL created water blisters that will pop open. So when you experience fluid inside of the nipple sucker it is just that. Water from a popped open water blister. This will happen eventually ;-) Nothing to worry about. Have fun with your nipple enlargement project. Regards. NC
michellegoh (2 years ago)
Hhmmm nice to suck
michellegoh (2 years ago)
I'm doing it now
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Krusty (2 years ago)
Will the nipple be visible on your shirt?
mergirl2000 Dunne (3 months ago)
I hope it does. I'll walk up to him nicely and ask him can I touch and suck em
George Andreas oi
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Yes - and I like that actually.
Klaus West (2 years ago)
das möchte ich auch mal
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Das kann man lernen :-) http://www.nipplecoach.com http://www.datedick.com
The Onion Control (2 years ago)
What does it feel like to have such large nipples?
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Well - it makes me proud and I get a lot of attention. And I love it when they get attention and get played with. Lot's of fun!
hotflboy86 (2 years ago)
These video led make my dick so hard. Idk why
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Well good.
ANIL BHATIA (2 years ago)
dont feel you shy in public
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Well - not everywhere. But I am not so shy actually :-)
Filipe Deaf (2 years ago)
omg i have headaches you're hot daddy!
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Well - thank you :-)
Miguel Espírito Santo (2 years ago)
Does it hurt while pumping or afterwards? Does it feel good? Does it give you enhanced pleasure, sensations when someone socks you on the nipples afterwards? How long does the effect last? Thanks
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
All good questions, Miguel. 1. No it should not hurt during pumping or afterwards. Nipple pumping is a fetish but not a pain or torture fetish. You CAN develop a water blister when you overpump for too long (more than 2 hours without breaks). But that is not that painful either. 2. Yes - that is the main reason. The sensation is amazing and gives you more pleasure, especially when you get your nipples sucked. 3. The effect after pumping is visible for 2-3 hours. But keep in mind that regular nipple pumping WILL make your nipples bigger permanently over time. But this might take 1-2 hours daily for a couple of years. See it as bodybuilding. Nothing happens over night. Good luck and have fun with your new hobby. It's rewarding. NC
ميلاد # (2 years ago)
I get boner daddy 😄
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Jim Noki (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video! I'll try this on for the wife. It'll be a real treat for her. After a long hard day's work, she comes home all grumpy and I usually feed her my nipples to calm her down. Suckling on them soothes her to the point that she falls asleep with a nipple in her mouth and in the morning, it will be twice the length from the overnight suckling. I try to alternate her suckling between both my nipples during the night but I can never get them the same sizes in the morning. Using this method, it will already get them twice the length before she comes back from work and it definitely fill her mouth perfectly! Thank you once again.
Jim Noki (1 year ago)
Just an update: Been doing this for more than few months now and my nipples have grown to about over 2 inches. My wife just loves the new length and it really fills her mouth completely now. She gets in such a good mood when I feed her just before bed and she'll just suckle until she falls asleep. It's also become more sensitive after lengthening and I have to constantly switch her suckling between both my nipples for short periods of time. I usually let her suckle for about 3 and a half hours before having to switch to the other nipple but now, I find I have to switch her suckling in less than 3 hours or I can't sleep from the oversensitivity. I guess this is normal from having oversized nipples? Anyway, we want to thank you for the tips you provided here and she is glad that I did this sooner than later. Cheers!
Fabulous Taco (1 year ago)
Jim Noki what the fuck
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Well - thats an exciting story. Good luck for pleasing your wife.
I would like to have bigger nipples, is that permanent? Or just few hours? Do u have different sizes?
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
The immediate effet is just for some hours. but if you work out regularly and over some years you will get significantly bigger and that will be permanent then.
Yo fizz (2 years ago)
I'd suck on those
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Thank you
Ugh who needs nipples like that?!
Nipple Coach (2 years ago)
Well surely not everybody. That's not the point. But thats like asking. Who needs a shaved chest? Who needs lots of muscles? Who needs those big tits? Who needs this skinny body? Who needs that fat body. There are attractions everywhere. Nobody likes the same. There is no norm for sexual attraction. I don´t wanna talk you into nipple pumping - not at all. I just want to answer seriously. Cheers ;-)

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